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Best Canada immigration consultants in Chennai

Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai

Find Out Why Nationwide Immigration is One of the best Immigration Industry in Chennai, India?

best Immigration consultants in chennai

Why Nationwide is  the Best Consultants in Chennai for Canada PR?

  • Transparent Information about Process and eligibility .
  • Guaranteed job assistance services  to Canada immigrants.
  • Nationwide’s Parent Company is in Canada to provide post landing services .
  • Whatever is promised is written in the legal contract .
  • 100% success rate.
  • ICCRC Lawyers
  • Experience of more than 10000 processed applications.

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Nationwide Immigration: Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai

Canada is a beautiful country with opportunities that can help you establish yourself as a maverick in every almost field. Thanks to the living standards, climate and low crime rate more and more Indians are settling in Canada. Further, free education, work opportunities and medical insurance which Canada provides thanks to the Permanent Residency (PR) status allotted by the Government of Canada has enhanced the number of immigrants from India to Canada. Also, the lenient immigration laws have made it possible for multiple Indians to find recluse in Canada.

best immigration consultants in delhi

We are one of the best in the industry as we have 100 % success rate and over 11 years of experience in client servicing. As one of the leading consultants in Chennai, Nationwide Immigration Services will help you achieve your dreams and cater to your requirements in a customer friendly manner.

Why should a Professional Service be chosen to represent your case?

 The technology breakthrough of simplified language and easy accessibility of forms has made the process of migrating convenient and easily understandable for all but it is best to go through the immigration process with the help of a consultant.  When someone is there to guide you through the process in a proper than apart mental support and assurance of your time and money you also receive value of your service. By hiring an adequate immigration service, you will gain:

  • Someone who can properly guide you through the whole scenario and helps you choose from the best option available for you based on your credentials.
  • The risk of application rejection is minimised as you go through proper channels.
  • Documentation is a long tedious and legal process, there is a mental relief when someone with legal knowledge is taking care of these crucial steps for you.


What are the steps for the application processing?

In order to apply to Canada for a PR status there are series of steps which you should follow:

  • Hire a good consultancy firm to represent your case
  • Sit for an IELTS examination to test your English language command
  • Undertake the Pre – assessment of your candidature with the help of you Immigration Consultants
  • Start your application Process – through Express Entry Program or Provincial Nominee Program
  • Education and work experience documents authentication is required – work experience documents signed by the employer will be needed
  • Get ready with your proof of funds to ensure that you are capable of surviving in Canada
  • Be ready with Medical Checkup
  • Police verification record
  • Get ready for filing your Visa application


Processing time for Immigration to Canada?

In January, 2015, the Government of Canada made it simpler and faster for foreigners to migrate to Canada by employing the Express Entry program.  It has made the migration way quicker than before and it has reduced the processing time to a massive level. Now, screening time and processing of the application can be completely with the period of 6 to 12 months through the Express Entry Program.

Express Entry Program

Express Entry is the fast track mode to immigrate to Canada. In this approach, there is online application filling in which the candidate is evaluated on the point-based measurement. The points of the candidate need to be complied and submitted to the IRCC through Express Entry Program.  The individual is eligible to apply for Canadian PR after the point based evaluation find him suited after reaching the minimum points requirement.

The points are calculated on the following basis:

  • Age If you are between the age of 18 to 35 then you are eligible for maximum points.
  • Language Proficiency – The language proficiency of the Candidate is tested through IELTS and CLB examination. In IELTS scoring a high band allots you with more points. It will work in your advantage if minimum of 6 band is maintained in each category of reading, speaking and writing.
  • Education Higher education allots more points to a candidate. However, your degree should be from a recognized university so that your education status can be calculated at par with the Canadian examination board.
  • Work Experience Canada is always on the lookout for skilled candidates thus having work experience especially in a field of high demand at a particular province can work positively in your advantage.
  • Adaptability – If there is some sibling or spouse of the candidate staying in Canada then the candidate is eligible for 10 points.

 Express Entry Draws are taken out after every 15 days in which the minimum eligibility criteria is decided by the IRCC, a governing body of Canada which decides the migration rules and regulations. The candidates who qualify the minimum points set by the Express Entry Draws are sent the invitations to Apply (ITA).


Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)

PNP is a province based Permanent Residency (PR) status in which the candidate is eligible to migrate and settle into the province for which one has qualified the eligibility criteria. Every province has its own guidelines and rules for Immigrating to Canada and they need to be met for qualification. Further, Canada is always looking for skilled workers to migrate therefore having enough work experience can work in your advantage, especially in areas where your job profile is in demand, Nova Scotia pays huge importance to occupation-in-demand. Applying for these locations make your eligible for PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs). Some of the scores that are asked are:

  • Ontario asks a score of 400-point grid
  • Saskatchewan asks for a score of 60-point grid out of 100


Modes of checking if an immigration service is good for your or not?

Hiring the best representation guarantees the value of your time and money and allows you to move through proper channels of execution. Some of the points to look for in a reliable Immigration service are:

  • The Company must be registered under ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) immigration regulatory body of Canada.
  • The Company should hold a good track record of satisfactory cases.
  • It will work in your favor if the consultancy agrees to offer you additional services.
  • It is important if you check that they operate from a fixed office location
  • They should have team of experts working for them, who have complete knowledge of the immigration process. 

What are the key services that Nationwide Immigration Service offers?

Nationwide Immigration Services has been in the industry for over 11 years and in these years it has been able to create a name of itself in the immigration industry. With 100% success and assured results offered for the service we take care of the needs of the customers holistically. Some of the services that we offer to our clients include:

  • Pre Assessment– Free Pre Assessment of the candidature for Canadian PR status is done.
  • Resume rebuilding – it is a part of job consultancy in which resume is built as per the needs of the employers in Canada and main idea is to elevate your credentials for selection.
  • IELTS Guidance – To help you improve your CRS points, we also provide the IELTS Guidance.
  • Documentation – We take care of your application processing and documentation needs from step one till the end
  • Visa filing – After the documentation, we file for Visa on your behalf.
  • Post landing services we stay with you even after you have landed in Canada, as we have a parent company in Canada which helps you with accommodation and the process of finding a good job profile.


Want to experience the quality and excellence of our services on your own? Contact us today and let us help you get started on a successful journey across continents to your dream international destination.

Why should someone from Chennai select Nationwide Immigration Services??

best canada immigration consultants in Chennai

The process of online filing of the application has provided the client with the flexibility to choose the best in the industry without the worry of settling for an immigration service on the basis of suitability of geographical location or fee structure. With the help of online processing we have clients from all over the world and some of them are from Chennai as well. When you are planning to migrate to Canada then it is important that you choose the best representative for your case. There are many fraudulent immigration services which are running these days to dupe the customers of their money and waste their time and opportunity.

Nationwide Immigration Services understand that relocating to a new country is crucial step and thus we intend to cater to your needs holistically throughout the process even after you have landed in Canada with the parent company in Canada we will help you find accommodation and provide job consultancy. We have panel of experts working with us who have complete knowledge of the immigration process thus they will adequately guide you about the process and will help you take an informed decision after evaluating the options available. For further information, write to us at

Want the best and most proficient help for your Canada immigration dreams? Let Nationwide Immigration assist you in making your international immigration dreams come true. We will not only help you move to Canada, but also secure you a bright and aspiring future there. Contact us today.

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