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Canada Immigration Process Steps from India 2019


Canada Immigration News 2019 for Indians

Good news for Canada immigration aspirants! The IRCC has announced that it will be inviting as many as a million immigrants into the country by 2020. What does it mean for you? It means that moving to Canada will now become easier than ever! Alongside this decision the IRCC also has consistently been relaxing its immigration criteria to allow more and more people into the country. While it is not as if anyone can migrate to Canada, in fact you will need to be a fairly well educated and skilled individual to do so, people who fulfil all the IRCC immigration requirements will certainly find it easier to migrate to Canada.

Canada Immigration News for Indian

Latest Changes in Canada Immigration Program

There have been several changes to the Canada immigration process made this year. One of the most important ones is that now only management jobs or professionals working in the management jobs category as per the National Occupations Classification (NOC) will get 200 CRS points. All other occupations will only get 50 CRS points. As India is a growing service sector economy, many management professionals will find this in their benefit and the extra 200 points will certainly give them an edge over their competitors.

Another very important change that has been introduced is that dependants below the age of 21 years can now come along with their parents to Canada. However, if they are married, then they cannot be considered to be part of this category. One more change in IRCC’s policies is that now it offers greater sponsorship opportunities for immigration aspirants who already have relatives living in Canada.

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Canada Immigration Process from India – A Step-by-Step Guide

Canada immigration is one of the simplest and most effective immigration programs in the world. Here we are going to talk about the process in detail and show its most important features so that you have complete knowledge of the entire process before you start applying.

Step 1 : Create the Express Entry Profile

This is your first step towards a successful application for Canada PR. So, you should do it right. The important thing to remember here is that whatever information you provide in your Express Entry profile should be completely true and verifiable through actual documents. In your Express Entry profile, you will be required to give correct information about yourself such as age, education, work experience, language ability etc.

The Express Entry profile must be made to access the program and make your application for immigration. But before you actually complete the profile, there are several things you can do to improve its score. We are going to discuss all of these in the next segments of this article. So keep reading!

Step 2 : Gather the Documents

  • Your documents are the first and only source of showing that all the information you provide in your profile is correct and can be legally relied on. If you provide wrong information, then your application will most likely be rejected and you might even be barred from making another immigration application for the next five years. So pay close attention to all the details you provide in your Express Entry profile and make sure it is backed up by the information in your documents.

The following is a list of documents you are going to need in order to successfully make your application:

documents required for Canada immigration from India

  • Language test with scores above passing marks in English (IELTS) or French (TEF) or both.
  • PNP nomination documents clearly stating that you have been nominated by a province.
  • A real job offer from a Canadian employer in print.
  • Financial documents which show that the applicant has enough funds to take care of themselves in Canada for at least three months (only applicable if applicant is moving to Canada without a fulltime job offer).
  • Verified passports
  • Educational Credential Assessment reports which show that the applicant’s educational qualifications match the basic requirement as set by the IRCC.
  • Medical Certificates showing designated physicians have tested all immigrants.
  • Police certificates showing that immigrants have been subjected to a background check and been issued a clearance certificate.

Step 3 : Getting the CRS score

The comprehensive ranking system (CRS) has been designed to provide a score to each profile which forms the basis for the selection of candidates from the Canada immigration process from India. The main conditions that need to be met when considering your CRS score are age, education, work experience, language ability, family in Canada etc. Each of these factors are given a certain point score which form the basis for final selection for Invitation to Apply for PR visa to Canada.

Though, you can always update your Express Entry profile and get improved CRS scores according to the addition you made to it, this process is long and difficult because every time you want to change something you will need to file an application and produce the necessary documents in support of the changes you want made. That is why, we advise you to take up our free assessment service because that will tell you how to make the most of your attributes, how to improve them and how to maximize your chances of moving to Canada.

Step 4 : Improving the CRS Score

  • Since your CRS score is the one and only marker for selection into the Express Entry program, you should maximize it as much as you can. With the stiff competition that exists for each position in every Express Entry draw, it is no surprise that many people who apply for Canada immigration by themselves have to wait for years to get selected for Canada immigration. Despite the fact that the Canada immigration process from India is very simple, people often get overconfident and think that they are sure to succeed in getting a PR visa to Canada. However, this is not really the case most of the time. Though the process is simple it is also very strict and highly competitive and to make yourself special you need to make extra effort. Here are some of the many things you can do to enhance your overall CRS score:

    • [1.] Increase IELTS Grade
    • In the CRS system, the passing grade is CLB 7 while the highest marks are given to CLB 9 and/or 10. So, you can take the test again and try to score higher to get a good boost in your CRS score and ranking. You can also take professional help from the trainers and language experts at Nationwide Immigration. They have been working this field for many years now and are completely familiar with the nature of the exam and its format and can give you very important advice on how to crack it.

    • [2.] Learn French
    • If you have either English or French as a side language other than your main language, then you have a better chance of getting selected for PR because you will get extra points for knowing the additional language. Also, having knowledge of both these languages will help you look for a job and in places where French is used alongside English, this knowledge will be a great bonus to your skills.

    • [3.] Improve your Educational Qualification
    • It is widely considered that having a Master’s degree is the hallmark of a good applicant who will also easily be able to find a job in Canada. Applicants with a Master’s degree also get the second-highest marks in this segment so it is wise to get one. Though a two-year commitment to any line of study may seem difficult at first, I can be very rewarding and that is why we advise all our clients to go for it.

    • [4.] Improve your Work Experience
    • Ideally, if you have over 3 year of work experience, then you are going to be comfortably placed in the CRS system. The highest points are given to those with work experience over 6 years but that takes a long time and can result in getting points deducted in the age factor. So, 3+ years is a good place to start from. Also, if you keep working while your Canada PR application is being processed, then you would have more work experience to show on your resume.

    • [5.] Get a Provincial Nomination
    • A provincial nomination is a sure shot way of getting selected for immigration through Express Entry. Most PNPs are aligned with the Express Entry program and follow the same pattern. So, you would not have trouble applying for them. However, we would still advise you to get in touch with our immigration experts to find out which province will suit you the best and how to specifically apply to it.

  • Wait for the Express Entry Draws

Once you have completed all the formalities of your immigration application and have your CRS score, it is time to wait for the Express Entry draws. These usually take place once every 15 days but the recent announcement about getting more immigrants into the country may mean that these will take place more frequently or have more people to invite for immigration with each draw. Once, you get selected for immigration you will need to complete all the other formalities associated with Canada immigration process from India. After getting an Invitation to Apply or ITA, you will need to formally apply for a PR visa from the Canadian Embassy. You will have 30 days to make your application after you get your ITA. After than you will have 1 year to move to Canada with your PR visa. Once you land on Canadian soil, you will need to go through a Canadian medical examination conducted by an assigned physician. At the same time, you will also need to undergo a background check to be issued a clearance certificate.

If you need help in any aspect of the Canada immigration process from India, we recommend you get in touch with our immigration experts who will not only be able to guide you to a smooth and successful application but also do it for the most inexpensive price possible. In the next segment, we are going to talk about what makes Nationwide Immigration the best Canada immigration agency in India and more importantly how we can help you make your Canada immigration dreams come true!

Canada immigration points calculator 2019

Canada’s immigration system is based on a points calculation criterion called the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. This system assesses a candidates value as an immigrant into Canada based on a number of factors such as age, language ability, work experience, educational qualifications, adaptability etc. You can find out what your overall score will be in each of these factors and get a fair idea of how likely you are to get selected for immigration in an Express Entry draw. Let us take a very brief look into the way in which points are calculated by the CRS system. In the age category, the highest points are given to people within 25 to 35 years of age. Similarly, the highest points in the language ability category are given to people with a CLB 9 or 10 score in the IELTS examination. When it comes to education, people with a PhD are given the highest points but most people who successfully migrate to Canada usually have a Master’s degree in their line of work. For work experience, the highest points weight age is given to people with over 6 years of experience.

Canada Immigration Points Calculator from India

Want to Know What is your CRS Score ? Calculate Your Points here

But as with education, most people who move to Canada have about 3 to 5 years of work experience. Recently, the IRCC has begun awarding extra points to applicants for knowing both English and French and this is a great way of enhancing your CRS score. If you are applying with a spouse or common law partner, then your partner’s profile specifications will also play a role and may indeed become the deciding factor in letting you immigration into Canada.

Want to you what your CRS score might be? Let Nationwide Immigration services tell you with our free assessment service. We can also tell you how you can improve the score greatly to make sure you get selected for immigration. Contact us today!

Canada immigration processing time 2019

Canada immigration is probably the fastest immigration program in the world. Since the establishment of the Express Entry program, the realistic processing time has been cut down to 9 to 12 months. So this means that if you submit your profile and immigration application in the right way then you can actually move to Canada in just one year. One important thing to be kept in mind here is that if you want to cut down on the processing time and all the money you spend in other associated tasks, then you need the help of immigration professionals. Most people who apply for Canada immigration on their own actually have to spend more for doing the same thing that an immigration expert will have done for half or less than half the cost. Also, the time taken in applying is also wasted by people applying without expert guidance.

Canada Immigration Processing time India

We recommend you try out the professional and expert services we offer at Nationwide Immigration services. As one of India’s most well-known immigration agencies, we offer applicants the great chance of having their immigration case handled by industry experts with many years of work experience behind them.

Canada Immigration consultants in Delhi

Delhi has a gifted presence when it comes to companies and immigration services. There are various immigration consultancies in Delhi but as a customer you need to be wary of the fraudulent services who would want to dupe you and get away with the situation after spoiling your ambitions. Be aware of such immigration services and invest in the right kind of representation for yourself. It is only through the hiring of a good and reputable consultancy firm that you will gain results as per your credentials and avail the best immigration option from the choices available.  Some of the things that can help you assess the immigration firm are:

  • The Immigration service should be legally registered to undertake your case.
  • Investigation of the track record of the company by speaking to previous clients
  • Take a good look at their website and form an opinion about their services and what all they offer
  • Make sure that they are operating from a good office setup.
  • They should have experienced experts who are updated with the immigration policies working for them.

While choosing an immigration service what becomes important is to note that online processing of the application provides Immigrants with the option that they choose the best in the industry and not base their decision on the geographical accessibility of the company. Therefore, your trust and belief in the organisation is foremost which will come when you are assured of the services offered by them.

Start Your Canadian Immigration process from India?

So, you must be wondering how Nationwide Immigration is going to help you become a Canadian PR? Well, the answer is very simple – we are going to follow the official process and make the most of your attributes to ensure you get the highest attention from immigration officers. Our immigration experts are among the most experienced and expertized in the Indian Canadian immigration industry and we strive to provide international quality services to our clients.

One of the most important features of our services is that we are headquartered in Canada and provide post-landing services as well. So, while other companies into Canada immigration only provide their services at the Indian end, we provide complete services where you are taken care of from the making of the online profile to the looking for the house where you and your family are going to settle down.

Another great thing about our services is that everything we promise is written on a legally binding document which we provide to our clients. So, they have the guarantee of getting quality service and guaranteed success or they would get their money back.

Ultimately, we want to develop a good relationship with our clients and extend the Nationwide Immigration family beyond the horizons and help more and more people achieve their immigration dreams. If you want to know about your chances to move to Canada and begin a dream life in one of the best countries in the world, then get in touch with us. We will help you get a clear picture on the situation through our free assessment service and help you decide when and how you want to make the move to Canada so that you can start living there permanently. Contact us today!

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