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Nationwide Immigration » Canada » How to Migrate to Canada UAE 2019?

how to apply for Canada Immigration from UAE 2018

How to apply for Canada Immigration from UAE 2019?

Find Out How to Migrate to Canada from United Arab Emirates (UAE) Easily ?

 Move from UAE TO Canada

With better living conditions, individual growth opportunities and improved standard of living, Canada has become one of the most popular destination to settle for immigrants in the world.  It offers highly incredible health care facilities, low crime rate and lenient immigrant policies for the immigrants. These facilities have made made Canada prime location to settle for immigrants.

Benefits of Attaining a PR status in Canada

Canada is one of the most accepting nations for Immigrants.  It grants Permanent Residency (PR ) status to an immigrant for a period of five years but after three years of stay in Canada an immigrant can apply for full Canadian citizenship. Some of the major benefits of PR status in Canada which are very similar to the full citizen. Some of them are listed below:

  • Free Health Insurance
  • Free Education
  • Protection against Crime as per Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom
  • Apply for full Canadian Citizenship

Requirement for Canada immigration from UAE

The major requirement that is asked for while applying for a Permanent Residency (PR) status in Canada is the information required through Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). In filing both these forms of PR status the personal information is the calculator of points which measure the eligibility of the candidate to apply as per the Comprehensive Ranking system (CRS) decided by the IRCC, a governing body of Canada Rules and Regulations for immigration.  Apart from these personal information’s on the form some of the important documents which are required are:

  • IELTS Score
  • Educational and work Information document
  • Medical check-up documents
  • Passport size photograph
  • Police verification

How to Immigrate from UAE to Canada? Canada Immigration Process-

With the Express Entry program, the immigration to Canada has become relatively easier and faster than before. The applications are processed online and the process is rather hassle free but since it is a legal issue it is best that professional help is resorted too for all your immigration needs. By this it is not only that you will be able to choose the best option available but also undergo the immigration process is a smooth manner.


With the Express Entry program, the immigration to Canada has become relatively easier and faster than before.

Express Entry Program

The Government of Canada has made it relatively simpler and faster for immigrants to come to Canada with the introduction of Express Entry Program in January 2015. It is an online process for filing for PR Status and the candidate after qualifying is free to settle anywhere in Canada. Under this program the eligibility of the candidate is calculated on the basis of points which determine the capability of the individual to be employed after settling in Canada. There are different parameters for calculating the eligibility like:

  • Age – Although there is no age limit to settle in Canada, maximum points are allocated to those who are in the age limit of 25 to 35 years.
  • Language proficiency – There are two official languages in Canada – French and English. If somebody is proficient in both the languages, then it is an added advantage for that person otherwise knowledge of English is must for Immigrants not only for professional reasons but also for day to day communication purposes. For this purpose, IELTS and CLB tests are conducted which are both recognized by the IRCC.
  • Education –  Education which is at par with Canadian Education Board will establish that you will be able to support yourself and family after moving to Canada. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree or diploma or post-graduation degree from a recognized university is necessary.
  • Work Experience – Canada is very fervent in inviting applications from skilled professionals through federal skilled workers program and Federal Skilled traders program. Hence, it can work in your advantage if you have work experience in a field which is in high demand in a particular province in Canada.
  • Adaptability –  if you have a spouse who will migrate to Canada with you then you will be given extra 10 points for adaptability.

Once the candidate has completed the threshold of minimum eligibility decided by IRCC, under the Entry Entry Draw Pool then the candidate receives ITA (Invitation to Apply) for the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).

Express Entry Draws

The Immigration to Canada has become a rather easier process as Government of Canada has invited applications through Express Entry Program in which the capability of the Candidate of being a skilled worker is evaluated through the point-based system. All the application are put under a pool and then the minimum eligible point is calculated based on the average score of the applications submitted. The benchmark for eligibility is set through CRS Score which changes after every two weeks ideally.

Draws in the Past

CRS point’s cut-off for every express draws depends upon whether the Federal government of Canada is ready to take more or less immigrants in that particular year. Starting of 2018 saws the CRS score cut-off set at 446 as the score went below to 440 in May 2018 and then later on September it dropped to 284 for the 100th express entry draw. And as the 2018 year comes to an end the last draw of the year saw the CRS score cut-off set at 439. With 2018 starting on a different note, there is speculation that Canada immigration is looking for one million immigrants in the coming three years. However, all these are just speculations and there are no real mode of speculating what will be the next score points.

But bad luck can strike anytime and you never know what is in store for you. Thus, when, due to some reason if the candidate is unable to qualify for the PR status through Express Entry program then there are other modes of applying for the PR status as well such as the Provincial Nominee program (PNP).

Provincial Nominee program

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a way of attaining Permanent Residency (PR) status for a particular province by meeting the eligibility criteria set by every province which is different for different provinces. Under this the candidate gets invitation to apply (ITA) by the Province whose eligibility criteria has been met by the candidate under this the eligibility for every province is different. Like Ontario asks certain points to eligible while Saskatchewan asks for a benchmark of 60-point grid by the candidate for applying for a PR status. Also, despite the flexibility in the law, it is considered ethical if the candidate stays in the Province which has provided him / her with the PR status for a minimum period of 2 years before relocating to a new province all together.

After the candidate has received an ITA (Invitation to Apply) there is a time frame of 90 days given by the government in which the candidate can submit documents and other credentials for immigration. Once, you are on the list of Citizenship and immigration Canada then the screening time of your application will be completed in less than 6 months’ time frame. However, the candidates stay in the pool for a period of 12 months and in case due to some reason the candidate doesn’t get an invite in these 12 months then a fresh application needs to be submitted.

Medical Examination Needed as a part of documentation

A healthy citizen helps the economy of the nation so every nation requires healthy citizens in its estate therefore it is not out of the blue that Government of Canada will ask you to undergo few tests before it allots you with a Permanent Residency ( PR) status. Under a trustworthy and authorised medical centre or hospital these tests should conducted as the part of your application process. These tests validate the fact that you are healthy as a horse and fit to migrate. Further, as an immigrant having a thorough medical check-up can actually help you positively while your stay in Canada as it is an assurance that you are a strong and healthy individual thus you can avail health insurance from the Canadian government, also employers will not hesitate in employing you based on your credentials. Further, it can also work in your advantage when you seek accommodation. Thus, it is a win- win situation from all the possible angels.

Processing time for Canada immigration from UAE

In January, 2015, the Government of Canada made it simpler and faster for foreigners to migrate to Canada by employing the Express Entry program.  It has made the migration way easier than before and reduced the processing time to a massive level. Now, screening time and processing of the application can be completely with the period of 6 to 12 months through the Express Entry Program.

Cost of immigration to Canada from UAE

Immigration process should always be undertaken with the help if professionals as there are a lot of documents and processing involved which requires the lawful handling. The fee that is charged by the immigration services is very less as compared to the price of your career. It is to be understood that there are different prices for relocating to Canada in different categories. And these do not include your travelling expenditure. The skilled worker category will have approximately 550$ as the charge and sponsorship category will have less charge as compared to that. With over 11 years in the industry, Nationwide Immigration Services has managed to create a niche itself.  The total valuation that we offer in these services is listed below:

  • Nationwide Visas Charges: Rs. 80,000 + 18% = 94600
  • Visa Processing Charges
  • Education Assessment charges

We cater to the needs of the clients holistically and aim at a customer friendly program. Hence, we also provide IELTS guidance to the applicants so that they can enhance their CRS scores for Immigration.  The immigration documentation and processing is not that easy and professional help can make the process faster and convenient.

What to look for in a province when you decide to settle down

Selecting the right place to settle can alter your experience and happiness level to a major extent. Therefore, when planning to settle down its important that you have detailed information about the culture, life and work opportunities in a particular province before taking the initial steps. Some provinces might be more suitable for you depending on your needs than the other provinces. Since every candidate has different points, professions and interests it is hard to predict which province will suit your needs better. You stand as the best calculator of your satisfaction and happiness level. However, you can look for following things before taking your decision:

  • Accommodation
  • Cultural preference
  • Work Opportunity
  • Familiar Ethnicity
  • Financial Aspect

Why should you choose Nationwide Immigration Service to Migrate to Canada From UAE?

Nationwide Immigration Services is one of the most trusted name in the Industry. With clients from all over the world, we offer assured results to our customers. What makes us better than our competitors is that we have a panel of Immigration experts who have in-depth knowledge of the immigration process and they are there to take care of all your needs and queries keeping you abreast with the latest developments in the immigration scenario. Also they keep the processing of your application transparent so that the candidate is always aware of what is going on with the processing of the application. The goal is to provide the best option to the client within the requirement and credential of the candidate. The fees that we charge for these service is very nominal as compared to the price of the career and life.

Thanks to the online filing of the application, we represent people from all over the world and have 100% success rate. We understand that a candidate applying from UAE is looking for holistic service and comfort zone where the queries are addressed in a personalised form hence, we put the best foot forward and offer the service best suited as per your requirements.

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