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Canada is truly a great place to enhance the academic knowledge and gain valuable degree from the renowned and prestigious universities of the nation. Various world-famous research facilities and academic institutes form a part of the country, and students from diverse cultural backgrounds aspire to complete their education from the same. Being A home of top universities and business schools, Canada ranks among the top 10 visiting countries in the world and also as per the QS ranking its 7 universities are under top 10 which speaks about its world class quality education.

The degree gained from the reputed institutes is recognised and respected all over the world and opens multiple job opportunities for the candidates both in India as well as abroad. One of the greatest advantages of studying in the respective place is the learning culture and world-class education system maintained in the educational institutions and the students are facilitated at every step, since all their queries are sorted by qualified professors.
Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards. The country spends more on education (as a percentage of GDP) compared to the OECD average, and is the second highest among G-8 countries.

A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is well-regarded in business, government and academic circles around the globe.

Canada has ranked as one of the top ten places to live in the world since 1994 according to the United Nations (UN) and the Economist Intelligence Unit. In the UN survey Canada earned particularly high marks for its access to education, high life expectancy (due to universal health care system); and low crime and violence rates. In addition, Canada’s largest cities — Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal — have been recognized as world class cities in which to live and work, for their cleanliness and safety and for their cultural activities and attractive lifestyles.

International students who come to Canada should follow the same common sense safety precautions as they would anywhere in the world.

Advantages of Studying in Canada –

  • Affordable education system compared to other countries/nations
  • Canada – a bilingual country, and considered as the leader in language training
  • Pleasant and calm environment, and one of the most beautiful places to live in the United States
  • Well-maintained multicultural society
  • Possibilities of immigration
  • Admission with IELTS possible
  • Innovative and advanced research opportunities
  • Quality lifestyle in campus and affordable fee.
  • You will be awarded with a degree of global recognition.

Eligibility Conditions and must haves for studying in Canada:

    • You must have a valid passport.
    • You must be having a valid acceptance letter of Canadian institution where you are going to study.
    • Sufficient funds to pay fee and other expenses while living in the country.
    • You should be able to convince immigration officer that you would not over stay in the country and will be back after completing your studies.
    • There should not be a criminal record associated with your name.

This is worth mentioning that your course duration must be more than 6 months or applying a student visa.

How to apply:

If you are an aspirant to study abroad, you are just at the right place. You can have a free visa assessment test by clicking the link below:

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