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 News for Indian 2019

Canada has been in the news recently for making massive changes and announcements which have far-reaching consequences for the Canada immigration industry. The first among these is the announcement that as many as a million i.e. 1,000,000 immigrants will be invited into Canada by 2020. Out of these, about 565,000 will be invited into Canada through the Express Entry program. This means that the number of immigrants moving into Canada in the next few years will greatly outweigh all the immigrants invited to Canada as Permanent Residents since the Express Entry program began in 2015.

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In the next segment, we are going to talk about how this exciting bit of news is going to affect the immigration chances of people around the world and Indians in particular. Keep reading!

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What does this mean for Canada Immigration Hopefuls?

This news has led to a wave of excitement in the Canada immigration industry and the local immigrant communities in Canada. Many people who were thinking of getting their friends and family into the country can now do so because every program under the Express Entry system will become more liberal and its immigration criteria will be relaxed to let more and more people in. Similarly, many people who had previously failed to be selected for Canada immigration are now beginning to hope for a renewed chance at their dream life in the country. Seeing as Canada wants so many people to come over to the country and take up important positions within the economy, there is a cheer in the international immigration community and a sincere hope that this time around, their immigration dreams will come true.

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In the next segment, we are going to talk about how this liberalization scheme is directly going to benefit Indians and how you can take advantage of the situation and get yourself the deal of a lifetime. Read on to know!


Canada Immigration Requirements 2019

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What is the Direct Benefit to Indians from This?

One of the largest expat communities in Canada is made up of Indians. They have begun to play a major role in shaping the policies of the Canadian government including immigration. The piece of news we have mentioned above is speculated to be just the tip of the iceberg and many other plans might be underway to further liberalize the policies and procedures of the Express Entry program to let in more people with ample qualifications and work experience into the country.

Many industry veterans are predicting that even if Canada manages to get over 1 million people into the country, it will further have to conduct more immigration drives in order to make up for the huge skill gap presently evident in the country. This means a greater chance for immigration for Indians than ever before. Alongside, there will be a good chance of getting a dream job and settling down with a healthy and happy lifestyle with your family.

Despite this speculation, it is wise to take what is in front of you instead of waiting for a bigger better opportunity sometime in the future. Who knows? Canada might get its fill of immigrants by 2020 and reduce its international immigration drives, thus decreasing the number of immigration applications it accepts each year. We advise all Canada immigration applicants to apply as soon as possible to gain maximum benefit from these policies.

If you are planning to apply for immigration to Canada, then there is no better time than now to do so. Canada is a dream country for many people with its high standard of living, numerous job opportunities, immigrant-friendly atmosphere and huge advantages to PRs and citizens.It liberalizing immigration program means your chances of moving to Canada are brighter than ever before. Let Nationwide Immigration help you in realizing your Canada immigration dream through our professional Canada immigration services. Fill out our free immigration form to get started.

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What are the Other News for 2019 that Benefit Indians?

In recent times, Canada has been becoming more and more family friendly and this is reflected in the country’s changing immigration policies. In a bid to get more working family men and women to come to the country, Canada has liberalized its policies and allowed entry of multiple family members along with the principal applicant. This means that along with the single person who is applying for the PR visa to Canada, all of their dependents, which include spouses, children, elders and other family members can also immigrate. This is a feature that no other immigration program in the world has and is one of the strongest endorsements for immigration to Canada.

Another great feature of the Canada immigration program is that it allows spouses to swap places as the principal applicant. So, for example, if your wife has a better CRS score than you, then she can be made the principal applicant and both of you can immigrate to Canada on the basis of her CRS score. This is one more move by the IRCC to invite more professionals with families into Canada. It also helps in building a strong network of connections within the local community where the induction of an entire family makes a bigger economic unit and ensures that immigrants stay where they have immigrated.

Recently, the IRCC made another great announcement for family men and women. Now, all dependents below the age of 21 years can travel to Canada with the principal applicant. Earlier, the age limit was 18 years and this move is seen as a great milestone in Canada’s increasing social policy towards new immigrants into the country.

If you have dreamed of moving to Canada, the time is now to make good on those dreams and get yourself a great situation. There are many benefits that you can enjoy in Canada as a permanent resident. In fact, the only difference between a Canadian Permanent Resident and a Canadian citizen is that PRs can’t hold public office or take up high-security jobs. Other than that, they enjoy the same facilities such as free healthcare, free education, complete protection under the law and many other important facilities.

If you want to move to Canada within one year and be settled there by the end of 2019, apply now. We at Nationwide Immigration are completely familiar with all aspects of Canada immigration and can help you find the Canadian Dream for yourself and your family. Contact us today!

In the next part of this page, we are going to tell you a little more about our services, our credentials and how we will be handling your Canada immigration application.

Why Nationwide Immigration?

Nationwide Immigration can help you materialize your Canada immigration dreams. We have over 11 years of experience in this industry and have helped over 10,000 immigrants from India settle down in Canada. We are headquartered in Canada and this enables us to keep pace with the latest developments in the Canadian immigration industry. It also allows us to provide unmatched post-immigration services. From the time you fill out our free assessment form, to the time when you are househunting in Canada, we have you covered all the way. If you want professional immigration advice and assistance from industry veterans, then there is no better Canada immigration consultancy in India than us.

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Hi, I Am Sherin Annie Viju, an Indian, 36 years old, residing now in Doha Qatar. I would like to move to Canada ASAP.I did Masters in Computer Application(MCA – 3yrs) but working as Oracle Administrator in Hire and Sale division. My concern is education in IT field and work experience in other field. Is that an issue for getting PR? Am I eligible for the same?


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