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Prince Edward Island PNP invites 254 immigrants in latest provincial draw- 19th November 2020  |  Manitoba PNP held their second provincial draw in two weeks- 19th November 2020  |  Saskatchewan PNP invites 551 immigrants in the latest provincial draw- 19th November 2020  |  Canada processes more spousal immigration applications- 19th November 2020  |  Canada Visa Application Centre are reopening in India- 19th November 2020  |  5,000 ITAs issued in biggest ever Express Entry draw for Canada PR Visa- 18th November 2020  |  76 immigrants invited in latest BC PNP Tech draw- 18th November 2020  |  Canada still accepts applications for Home Support Worker Pilot Immmigration program- 16th November 2020  |  15,000 people got their Canada PR Visa in month of September- 14th November 2020  |  New direct employer-immigrant recruitment portal launched by Quebec- 13th November 2020  |  443 Express entry candidates invited in latest Ontario PNP provincial draw- 12th November 2020  |  Immigration committee study the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian immigration- 11th November 2020  |  Immigration committee study the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian immigration- 11th November 2020  |  358 immigrants invited in latest BC PNP provincial draw for Canada PR Visa - 11th November 2020  |  205 Immigrants invited in the latest Manitoba PNP provincial draw - 06th November 2020  |  4,500 ITAs issued in latest Express entry draw for Canada PR Visa - 05th November 2020  |  Express entry candidates invited under two new streams by Ontario PNP - 04th November 2020  |  Saskatchewan PNP issues a total of 534 invitations for provincial nomination - 03rd November 2020  |  ArriveCAN – An app you must have to travel to Canada - 03rd November 2020  |  BC PNP latest tech pilot draw invites 76 immigrants for provincial nomination - 03rd November 2020  |  No Express entry draw this week for Canada PR Visa - 31th October 2020  |  Good news for Canada Immigration: Canada targets 400,000 new immigrants per year - 30th October 2020  |  Quebec extends their immigration targets into 2021 - 29th October 2020  |  Quebec publishes details of the new immigration pilot program: Immigration program changes - 28th October 2020  |  Saskatchewan PNP released details of two latest provincial draws - 27th October 2020  |  Express entry candidates with French language proficiency gets more CRS points - 27th October 2020  |  BC PNP invites 354 immigrants in latest provincial draw - 27th October 2020  |  Entrepreneur candidates invited by Ontario in latest provincial draw - 26th October 2020  |  Alberta PNP launches two new immigration pathways for provincial nomination - 26th October 2020  |  Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) Program unveiled by North Bay - 25th October 2020  |  Latest Manitoba PNP draw invites 206 immigrants for provincial nomination - 23rd October 2020  |  Programmers and Media Developers invited in latest Nova Scotia PNP provincial draw - 22nd October 2020  |  Canadian schools re-opened for International Students - 21st October 2020  |  BC PNP invites 100 immigration candidates for provincial nomination in latest provincial draw - 20th October 2020  |  Latest Prince Edward Island PNP invites 211 immigrants for provincial nomination - 20th October 2020  |  Ontario PNP invited 772 Express entry candidates in the latest Tech draw - 15th October 2020  |  417 Immigration candidates invited in latest BC PNP provincial draw - 14th October 2020  |  415 Immigration candidates invited in latest BC PNP provincial draw - 14th October 2020  |  Canada holds biggest ever Express entry draw with 4,500 ITAs issued - 14th October 2020  |  Canada’s economy on recovery with more immigrants employed in month of September - 11th October 2020  |  MPNP’s 100th provincial draw invites 191 immigrants - 09th October 2020  |  11,000 immigrants invited in August for Canada PR Visa - 08th October 2020  |  Alberta PNP makes some changes that includes new online portal and fees - 07th October 2020  |  72 IT workers invited in latest BC PNP provincial draw - 06th October 2020  |  Canada relaxes income requirements for family-type immigration - 05th October 2020  |  Latest Express entry draw invites 4200 immigrants for Canada PR Visa - 30th September 2020  |  BC PNP held its largest provincial draw of 2020- 29th September 2020  |  Canada extends travel restrictions until Halloween- 28th September 2020  |  Latest Manitoba PNP draw invited 189 immigrants for provincial nomination- 25th September 2020  |  NSNP invites immigrants from automotive industry for provincial nomination- 25th September 2020  |  535 immigrants invited in the latest Saskatchewan PNP provincial draw- 25th September 2020  |  Canada speeds up application processing time for Spouse Visa- 24th September 2020  |  New Brunswick’s PNP to increase their immigrants admission targets- 24th September 2020  |  Impact of Canada’s throne speech on Canada Immigration - 23rd September 2020  |  Latest BC PNP tech draw invites 74 immigrants for provincial nomination - 23rd September 2020  |  Biometrics are no longer required for some Canada immigration applications - 22nd September 2020  |  PEI PNP holds its largest ever provincial draw for provincial nominations - 21st September 2020  |  Second chances given to PNP applicants who lost jobs due to COVID-19 - 17th September 2020  |  The latest Express entry draw issued 4,200 ITAs for Canada PR Visa - 16th September 2020  |  Latest SINP draw invites 621 immigrants with tech work experience - 16th September 2020  |  Latest BCPNP draw invites 407 immigrants for provincial nomination- 16th September 2020  |  13,645 immigrants invited in the month of July in 2020 - 14th September 2020  |  Latest Manitoba PNP draw invites 212 immigration candidates for provincial nomination- 11th September 2020  |  OINP to move to Expression of Interest (EOI) system for provincial nomination- 09th September 2020  |  BC PNP issues invitations to 67 skilled immigrants in latest tech pilot draw - 09th September 2020  |  Canada adds another 246,000 jobs in August - 05th September 2020  |  Employers must pay salaries to foreigners who do not have a social insurance number - 05th September 2020  |  BC PNP Invites 430 immigrants in latest round of invitations - 03rd September 2020  |  Latest Express entry draw invites 4,200 immigrants for Canada PR Visa - 03rd September 2020  |  Canada sees family reunification as the top priority for 2020 - 02nd September 2020  |  Canada extends travel restrictions for 30 days - 29th August 2020  |  Latest MPNP invites 213 skilled immigrants for provincial nomination - 29th August 2020  |  21 Entrepreneurs invited in latest OINP draw - 29th August 2020  |  SINP invites 570 immigrants in latest provincial draw - 28th August 2020  |  OINP invites 703 express entry candidates in latest provincial draw - 27th August 2020  |  Prince Edward Island PNP held the largest provincial draw ever - 26th August 2020  |  Visitors can now apply for work permit from Canada - 25th August 2020  |  PNP and CEC candidates fare better in Canadian labour market - 24th August 2020  |  Interest in moving to Canada increases despite the COVID-19 pandemic - 24th August 2020  |  Canada invites 3,300 CEC candidates in latest Express entry draw for PR Visa - 20th August 2020  |  600 invitations issued in the latest Express entry draw for Canada PR Visa - 19th August 2020  |  Ontario opens application to International Students - 19th August 2020  |  Latest BC PNP draw invites 302 immigrants for provincial nomination - 18th August 2020  |  AIP accepting applications for work permit online - 18th August 2020  |  SINP Invites 533 immigrants in the latest provincial draw - 17th August 2020  |  253 immigration candidates invited by MPNP in the latest provincial draw - 17th August 2020  |  BC PNP latest tech pilot draw invites 52 immigration candidates - 13th August 2020  |  Where to take your English test for a Canada PR Visa? - 13th August 2020  |  Quebec recommence foreign worker recruitment campaigns - 12th August 2020  |  BC PNP Invites 437 Immigration candidates in the latest provincial draw - 11th August 2020  |  Canada invites Federal Skilled Trades candidates in the latest express entry draw - 07th August 2020  |  Latest express entry draw invited 3,900 immigration candidates with a drop of 2 points in CRS cut-off - 06th August 2020  |  Canada immigration system versus new UK immigration system- 04th August 2020  |  The employment rate in recovery in Canada - 04th August 2020  |  Original language test results transcripts not required for some immigration programs - 04th August 2020  |  MPNP invites 199 immigrants in the latest provincial draw - 01st August 2020  |  Canada travel restrictions add one more month - 01st August 2020  |  Canada To Resume Passport Services - 01st August 2020  |  SINP draw invites 502 immigrants in the latest provincial draw - 29th July 2020  | Latest OINP Tech Draw invited Express entry Candidates for a Provincial Nomination - 29th July 2020  | BC PNP Invites 46 immigrants in the latest Tech Pilot and Entrepreneur draw - 29th July 2020  | Biometrics not required for Canada temporary residence applicants - 17th July 2020  | PEI PNP Held Two Provincial Draws In The Month Of July - 17th July 2020  | Latest MPNP draw invites 174 immigrants to apply for a provincial nomination - 16th July 2020  | Canada updates the definition of “parent” for the 21st century - 16th July 2020  | Quebec Issues Invitations In Its First Arrima Draw Since January - 15th July 2020  | Latest BC PNP Tech draw invites 320 immigration candidates for a provincial nomination - 15th July 2020  | Canada’s wage subsidy policy announced good news for immigrants - 14th July 2020  | Atlantic Canada loses fewest jobs due to Coronavirus - 13th July 2020  | How does Canada apply the mandatory quarantine plan for Inbound Travelers? - 12th July 2020  | Canadian economy creates nearly one million jobs in June - 11th July 2020  | Immigration Levels to Canada nearly tripled in Canada - 10th July 2020  | OINP stars accepting applications for Regional Immigration Pilot - 10th July 2020  | Canada held their first all-program express entry draw since the start of the pandemic - 8th July 2020  | Alberta PNP invites Express entry candidates in latest provincial draw with CRS score as low as 303 - 8th July 2020  | Latest BCPNP Tech Pilot draw invites 57 immigrants for a provincial nomination - 7th July 2020  | Mendicino: Immigration, the key to Canada’s success in the 21st century - 7th July 2020  | Canadian Border Services Collecting Basic Information of Air Travelers - 3rd July 2020  | 125 Immigrants invited in the latest MPNP provincial draw for Canada PR Visa - 2nd July 2020  | OINP to re-open its PNP Immigration Stream - 2nd July 2020  | BC PNP Holds the Largest Draw since the COVID-19 Pandemic - 30th June 2020  | Canada Immigration Still To Continue After Travel Restrictions Extended Until July 31 - 30th June 2020  | Canada Visitor visa and eTA processing to resume from July 1 - 01st July 2020  | PEI PNP Held Three Provincial Draws in the Month of June - 25th June 2020  | Express Entry Invites CEC Candidates With CRS Score As Low As 431 For Canada PR Visa - 25th June 2020  | Latest Express Entry draw invites 392 PNP candidates for Canada PR Visa - 24th June 2020  | “Come to Canada” – Marco Mendicino after U.S Immigration Ban - 24th June 2020  | 87 Immigration candidates invited in latest BC PNP Tech draw - 23th June 2020  | Where do Canada’s International Students come from? - 20th June 2020  | Immigrants cause 80% of population growth in Canada in 2020 - 20th June 2020  | MPNP Invites 181 Provincial Candidates in the Latest Provincial Draw - 19th June 2020  | OINP Invited Express Entry Candidates with CRS score 400 for a Provincial Nomination - 18th June 2020  | Ontario Invites French-Speaking Express Entry Candidates in the Second Draw in 2 days for Express Entry Candidates - 18th June 2020  | BC PNP Invites 276 Immigration Candidates in a Latest Provincial Draw - 16th June 2020  | Canadian Immigration Process to Modernize After the Travel Restrictions - 16th June 2020  | Canada Immigration Update on IELTS and CELPIP - 16th June 2020  | Canadian Businesses Owned By Immigrants More Likely To Innovate Products And Processes - 15th June 2020  | Indians Continue To Lead Way For The Number Of Immigrants Moved To Canada In 2020 - 14th June 2020  | Alberta Sets The CRS Cut-Off At 300 Points For The Latest Provincial Draw - 12th June 2020  | IRCC Gives Updates On Who Can Travel To Canada - 12th June 2020  | 24 Occupations Are Given Priority By Quebec For Work Permit - 12th June 2020  | Lowest CRS Score for CEC Candidates since 2017 in the Latest Express Entry Draw - 11th June 2020  | Latest Express Entry Draw Invites PNP Candidates For Canada PR Visa - 10th June 2020
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Canada immigration for teacher in 2020

Immigrate to Canada as a Teacher



Are you a teacher? Do you want to be part of the blossoming Canadian education system? Then Nationwide Immigration can provide you the perfect means of doing so. At present, there is a very high demand for teachers in Canada. So much so, that the Express Entry program has listed the profession as high priority in its National Occupations Classifications list. Also, many provinces like Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta and others are providing special immigration pathways to teachers at the school and college levels. If you are a teacher and have wanted to move to Canada, then there is no better time to apply than now.

Canada Immigration PR Visa process for Teachers

The IRCC recently announced that it is going to invite as many as 1 million people into Canada. Out of these, about 565,000 people will be invited through the Express Entry and PNP immigration programs. So, Canada immigration is a hot-ticket in the world of international immigration and people are running to apply for immigration to the country right now. What does this mean for you? This means that if you want to move to Canada, then there is a good chance you will get through, provided you have the right guidance in making your application.

This is where we come in. Nationwide Immigration is among the most revered names for Canada immigration in India. We provide customized Canada immigration advice and assistance that has seen over 10,000 professionals move to Canada and start their dream life on the perfect note. On this page, we are going to provide all the necessary details you are going to need in order to make your application for immigration to Canada. We advise you to read through each detail thoroughly to fully understand what the immigration process entails and how you can use it to your advantage.

Want to know the best way to immigrate to Canada as a teacher? Read on to find out!

Canada Immigration Pathways for Teachers in 2021

Canada is an international immigration hotspot because of its booming industries and diverse educational system. Because of this, there is an ever-growing need for teachers with adequate qualifications and work experience to take up positions in educating the next generation of workers in the country and continuing the progress being witnessed by the country at present. That is why, Canada wants to get in as many teachers as possible to fuel its education sector and make it even bigger tomorrow than it is today. You can be part of this growing, recession-proof industry, if you have the right stuff. Here is a general overview of the Canada immigration process:

  • The first thing you need to understand is that the Express Entry program is the mainstay of the Canada immigration system. All applications for immigration to any part of Canada, except Quebec, are ultimately handled by the IRCC through the Express Entry program.
  • The Provincial Nomination Programs or PNPs of individual states also offer teachers and other professionals to move to their respective provinces and are ideal for those who cannot get selected for Canada immigration just through the Express Entry program. Getting a PNP virtually ensures immigration as it gives your Express Entry profile 600 points.
  • There are many immigration streams or pathways in the Express Entry and PNP systems. Out of these, the most popular are the Employment Offer and Occupation in-Demand streams. Although they are similar to each other, they still have their individual requirements and selection criteria, which we are going to discuss as well later on this page. For now, you need to understand that you can apply for Canada immigration either through Express Entry or through the PNPs of specific provinces.

Please note that this is a very basic overview of the Canada immigration process. We are going to discuss the details of each stream here, but it is impossible to give the complete picture. For a detailed and insightful understanding of the Canada immigration process for teachers, we suggest you fill out our free assessment form and get customized Canada immigration consultation from our experts. This way, you will not only know which pathway will suit you the best but also what are your chances of getting selected and where you will find the best chance of finding a good job.

In the next segment, we are going to talk about the Canada immigration process through individual immigration pathways. Want to know which stream will be the best for you? Read on to find out!

Canada PR Visa for Teachers

Canada Immigration Requirements 2018

Would you be able to fulfill requirement of Canada PR as a Teacher ? Get ready to check your eligibility Free!!

Canada Immigration Process for Teachers in 2020

As we said before, there are three primary immigration pathways for teachers into Canada. Let us now discuss each of these in detail.

  • Employment Offer
  • Usually, Canada wants only those professionals immigrating into the country who already have a job offer and can start working as soon as they immigrate. That is why the Express Entry program awards between 50 to 200 points for a valid job offer and this can be a major deciding factor for ensuring selection for immigration. So, let’s take a look at the application process for this category:

    • First, you need to go to the IRCC website and create an Express Entry profile. For this, you will need to provide details about yourself like age, language ability, education, work experience etc. Make sure all the info can be backed up with actual documents.
    • Once your profile is created, you will automatically be entered into the Express Entry Job Pool. You will also get an Express Entry Code and a Job Seeker Validation Code. These will help you apply for PNPs, should you choose to do that.
    • You can use the Job Pool to look for suitable jobs in the teaching profession and since there is such a high demand for teachers in Canada, it is possible to get a good job with some effort. We also advise you to take up our specialized job search services where we get you in touch with authenticated employers looking for professionals with your particular skill set and experience.
    • Once you have a valid employment offer, you will need to wait for the Express Entry draws. If you are selected in the draws, then you will get an ITA or Invitation to Apply. Once you have that, you will get 90 days to apply for a PR visa with the IRCC. After getting the visa, you will have another 12 months to move to Canada.
  • Occupation in-Demand
  • Canada usually doesn’t allow people to immigrate to the country unless they are highly skilled or their job is in high demand. In the case of teachers, it is quite possible to immigrate to Canada without a job offer through the Occupation in-Demand stream. These are the steps you need to follow for that:

    • Create an Express Entry profile. Provide all the details necessary. Make sure the information is authentic. Get your information verified. Get the Express Entry profile code and the Job Seeker Validation Code.
    • After you have done that, you should check the NOC List to find out if the teaching profession is in high demand. If it is, then apply for immigration through the Occupation in-Demand stream.
    • You will also have the option of getting a Provincial Nomination to speed up your selection process. To get a PNP, go to the website of the province you want to go to and follow the same process as you did in Express Entry i.e. create a profile, get verified and apply.
    • Certain provinces will have a higher demand for teachers than others, so it is highly recommended that you get the PNP if possible.
    • Once you have the PNP, wait for the Express Entry draws, get selected and move to Canada.
    • Please note here that if you go through OID, you need to provide proof of funds showing you have enough money to support yourself and your family while you look for a job in Canada after moving there.

Now, that you know the basics of the process, let us tell you how we at Nationwide Immigration can make things way easier for you and guarantee you immigration to Canada in 2021.

Why Choose Nationwide Immigration to Migrate to Canada As Teacher Profile ?

Nationwide Immigration Services is one of the biggest names in the Canada immigration industry in India for one simple reason –success rate. We have helped over 10,000 professionals move to Canada in the past 11 years and the numbers don’t lie. We also provide highly customized immigration advice and assistance with special options like IELTS training, job search help, rejection case analysis etc. that are ideal for ensuring selection in the first try. Our policies are decided by our head office in Canada which allows us to provide post-immigration assistance while also enabling us to stay at par with the latest developments in the field. If you want to immigrate to Canada in 2021, then there are no better Canada immigration experts in India than us. Contact us today and get started on making your Canadian dream come true!


5.0 rating
June 18, 2018

I’m the certified primary and secondary school teacher with 11 years of teachin experience I’m interested in immigration to Canada .plz reply me with ur consent over my eligibility.

Sunita Eric


5.0 rating
June 7, 2018

I m computer teacher with 11 years experience, how many bands I require



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June 7, 2018

I am govt primary teacher with 10 years teaching experience. I want apply for pr visa.


No Title

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May 21, 2018

I Am govt teacher with 11 year experience is ima applicable for PR to canada



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May 17, 2018

I have overall 7 bands.teaching math for 7years.c an I apply for Ontario pr ??or under any pnp


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Are you a teacher? Do you want to be part of the blossoming Canadian education system? Then Nationwide Immigration can provide you the perfect means of doing so
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