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Nationwide Immigration » Latest-news » Canada immigration system versus new UK immigration system

Canada immigration system versus new UK immigration system

Canada immigration system versus new UK immigration system

Britain operates a points-based Canadian-style immigration system, but there are notable differences.


Britain’s new immigration law is the result of ideas put forward in 2019 when Prime Minister Boris Johnson campaigned for work visas to be reserved for people with at least the equivalent of secondary education, a voucher level of English, a promise of employment and a minimum annual salary.


By changing its immigration system, the UK will prioritize highly skilled people, such as those with scientific, academic, and technological qualifications.


Britain aims to attract ‘best’ immigration candidates

The latest guidelines for the UK’s immigration system were released on Monday, July 13, and are expected to change the points-based immigration system from the new year.


Under the new system, foreign nationals wishing to work in the UK will have to meet a number of criteria.


Individuals will be assessed on the basis of their specific skills, qualifications, wages or occupations, and visas will only be issued to those who have achieved the 70 points required to apply for a visa.


The first 50 points are awarded for a candidate’s English skills and for having received a job offer in their area of ​​training from an approved sponsor.


To obtain the remaining required points, other criteria will have to be met, such as a minimum wage threshold, employment in an occupation where there is a labor shortage or a doctorate in a field relevant to their work.


Here is the new breakdown of the UK immigration system by points (70 points needed):

  • Job offer required – 20 points;
  • Job has a relevant skill level required – 20 points;
  • English language knowledge required – 10 points;
  • Job has a salary of 23,040 – 25,599 – 10 points;
  • Job has a salary of over 25,600 – 20 points;
  • Job on shortage occupation list – 20 points;
  • An applicant with a Ph.D. – 10 points;
  • An applicant with a Ph.D. in science, technology, math, and engineering – 20 points;


How does the new British system compare to the Canadian system?


There are both notable similarities and differences between the future British system and the one Canada has in place.


Canada’s immigration system also awards points for specific skills, occupations, and pre-established jobs, but takes into account a wide range of other qualifications such as work experience, age, or job profiles. The adaptability of highly skilled workers applying for permanent resident (PR) status.


Highly skilled foreign workers who have never lived in Canada before and who submit a profile through Express Entry – an immigration application management system – under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), for example, must get at least 67 points for factors such as:

  • Language skills (maximum 28 points);
  • Work experience (maximum 15 points);
  • Education (maximum 25 points);
  • Age (maximum 12 points);
  • Arranged employment in Canada (maximum 10 points); and
  • Adaptability (maximum 10 points).


To be eligible for Canadian immigration in the economy class, it is not necessary to have a job offer or a certain salary threshold.


In addition, potential immigrants to Canada with work experience in a specialized occupation may be invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada through the Express Entry system. Canada has federal and provincial economic immigration pathways, and each has its own work experience criteria. Some Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are open to applicants in specific areas of work that meet regional workforce needs.


The Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which determines a candidate’s position in the pool, only takes into account full-time or part-time equivalent work experience and whether their occupation is considered “Qualified”.


Eligible occupations are those of Skill Type 0 (Management), Skill Level A (Professional), or Skill Level B (Technical) according to Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC).


The candidate’s actual occupation or sector of employment is not taken into account by CRS and does not take into account those invited to submit a PR request through the Express Entry system.


Other programs such as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot require Skill Type / Level 0, A, B, or C (Intermediate) work experience.


While people in C or D (work) level jobs may be able to come to Canada as provincial applicants with all skill types/levels.


As Canada has a small population and an aging labor force, it strives to make it as easy as possible for immigrants to gain access to the labor force and to PR status.


Canada has invested a great deal of effort over the past decades to develop and provide a wide range of immigration pathways to ensure that it can meet the needs of a greater number of potential immigrants. Immigrants who, in turn, can bring a variety of skills and make a positive contribution to a growing range of sectors and markets.


It is the responsibility of each country to develop immigration policies which it believes are in its best interest. The impending UK immigration reforms and their results will be interesting to follow and examine in the months and years to come.

Reference is taken from CIC News

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