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Conference board argues about the need to increase the immigration rate to 1% by 2030

Canada is looking to invite more and more immigrants in its territory. As there has been a labour shortage in the country because of the aging population and lack of workers thus Government of Canada is keen to invite economists, business leaders and IT professionals from all over the world so that the economy of the country sees an upward mobility in the coming years.  Hence, there was the announcement of multi-level Immigration levels plan and it was introduced in November 2017. With the introduction of this plan, there was an increase in the number of applicants and the immigration rate increased to a glaring 0.9 %. The target of admissions for 2019, is 3,10,000 that is rate of 0.84 % and the government of Canada is highly hopeful of achieving this proposition.

Immigration to Canada in the Past

The immigration to Canada at some level owes all its success so far to the businesses, government and other institutions working in collaboration to make the immigrants comfortable in the Canadian atmosphere and feel welcomed in the country. The census which was released in 2016 stated that 7.5 million foreign born people were in Canada through the immigration process that means one person in every 5 people in Canada is an immigrant and it included people of all demographic origins. The majority of people have migrated to Canada through the economic Immigration programs. This cosmopolitan culture of Canada has become possible due to the flexibility provided to the immigrants through the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedom, which provides the immigrants with the freedom to practice any religion, thought of expression, freedom to move around and live in Canada and equality and language rights.

Updates from the Conference Board of Canada

The latest development in the Canada Immigration speculated that if there is an increase in the immigration rate of Canada by 1% of its total populations in 2030 then there is chance of offsetting the aging population and enhance the economic growth of the country. This information is in correspondence to a report issued by the Conference board of Canada. The increase that would happen in this case would mean an entry of 4,15,000 new admissions in Canada and the population of this unit itself would be 42 million people in 2030.

Mr. Kareem El – Assal and Daniel Fields of the Conference Board’s National Immigration Centre were recently seen quoting, “Based on current demographic trends, increasing the immigration rate to one per cent by the early 2030s will allow Canada to replicate its population growth rate of recent decades (one per cent) and support modest labour market and economic growth over the long term”

Evidences offered to support the Report

The reports that were presented by the Conference Board which emphasised on the increase of immigrate rate to one percent made its case stronger by contrasting the details with the fiscal snapshot of what Canada would be in 2030 if all the immigration to Canada is completely stopped. It was enough to raise eyebrows and forced the committee to comprehend the matter enthusiastically.  Although, it is a very implausible scenario where the immigration to a country would completely stop but if this situation were to arise then Canada would definitely witness a decrease in the labour market and the annual GDP will also fall by 1.3 percent by 2040 and the government will be forced to increase the taxes on the citizens for basic sustenance. The ultimate effect would be on the standard of living in Canada which is in fact the USP of the Canada and health care and all the other important facilities would be adversely affected.

The report was very clear in its stance that Immigration to Canada pays a huge role in economic growth and it is one of the major factors that affects the growth of the labour force and annual population growth. The speculation as per the conference board of Canada stated that immigration will account for 11 percent of Canada’s annual population growth by the year 2034 and at the same time there will be a fall in the natural births below the level zero.

Conference Board of Canada were clear about the fact that the immigration rate of 1% by the year 2030 would increase the average annual GDP growth rate of 1.9 %

Call to the Government for an Improvised Action

Conference Board of Canada is very clear words has warned the Government and asked them to take considerable good steps to improve the labour market for immigrants so that the immigration to the country is not affected.

The major recommendations made to the Government are listed below:

  • For the economy to see upward mobility it is important that immigrants contribute in the economy and for this purpose it is important that the work opportunities for the immigrants are improved and plenty.
  • The living standards and social benefits like medical and education needs to be maintained thus it is important that equal opportunities are provided to Canadian Citizens and immigrants so that they both work together in the prosperity of Canada.
  • There should be proper debates about safe immigration and what are the positive and negative of immigration to Canada. Further, there should also be public support for immigration and borders needs to be stronger so that the integrity of Canada immigration is maintained.

Some of the Issues that need to be addressed by the Government are:

The immigration rate can see an enhancement only when crucial steps are taken by the Government at the right time. Certain measures like removing the barriers for the labour market are very important and newcomers can also be increased through programs like Family Class Sponsorships. It is high time that Canada takes recluse in the labour market to help them economically for this the income standards of the labourers also need a he improvement. Low earnings by the immigrants is also a matter of concern and when issues like these are addressed then major pitfalls can be avoided.  It is time when the focus should shift from individual income to the family income as when grandparents and other members of the family contribute to the household expenses and other child care needs then the working individual will be able to spend more working hours in the office and bring about an economical change.

Economic arrivals are always welcomed in Canada as they can bring about the stability in the Canadian Market which is of utmost urgency at the moment. Therefore, the Economic Immigration System of Canada is internationally praised as a model of bringing about Economic prosperity.  As an immigrant settles the economy sees a provider in terms of skills, expertise and energy carving a pathway to a resourceful proposition.

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