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Canada Immigration PR Visa Processing time from USA


Canada’s Express Entry program offers one of the fastest immigration pathways to a first-world nation amongst all countries in the world. That is one of the many reasons for its popularity. If you apply in the perfect manner possible and all your documentation is correct, you can move to Canada in just 6 months. However, there are many factors that come into play here. Also, there are several ways you can reduce the amount of time that your application takes to get approved. On this page, we are going to talk about all the factors that are going to impact the selection time for your Canada immigration application, how you can cut these down to the minimal and finally, how Nationwide Immigration can help you in getting a Canada PR visa from USA in the shortest possible time.

Want to know how quickly you can get a Canada PR visa from USA? Wondering how much time it will take for your Canada PR visa application from USA to get through? Nationwide Immigration is here to answer all your questions. Keep reading!

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Factors Affecting Canada Immigration Application Processing Time from USA

Canada is a simply a great country to live in. It is relatively easier to move to Canada with a job than it is to move to any other country in the world. When conditions are right, you can move to Canada with a PR visa in as little as 6 months. Here are some of the major factors that impact your selection for immigration to Canada from USA:

  • When Have You Applied
  • The first thing to consider when you calculate the average time your Canada immigration application from USA to clear is when you have applied. Canada wants young but well educated and well-experienced professionals to come to its provinces and start working immediately. It also gives the applicants between the ages of 25 and 35 the highest CRS points. Naturally, an applicant between these ages will be able to work for the longest time. So, even if you have 10 years of experience, applying when you are 35+ is not advisable.

    Another aspect that influences the ‘when to apply’ question is the current immigration drive being hosted by the IRCC. Right now, the IRCC is all set to invite over 1 million people into Canada. Out of these, as many as 565,000 people will be invited through the Express Entry and PNPs immigration pathways. So, since the US immigration department is planning to make immigrants with the H1-B visa move out of the country before their Green Card is approved, now is the perfect time to immigrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident.

    Also, Canada inviting so many people into its provinces implies that there is a huge skill gap in the economy. This means that with the right credentials, finding the right job in Canada once you have moved there, or even before, is going to be easier than ever.

    Want to know when you should apply for a Canada PR visa from USA? Let our experts guide you. Fill out our free assessment form to get customized consultation from our Canada immigration experts and actualize your international immigration ambitions today!

  • How You Have Applied
  • The manner in which you have applied is a major factor in deciding how long it will take for you to get approved for Canada PR from USA in 2019. Depending upon the pathway you have chosen for immigration, this can range from just 6 months to several years. There are several pathways for immigration to Canada. But the most prominent ones for skilled workers are:

    • Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • The Federal Skilled Worker Program or FSWP is the most popular of all Express Entry immigration pathways. It has an average processing time of 6 to 9 months. What can speed up the process and make it pay out in the shortest time possible is the nature of your application. Given that your application has all the qualities it needs to get approved quickly, your application will be processed as fast as possible.

      Also, the Express Entry program requires you to have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer before you get selected for a Canada PR from USA. For this, it is best to do lots of networking and already know people working in your line of occupation. This will help you get a job much more quickly than normal job search parameter. Once you get accepted into Express Entry, you will automatically have access to the Express Entry Job Pool. You can use this platform to look for jobs and secure your Canada PR visa from USA.

      Another great way of ensuring you get a good, reliable job is through our expert job search services. Nationwide Immigration already has a vast network of contacts in the various professional industries in Canada. Not just that, having placed over 10,000 applicants already, we know where you should go and where you will thrive, both professionally and personally. So, we can help you find the ideal job and get selected for Canada PR from USA in 2019. Fill out our free assessment form today to know your immigration and job prospects in Canada.

      Apply for Canada PR under Express Entry Program – Fastest Way to Get Canada PR Visa

    • Express Entry Occupation in-Demand
    • The Occupation in-Demand stream has been made for those professionals who have enough education and work experience to move to Canada and find work immediately. To be eligible to move to Canada from USA in 2019 through this category, first you need to find out which jobs are currently in-demand in Canada. If your job is in-demand at present, then you can apply for a Canadian PR visa from USA directly without needing to wait for the Express Entry draws.

      However, you should have the right qualifications and experience to successfully move to Canada from USA. Also, you will need to show that you have enough funds to support yourself and all your dependents for at least 3 to 6 months before your Canada PR visa from USA is approved. Keep in mind that these funds cannot be borrowed from someone and must be completely liability-free. Also, they need to be readily available for use. So, property and long-term assets which cannot be liquidated quickly can’t be shown as proof of funds.

      Want to know what exact thing you should keep in mind before applying for Canada PR from USA? Do you need to know if your job is in high-demand in Canada? Let Nationwide Immigration handle all your doubts and queries. Fill out our free assessment form today and get your Canada immigration process started on the best note!

    • Provincial Nomination Program
    • Provincial Nomination Programs or PNPs are immigration gateways to specific Canadian provinces. Like Express Entry, they also offer a general Express Entry-based sub-category and an occupation in-demand sub-category. The selection criteria for each province are different. Having a PNP ensures you immigration with Canada PR to the province for which you have been selected. So, it is a very good option for cutting down the time taken to get approved for Canada PR visa from USA.

      Nationwide Immigration has pages on its website dedicated to individual PNPs which provide detailed information on the selection parameters and immigration requirements of each province. You can look through them to find the info you need. However, to save time, we recommend you talk directly to our Canada immigration experts. Fill out our free assessment form and you will get a customized Canada immigration consultation from us. If you want to get a Canada PR from USA in 2019, we highly recommend you get started right now!

 Canada PR visa processing time from USA

Canada Immigration Requirements from USA 2018

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