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Nationwide Immigration » Latest-news » Canada PR Process From USA for Indian PassPort 2020

canada pr process from usa in 2019

Canada PR Visa Process From USA

for Indian Passport 2020

How to Apply Canada PR Visa from USA on H1b ?

The United States of America has long been considered the mecca of opportunity. Professionals from all over the world have moved to the country and begun working there. If you ask a young professional where in the world they would like to move, they would probably tell you it’s the USA. But all that glitters is not gold. In fact, things are pretty dark for immigrants living and working in the US. Thanks to the recent announcement by the US Department of Homeland Security nearly half a million Indo-Americans are facing an immigration crisis. While the US always had a rather rigid immigration policy, this recent decision has put the lives and careers of hundreds of thousands of people in trouble. Here is the problem:

Earlier, all the professionals who were working in the US on an H1-B visa could extend their stay in the country until their Green Card application was approved. During the time this application was being processed, they could live and work in the US without any deportation worries. But under the new rules of the US immigration department, these immigrants will have to leave the US until their Green Card is approved. Naturally, this declaration has sent shockwaves throughout the Indo-American community and now, many people are actively exploring other immigration options around the world.

Apply for Canada PR under Express Entry Program – Fastest Way to Get Canada PR Visa

How H1- B can apply for Canada Permanent Residency( PR) Status?

The United States of America and Canada definitely share boundaries with each other but they are categorically different from one another in most of the aspects. Thus, if you have H1- B visa than you surely are a strong candidate when you are applying for a PR status in Canada but the process of application for a Permanent Residency(PR) status in Canada needs to be adherently followed as USA and Canada are two different countries and their evaluation and assessments are completely different from one another.

For Permanent Residency(PR) Status in Canada you will be evaluated under one of the these categories – Express Entry program, which covers Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Traders Program, Quebec Skilled Workers Program(QSWP), Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) and International adoptions (Sponsorship). In all these categories for fulfilling the eligibility if you have a H1- B visa then your chances are stronger than others. In the case of H1-B visa although the benefit is not direct but there are definitely indirect benefits that are attached –

  • As your present employer in United States can help you by allowing you to be a remote worker from Canada. This way you can stay in Canada as a person employed in the USA.
  • A job offer in hand can go a long way in your process of attaining a PR Status in Canada.
  • This will also benefit you as you can get B1/ B@ multiple entry visas issued from the USA as You would need to travel to and fro from USA to Canada to meet your employer whenever the situation will demand.

Please note that for a  Permanent Residency (PR) status in Canada one needs to legally clear the immigration laws of Canada and in this regard the immigration status with USA can help the candidate indirectly but not directly in any respect.

If you are one such person, then you should seriously consider moving to Canada. Unlike the US, where you can wait for decades and still not have your Permanent Residence approved, Canada offers immigrants the chance ofgetting a PR visa even before they set foot on Canadian soil. Not just that, you can even move to Canada with your family with just one PR application. Also, you don’t necessarily need to have a job to be able to move to Canada. If your occupation is in high demand in Canada, then you can move to Canada directly and then look for a job there. Amazing right!? And it’s all true. So, you should really give moving to Canada serious thought.

Wondering if moving to Canada will be a good fit for you? Do you want to know if you qualify for immigration to Canada? Let Nationwide Immigration Services resolve all your doubts and questions. Just fill out our free assessment form and get completely customized consultation from our Canada immigration experts today!

In the next segment, we are going to list out all the benefits you can enjoy by moving to Canada. If you want to know why Canada immigration is such hot property right now, read on to find out!

Benefits of Immigration to Canada with PR Visa

Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to if you are an Indian. The country offers many immigration pathways suited to different people from different backgrounds. Moreover, the IRCC, which is Canada’s top immigration body, recently announced that they want to get as many as 1 million new immigrants into Canada by 2020. This is the biggest immigration drive in Canadian history and tells you just how many job opportunities are available to skilled workers in Canada.If you are still doubtful about immigration to Canada, here is a list of reasons why you should seriously think about moving there:

  • First of all, Canada is one of the richest and most developed countries in the world. It has a high standard of living, a liberal government, a diverse economy and a very large number of job opportunities for those with the right education and work experience.
  • Canada already has a very big Indian community of immigrants. You could move to the country and still feel like you are living amongst your own people. Also, these communities are usually very tight-knit. So, if you ever need someone to help you out, you would have people around you who would be more than happy to help.
  • Canada offers professionals the chance to move to the country as Permanent Residents. So, you and your family can enjoy all the benefits enjoyed by a regular Canadian citizen right from the very first day.
  • Canada offers multiple immigration pathways through the Express Entry program. If you get a high enough score, you can move to Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker program. For those with specialized jobs that are in-demand in Canada, there is the Occupation in-Demand category. If you want to move to a specific part of Canada, then you can go for the Provincial Nomination Programs.
  • Canada has one of the fastest immigration application processing times in the world. You can actually get approved for a Canada PR visa in just 6 months!
  • Once you have been living in Canada for just 3 consecutive years, you can apply for full citizenship and get approved. After that, you can run for public office and take up high-security jobs if you so choose to.
  • Canada has free healthcare for all its citizens and Permanent Residents. This means that you and your family will be able to get all the benefits of an advanced healthcare system free of cost. This is something even America has yet not been able to provide its citizens.
  • Canada has one of the best education systems in the world. Moreover, Canada gives free education to all its citizens and PRs up to a certain extent. This means that you can save the money you would otherwise have spent on educating your children and invest it elsewhere.
  • Canada has a very tolerant culture where there are virtually no incidents of racial bias or violence against minorities. This is a major concern for many Indians living in America and you can get rid of this problem altogether by simply moving to Canada.

Find Out: Canada Immigration benefits For Indians in 2020

Heard enough? Or do you want to know all the reasons for why Canada is one of the best countries for immigrants in the world? Whatever questions you have about Canada, we can answer them all! Not just that! We can also help you make your Canada immigration application and get selected in 2019. Fill out our free assessment form today to get started!

Now that we have told you about the many reasons why Canada immigration is a great option, in the next segment, we are going to talk about the Canada immigration process. If you want to know how to make an application for Canada PR, keep reading!

How to Apply for Canada PR in 2020?

The Canada immigration process is really simple. But since it is so simple, thousands of people apply for it from all over the world. So, getting professional help for making your Canada PR application is the best way to ensure you make the most of your time and money. The following is a list of steps required to make the application:

  • The first thing you need to create an Express Entry profile. You will need to provide specific details about yourself such as age, language ability, educational qualification, work experience etc. Make sure all the info you provide can be verified with actual documents. They will ask for these once your profile is undergoing verification.
  • To complete the profile you are going to need a number of documents. Here’s the list:
    • Language tests with scores above the minimum cut-off in English or French or Both.
    • A valid job offer letter from a Canadian employer.
    • Educational Credential Assessment reports that show that your educational qualificationsare equal to the Canadian education system.
    • Medical and police clearance certificates
    • Authenticated passports.
    • Documents showing you have enough funds to support yourself and your family for at least 3 to 6 months (only for Occupation in-Demand stream)
    • A valid Provincial Nomination (only for PNP stream)
  • Once you have completed your profile, the Canada immigration authorities will assess it and give you a CRS score. This score will ultimately decide whether you get selected for immigration to Canada or not.
  • If your job is in high demand apply for PR through the Occupation in-Demand category. If you want to move to a particular part of Canada or want to ensure immigration, apply for a Provincial Nomination.
  • Once you have completed all the formalities, just wait for the Express Entry draws. When the draws are held, if you are selected, you will get an Invitation to Apply or ITA, after which you will have 90 days to apply for the PR visa. Once you get the visa, you will have another 12 months to move to Canada.

Now that you have a basic idea of the Canada immigration process, let us tell you how we at Nationwide Immigration can help you get selected for immigration to Canada in 2019.

apply for Canada pr visa from USA

Canada Immigration Requirements 2018

Find out how to apply for Canada PR Visa from USA? Get ready to check your eligibility Free!!

Immigration Program for Immigration to Canada from USA

Canada immigration offers many pathways for entry into Canada as Permanent Residents. Here are some of the most prominent programs that are ideal for applicants from USA:

Express Entry

The Express Entry program is the main system for entry into Canada as Permanent Residents. No matter which country you are applying for a PR visa from, the Express Entry program will help you ensure the fastest immigration times. The Express Entry immigration system is rather simple and that is why it is also very effective. Here are the most important aspects of it:

  • Immigration to Canada through Express Entry is done through the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. This system gives point scores to applicant profiles on the Express Entry based on specific factors like age, language ability, educational qualification, work experience etc.
  • Based on this score and the mean cut-off issued by the IRCC, selections for immigration to Canada with PR visa are made. So, if the cut-off is 446 and your CRS score is above that, then you will get selected for immigration during the Express Entry draws. These draws are held once every 15 days.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

It is possible to guarantee selection through the Express Entry program for immigration with Canada PR, if you have a Provincial Nomination. Almost all Canadian provinces offer a PNP and make their selections as per the quota given to them by the federal government. Some of the most popular PNPs in Canada are:

Each of these programs has their own eligibility criteria and application process. We highly recommend you get in touch with out Canada immigration experts at Nationwide Immigration to find out which PNP would suit you the best. Now, let us talk about the immigration pathways to Canada offered by the PNPs. There are two main sub-categories in every PNP. They are:

  • Express Entry

This stream is meant for those professionals who have been accepted into the Express Entry program but have not yet been selected for immigration to Canada with PR. When you apply for a PNP, you will require an Express Entry Profile Code and Job Seeker Validation Code. Follow the application procedure to get nominated for a PNP. If you get selected, you will get 600 points which will be added to your overall CRS score in Express Entry. This will guarantee you immigration when the next draws take place.

  • Occupation in-Demand

This stream is also meant for skilled professionals. You must match the minimum requirements for being able to secure a job in Canada once you have moved there. Every PNP issues a list of the most in-demand jobs in its region. Check this list to find out if your occupation is in high demand in that province. If it is and if you match the minimum criteria, then you can apply for PNP through this category. If you get selected, you can apply directly for Canada PR to the IRCC.

Want to know which PNP will be ideal for you? Nationwide Immigration Services has all the answers you need. Get a consultation from our Canada immigration experts through our free assessment form and find out which province you should apply through to get a successful Provincial Nomination and move to Canada as a Permanent Resident.

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

The QSWP is not part of the Express Entry program. It has its own eligibility criteria for selecting candidates. While this criteria is similar to the Express Entry criteria, it also has its own unique features. If you are selected for immigration to Quebec through QSWP, you will get a Quebec Selection Certificate or CSQ. After you get this, you can directly apply for immigration Canada as a PR to the IRCC.

Want to know if QSWP is the best immigration program for you to move to Canada with your family from USA? Fill out our free assessment form right now to find out your eligibility for Canada PR immigration through Express Entry program.

Why Choose Nationwide Immigration?

Nationwide Immigration has been working the Canada immigration industry for the past 12 years. In that time, we have helped over 25,000 professionals move to Canada. Our success speaks for itself. We offer customized Canada immigration services like documentation, application, IELTS training, rejection cases analysis etc. at the most affordable costs. Our policies are highly customer-friendly and include legally binding contracts, legal help from ICCRC accredited lawyers etc. If you are looking for world-class Canada immigration services, look no further than us. Contact us today or fill out our free assessment form to get started on making your Canada immigration dream come true today!

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