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Nationwide Immigration » Latest-news » Immigration to Saskatchewan from India 2019

Saskatchewan immigration Process from India 2018

Immigration to Saskatchewan from India 2019

Saskatchewan PNP Application Program for Indian | Check Your Eligibility Free for Saskatchewan Immigration Program 2019

Saskatchewan is a popular province for immigration in Canada. It is one of three Prairie Provinces in Canada and boasts of a diverse economy with a variety of industries in it. Recently, the IRCC has put a lot of weight on popularizing Saskatchewan and the local government has lowered the eligibility to Saskatchewan through its Provincial Nomination Program. As a result, Saskatchewan has become increasingly popular in recent years among Canada immigration aspirants who do not have good English language ability or cannot improve upon it and still want to move to Canada quickly.

If you are one such person and have been wondering how you can move to Canada without having to trouble yourself with improving your English language, then Saskatchewan is a good option to explore. On this page, we are going to tell you what are the benefits of applying for immigration to Saskatchewan, which are the industries are the most popular in Saskatchewan, how you can apply for immigration to the province and how we at Nationwide Immigration can help you in immigrating to Saskatchewan as well as other provinces in Canada.

Immigration to Saskatchewan from India 2018

Want to know the best way of applying for immigration to Saskatchewan? Need professional help in making your immigration application to Canada? Nationwide Immigration is here for you. We are among the best Canada immigration experts in India and have helped thousands of people move to Canada. We can help you make your Canada immigration dreams come true. Fill out our free assessment form to receive a free consultation from our Canada immigration experts today!

In the next segment, we are going to talk about how this exciting bit of news is going to affect the immigration chances of people around the world and Indians in particular. Keep reading!

Benefits of Moving to Saskatchewan

There are many benefits that you can enjoy when you move to Saskatchewan as a Permanent Resident. All the advantages of being a Canada PR can be enjoyed while living and working in Saskatchewan. For the sake of clarity, we are going to list all of these advantages here:

  • Saskatchewan is an economically growing province. It has expanded its industries considerably over the past few years and experts are speculating that this expansion will gain more momentum in the coming years.
  • Saskatchewan, as a province, has recently adopted a policy of rapid immigration. Applicants who are unable to get into the Provincial Nomination Programs of other provinces can apply here and have a good chance of getting through because of its lower immigration eligibility parameters.
  • One of the biggest reasons for why Saskatchewan is growing in its popularity is the fact that it has relatively more comfortable climates as compared to other Canadian provinces. For Indians, the south region of the province may be more easily tolerable than other more extreme climates.
  • If you move to Saskatchewan with a PR status, you immediately get all the benefits that you would enjoy as a PR resident of any other province. So, except for being able to run for public office and holding high-security government jobs, you will be able to get free healthcare for your entire family, free education and several other benefits that Canadian PRs and other citizens enjoy.

Want to know what benefits you will enjoy by moving to Saskatchewan? Wondering how you can get yourself and your family a PR status and move to Saskatchewan, Canada? Let us help you figure everything out! Nationwide Immigration provides complete immigration advice and assistance to its clients. We specialize in giving highly-customized advice and assistance to professionals from all over India who aspire to become Canadian PRs and citizens.Fill out our free assessment form today to get started on making your Canada immigration dreams come true!

saskatchewan immigration requirements 2018

Saskatchewan Immigration Requirements 2018 from India

Would you be able to fulfill requirement of Saskatchewan PR ? Get ready to check your eligibility Free!!

Saskatchewan PNP Application Program

The Saskatchewan PNP application process follows the same pattern as all other PNPs in Canada except Quebec. While the process itself is simple enough, the sheer volume of people applying as well as the rigid following of instructions and application procedures make it necessary to take professional help in making the application. In order for you to understand how the immigration application process through the Express Entry as well as the PNP works, we are going to list all the steps involved in the process. Let’s start with the Express Entry application process:

  • Choose Your Stream
  • The first thing you need to do is to decide which stream you want to apply through. Different streams have different benefits. The regular Express Entry application stream involves making the application, finding a job and then immigrating to Canada. If you choose to go through the Occupation in-Demand stream, then you must find out if your job is in high demand in Saskatchewan. If so, then you can make the application, get the confirmation, apply for immigration to Saskatchewan and once you get there, start looking for a good job. Please note that you will be required to have enough funds to support yourself and your family for at least 3 to 6 month in Saskatchewan if you go through the OiD stream.

  • Make an Express Entry Profile
  • The first thing you will need to do if you want to move to Saskatchewan or any other province of Canada is make an Express Entry profile. To do this, go online and start filling out the Express Entry form. This rocess is free of cost, but you will need to spend money to get the documents needed to verify whatever information you provide in your Express Entry form. When they ask you which province you would like to move to, select Saskatchewan. After you have filled in the necessary details like age, language ability, educational qualifications, work experience etc. your Express Entry profile will be made and you will get a particular code for your profile. You will also be able to access the job pool of the Express Entry program. Use this facility to look for a suitable job.

  • Apply for Saskatchewan PNP
  • Now that you have an Express Entry profile, you need to make a separate profile for Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP). For this, go to the SINP profile, fill in all the particulars like age, language ability, education, work experience, adaptability etc. Here too, you will need to decide which stream you need to apply through. There are three broad categories – Employment Offer, Occupation in-Demand and Saskatchewan Express Entry. Also, you will need to keep in mind the specific requirements of the immigration program.

  • Wait for Approval
  • Once you have made the SINP profile, the Saskatchewan immigration authorities are going to assess your profile and on the basis of that, they are going to give you a Provincial Nomination. This nomination is worth 600 points. As the Express Entry score usually hovers around 430 points, you would be well above the requirement and will be able to get the ITA or Invitation to Apply for immigration to Canada. You will need to wait for the Express Entry draws where you will be selected for immigration.

  • Moving to Saskatchewan and Associated Costs
  • Once you have the ITA, you should apply for a Canadian PR visa as soon as possible. Usually you will have 90 days to make this application, but we recommend making this application as quickly as possible. To get the PR visa, you will need to pay some money. This is subject to change so we suggest you talk to our experts to know the present amount. Usually the amount is around 490 CAD. Of course, you will also need to pay for airfare. Once you arrive in Saskatchewan, you will have to go through a medical and police clearance procedure and will need to pay for these as well. If you have come through the OID stream, then you will need to produce financial documents supporting your financial solvency. Also, if you carry more than 10,000 CAD in cash with you, you will need to declare it to the Canada custom authorities.

Why Choose Nationwide to Move to Saskatchewan From India?

From the above, it must be clear that the Canada immigration process is a complicated thing and there are many ways you can go wrong. That is why it is highly recommended that you take professional help in applying for immigration to any province of Canada including Saskatchewan. We at Nationwide Immigration have been in the Canada immigration industry for 11 years and in that time have helped over 10,000 people move successfully to Canada and settle there. Our immigration experts are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the field and provide comprehensive advice and help to our clients. We have also adopted various client-friendly policies such as free assessment, rejection case analysis, post-immigration help etc. to better service our clients’ interests. Also, we are headquartered in Canada so we can provide post-immigration help like no other company. These are some of the many reasons for why we are considered among the best companies for Canada immigration in India. Get yourself the professional help that is going to help you achieve your Canada immigration dream. Contact us today!


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i Have done my MCA and then 7 year full Time Job experience..i am eligible for Saskatchewan pr… please tell the procedure

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