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Ontario PNP Without Job offer 2018

How to Apply for Ontario PNP Program without Job Offer in 2019?

Find Out How to Move to Canada, Ontario and Know what are the eligibility Criteria ?

Greetings and welcome to the Nationwide Immigration website! We are your one-stop source for all the information you are going to need to make your Canada immigration dream come true in 2019. On this page, we are going to talk about Ontario.

Yes! The great province of Ontario offers many wonderful opportunities to immigrants. It has recently been in the news for many reasons. The first of these is because of the recent announcement by the IRCC that it is going to invite over 1 million immigrants into Canada by 2020. Out of these, over 565,000 immigrants will be invited through the Express Entry program. Since it is a popular immigration province, Ontario is all set to receive thousands of applicants each week by aspiring Canada immigrants from all over the world. So, conditions could not be better for you to make an application for immigration to Ontario. However, it’s not about making the application. Rather, it is about ensuring you get selected. Thousands upon thousands of people apply for Canada immigration each year. Only a few hundreds are selected though and the reason most often given for a rejected application is that the applicant did not follow the right procedure.

Despite the fact that the immigration application process for Canada has been simplified over the past few years, the IRCC follows a very strict screening procedure and since they get so many applications, getting rejected for not filing the right paperwork at the right time is a real possibility. A staggeringly large number of people waste their time and money applying on their own and keep getting rejected before they realize they need professional help to get selected for immigration to Canada. You can be smarter than the rest and apply with our help. We can ensure you move to Canada within 2019 and have your dream life all set for yourself and your family. Now, let us talk in detail about getting an Ontario PNP without a job offer.

Applying for Ontario PNP without Job Offer

Ontario is arguably the most popular province in Canada. So, naturally, it gets a lot of applications for immigration from different parts of the world. Thanks to its growing economy, Ontario has a growing need for professionals who can take up important positions in the local economies and contribute actively to it. That is why it offers skilled workers the chance to move to the province even without a job offer in hand. Note that this is only available for selected occupations. So, before you apply, make sure your job is in-demand in Ontario.

After you make sure your job is popularly required in the province, you will need to follow a set number of steps to apply for immigration. Here they are:

apply for Ontario PNP Without Job Offer

Canada Immigration Application Without Job Offer

  • Make an Express Entry Profile
  • The Express Entry program has been designed to allow people to move to Canada quickly and easily. All PNPs except Quebec make their selections for immigration through this program. So the first thing you need to do is to go online to the IRCC website and create a profile. You will need to give specifics about yourself like age, education, language ability, work experience etc. Make sure the info you provide can be verified with documents. Otherwise, your immigration application may get rejected. When they ask you where in Canada you would like to move, select Ontario.

  • Finding a Job
  • Once you have made your Express Entry profile, you will automatically be entered into the Job Pool. You can use this pool to look for suitable jobs. Unless you are exceptionally skilled or very financially well-off, having a steady source of income is the best way to ensure you will be able to settle easily in any country and the same goes for Canada. However, you can also move to Ontario without a job offer and for that, you will need to apply through the Occupation in-Demand stream.

  • Apply to OINP
  • The Ontario Immigration Nominee Program or OINP is the dedicated online portal for immigration to the province of Ontario. So, if you especially want to apply for Ontario immigration, you are going to need to make a profile on their website. Go to the website and create the profile. As with the Express Entry profile, you will again need to provide details about yourself like age, education, language ability, work experience etc. Also, if you have a special connection to Ontario, like a relative who lives there, then do mention that as this will give you extra points.

  • Getting the Provincial  Nomination
  • After you have made the OINP profile, the Ontario immigration authorities are going to assess it and score it on the basis of a point-based system. If you score above the usual cut-off, which is generally between 60 and 69 out of 100, then you will be given a Provincial Nomination. This nomination will give 600 points to your Express Entry profile and will essentially guarantee that you get selected the next time the Express Entry draws take place. However, you should wait until you have the Invitation to Apply or ITA before you start packing your bags.

  • Getting Selected for Immigration in Express Entry Draws
  • The Express Entry draws are held once every 15 days. But since the IRCC wants to get more people into the country in 2018 than normal, you can expect them to take place even more frequently. Stay in touch with the latest developments in this field with the help of our experts. Once the draws take place, you will be given an ITA or Invitation to Apply. When you have the ITA, you can make an official application to get a PR visa for Canada from the IRCC. Make sure you submit the application within 90 days of getting the ITA or your application will get rejected. After you get the PR visa, you will have another year to move to Ontario, Canada.

  • Moving to Ontario
  • So, now you must be thinking that everything is done and all I need to do is to move to Ontario to start my new life with my family. Right? No! There is one more thing you need to do. Before you leave India, you are going to need to get your hands on some financial documents that prove you have enough money to support yourself and your family in Canada. This is a requirement for all people who are moving to Canada without a job offer and has special considerations that go along with it. First, you can’t borrow this money from somewhere. This money has to be liability free. Second, this money should be enough to support you and your family for at least 3 to 6 months. Third, if you bring cash amounting to more than 10,000 Cad you will need to declare it to the customs authorities when you get to Canada. Also, once you arrive in Canada, you will need to go through a medical and police clearance check. So, you should save money for that as well.

So, now that you know the basics of moving to Ontario without a Job Offer, you can understand it is a complicated process and is best left to professionals who can guarantee you immigration. Let us take a look now at the hugely helpful services we at Nationwide Immigration provide to our clients that have made us so popular in India as Canada immigration specialists over the past 11 years.

Why Choose Nationwide Immigration

When Nationwide Immigration was first started, we had one single vision in mind – to provide authentic services to Indians who want to move to Canada. Because of our dedication to our clients’ dreams, we have been able to help over 10,000 people move to Canada since we began working in the Canada immigration industry. Our clients favor us because we provide highly useful services at very economical prices. All of our services like documentation, IELTS training, rejection case analysis, in-depth consultation etc. are designed to help our clients understand the immigration process completely and ensure they get selected for immigration. Also, we have adopted highly customer-friendly policies like legally binding contracts, ICCRC accredited services and legal aid etc. These guarantee that our clients get the best value for money in the market and can be sure that they will get the services that they pay for. We pride ourselves on providing the best and most complete Canada immigration services to our clients.

Another great thing about Nationwide Immigration is that we are headquartered in Canada. So, all our policies come from there. This also allows us to stay on top of the latest developments in the field. Also, we provide post-immigration help and guidance to our clients. This is something that no other Canada immigration service provider in India can claim. So naturally, we are thefirst choice you should make when looking for Canada immigration help. If you want to move to Canada in 2018 without a job offer, then get in touch with us and we will make sure your dream becomes a reality right in from of your eyes!

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March 27, 2018

I’m Syrian and I live in Saudi Arabia. I am interested to apply through OINP (Onterio Imigration Nominee Programmee). I have scored overall 6.5 band score (reading 7.0 writing 6.0 listening 7.5 and speaking 6.0). I already qualified my certificates with WES. I have completed my Master Degree in Computer Networks in 2013. I am 31 years young married person with 1 daughter. according to my this data am I eligible for OINP? I humbly request you to give me feed back and if I eligible I am ready to processing for OINP from your Company? What is the processing time and cost?



5.0 rating
February 26, 2018

Looking for assistance in Canada PR via Ontario PNP

Harshdeep Singh

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5.0 rating
January 29, 2018

Tell people your Commentsjib please



5.0 rating
January 24, 2018

I am interested to apply through OINP (Onterio Imigration Nominee Programmee). I already mention my detailed. Again, I have scored overall 5.5 band score (reading 4.5 writing 5.5 listening 5.5 and speaking 5.5) I have been complete my Master Degree in Business Studies (MBS) in 2007. After completion my degree I continue my job as an accounting and a social Manager in two diffarent companies.I am 36 years young married person with 8 years son. I also connected with brother in law in onterio. He has been living in Onterio for 3 yrars. according to my this data am I eligible for OINP? I humbly request you to give me feed back and if I eligible I am ready to processing for OINP from your Company.

Dhanpati Paudel

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