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Nationwide Immigration » Latest-news » Saskatchewan Immigration PR Rules and Requirements 2019

Saskatchewan Immigration PR Rules 2019



 Saskatchewan PR Rules 2019

Hello and welcome to Nationwide Immigration! We are the only source you are going to need to understand everything about Canada immigration and all related things. On this page, we are going to talk about the picturesque prairie province of Saskatchewan, what it will take to become a Permanent Resident there and how we can help you get a PR visa for Saskatchewan in 2019. If you want to know all of this, read on!

Saskatchewan is a central province of Canada and a prime destination for international immigration. One of the many reasons for its popularity with foreign migrants is its lower passing or eligibility criteria when compared to other Canadian provinces. Recently, the IRCC has announced that it wants to get in as many as 1 million migrants into Canada by 2020. Out of these, nearly 565,000 will be brought in through the Express Entry program and a large number will be given PNPs for states like Saskatchewan. So, if you have been planning to move to Canada, then there is no better time for it than now.

Nationwide Immigration can help you realize your Canada immigration dream. We are rated among the best Canada immigration experts in India and have helped scores of people successfully move to Canada and settle there for good. Our Recommendations fill out our free assessment form and get started on actualizing your Canada immigration dream today!

Now, let us talk a little bit about Saskatchewan PNP immigration rules and regulations, so that you can understand how you can apply for immigration to the province

In recent years, the Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program or SINP has become more and more popular with Indian immigration hopefuls for Canada. In 2019, the rules and requirements for the immigration process have been further simplified to get more people into the province and take up important positions in the provincial economy. Here are some of the major factors you will need to take into consideration to understand the eligibility requirements and the application process:

  • SINP offer multiple streams for entry into Canada. Out of all the streams, the Employment Offer stream, Saskatchewan Express Entry stream and the Occupation in-Demand stream are the most popular for Indian immigrants. We are going to discuss each of these separately here.
  • First, for all the streams, you are going to need an Express Entry profile. To make the profile, go online and create the Express Entry profile. You will need to provide specific details about yourself like
    • age
    • language ability
    • educational qualification
    • work experience etc.
    • When they ask you where in Canada you would like to move, specify Saskatchewan. Based on this information, you will be given a CRS score and you can look for a job through the Express Entry Job Pool.
  • From here, there are three individual streams that you can apply for immigration for Saskatchewan
    • Employment Offer stream
    • Saskatchewan Express Entry stream
    • Occupation in-Demand stream.
    • For either of these streams, we suggest you go online and create a profile with the SINP.
  • To create the profile, go to the SINP website and create the profile. As with the Express Entry profile, you will have to provide the necessary details about yourself like age, language ability, education, work experience etc. Once, you have created the profile, you will need to give 300 CAD for the processing of the information and associated documents. This payment is non-refundable, but since successful application for SINP is a very real possibility, Our Recommendations make this expense.
  • Once the profile is complete and the payment made, your profile will be assessed and given a score. If your profile gets above 60 points out of 100, then there is a good chance you will be able to move to Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Now, let us talk about the Employment Offer stream. Getting an employment offer is a good way of adding points to your overall profile score. Depending upon the kind of job, you can get 50 to 200 points added to your overall score.
  • To get an employment offer, look at jobs available in Saskatchewan in the Express Entry Job Pool. It is possible that if your education and skills are high enough, then Saskatchewan employers can connect with you automatically. This may take some time but it is worth the effort. Also, to speed up the process, you can take up our professional job search services.
  • For the Occupation in-Demand stream, check the National Occupations Classification or NOC list for the occupations which are highly required in Saskatchewan at present. If you apply through this stream, then you can move to Saskatchewan even without a job offer. However, there are certain requirements to be eligible to apply through this category. Here they are:
    • First, your job needs to be in high demand in Saskatchewan.
    • Second, you need to have enough education and experience in the field as per the requirements mentioned by SINP
    • Third, you need to have enough funds to support yourself and your family in Saskatchewan for at least 3 to 6 months. The money cannot be borrowed from anywhere and must be completely liability-free.
    • You will need to carry a valid proof of funds with you when you finally move to Canada. If you take cash above 10,000 CAD, then you will need to declare that to the Canadian custom authorities.
  • Once you get the PNP, you will have to wait for the Express Entry draws. These draws take place once every 15 days, so you will not have to wait for long. When the draws take place, you will get selected for immigration and get an ITA or Invitation to Apply.
  • After getting the ITA, you will have 90 days to apply for a Canada PR visa from the IRCC. After getting the PR visa, you will have 12 months to move to Saskatchewan.
  • Now, before you think about moving to Saskatchewan, you will need to keep a few things in mind. Here they are
    • First, irrespective of which stream you are immigrating through, you will need to undergo a medical and police clearance to officially enter Canada. So, save enough money for both of these.
    • Second, if you have applied through the Occupation in-Demand stream, then you will need to carry some Proof of Funds with you as we have mentioned above.
    • Third, the total amount you will need to spend will depend upon the number of people moving with you.

Saskatchewan Immigration Processing Time 2019

Now, as you can see, moving to Saskatchewan or any other part of Canada is a complicated process. Though it is possible to move to Canada in just 6 to 8 months, you will need proper guidance to get through. Many people fail to get a PR visa despite applying many times because they don’t fully understand the application process and the requirements for the stream through which they are applying. That is why Our Recommendations take up our free assessment services to get started and successfully apply for Saskatchewan PNP in the first go.

In the next segment, we are going to talk about how Nationwide Immigration can make things easier for you and enabling you to move to Saskatchewan easily and for the least expense. Read on to find out how!

Saskatchewan Immigration PR Rules 2019

Saskatchewan Immigration Requirements 2019

Would you be able to fulfill requirement of Saskatchewan PR ? Get ready to check your eligibility Free!!

 Why Choose Nationwide Immigration ?

Nationwide Immigration is regarded as one of the best Canada immigration specialists in India. We have achieved this reputation by dedicating ourselves to our clients and their needs and providing customized immigration help to everyone. Over the past 11 years, we have helped over 10,000 professionals move to Canada and the number keeps growing each year. Part of the reason for our popularity is that we offer customized immigration help to our clients. Aside from our complete immigration package, we offer specialized services like documentation, job search, IELTS training, rejection case analysis etc. Also, we adopt highly customer-friendly services like legally binding contracts, ICCRC accredited assistance, post-immigration help and many other facilities that make us stand out as the best Canada immigration experts in India. Our post-immigration services will help you all the way in settling in Saskatchewan or any other part of Canada.

SINP is a good way of ensuring you get selected for immigration to Canada and is ideal for those who either have a special interest in moving to Saskatchewan or cannot get selected for Canada immigration through the Express Entry program. If you want to immigrate to Saskatchewan in 2019, we highly recommend our immigration services. Fill out our free assessment form to get started today! You can also contact us directly at (+91-92 92 92 92 81) or visit us in person to get a free consultation session with our Canada immigration experts. Let us at Nationwide Immigration help you in achieving your Canada immigration dream in 2019! Contact us today!


5.0 rating
June 11, 2018

well, i m a married male of 32 years age and done graduation from India, have 5 years work experience NOC code 0911, scored 6 bands in each module, what are my chances to get PR?

Kamlesh Patel

No Title

5.0 rating
May 3, 2018

I completed my all documentation which mention in sinp webside. and now i m waiting to open sinp express entry. could any body give me some information when will SINP express entry would open again?

jigna kambodi


5.0 rating
April 24, 2018

When sinp oid will open in 2018? I am waiting From first April but it’s closed .



5.0 rating
April 24, 2018

Hi there, I got my PR under the PNP last year January 2017 and my wife and my son moved with me here in Saskatoon last August 2017. I never have a very good job that will secure all our needs. My previous employer is not a good work for me because of their rude attitude. Then, I tried applying evewhere here in Saskatoon and I end up hired at Starbucks. I got payed a minimum wage. But then I tried to applied in Edmonton, and someone hired me there as a maintenance at BOARDWALK which I had a good salary rate and I think is enough to cover all our expenses. My question is it ok to move their in Edmonton without having a problem in the future like renewing my PR and applying for my citizenship?



5.0 rating
April 18, 2018

I am getting 5.5 bands on each.. Have any chance to get PR on Canada??


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