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How to apply for Australia Tourist Visa from India in 2019?

Basic knowledge of tourist visa and how to apply for it and what are the ways to apply for it?

What are the basics for Australia tourist visa in 2019?

The country down under is endued with multiple of natural wonders, big metropolitan cities, vast beaches, plenty of wildlife etc. these reasons make Australia a complete travel destination. With amazing sightseeing to fabulous land and aquatic adventures, Australia has everything that a tourist needs during their holiday in the country. Experience of visiting the smallest country – Australia is something that will feel great for a lifetime.


How to visit Australia as a tourist in 2019?

In order to move to any country, tourists around the world are required to get the tourist visa of the respective country. For Australia Tourist Visas, Electronic Travel Authority is one of the most advanced and streamlined visa with the authorization system. Benefits of ETA are that it replaces visa labels or stamps and also remove the requirement of application forms.


What is Australia visitor visa – Subclass 600?

For the tourist who wishes to visit Australia for the tourism or business purpose, they need to apply for Australia visitor visa – Subclass 600. With the help of the tourist visa they will be provided with the provisions:

  • For tourism purpose means for recreation or for visiting their family members and friends.
  • Business purpose includes attending conferences, negotiating deals or for other business dealings.

What are regulations for Australia tourist visa – Subclass 600 in 2019?

When the visiting tourist gets hold of Australia tourist visa (Subclass 600) they will be required to implement the following rules:

  • Person entering Australia on a tourist visa, they are not permitted to work or provide any kind of business in the country.
  • Person with a tourist visa is not allowed directly to sell goods or services to the citizens/residents of Australia.
  • For persons who want to study in an informal course with the course duration less than 3 months, can also apply for this visa.

What are the documents required to apply for Australia tourist visa in 2019?

To apply for the tourist visa, applicants are also required to submit the proper set of documents. Required documents for getting the Australian tourist visa – Subclass 600 are as follows:

  • Scanned copy of passport with all identification page and the other pages with visa stamps.
  • Original passport with at least one page left blank.
  • Passport size photograph of the applicant.
  • Provide documents that prove the purpose of the visit
  • In case the applicant is going to visit family or friend in the country, they are required to submit an invitation letter from the same along with the proof of the relation between them as well as passport and status of the inviter. There are some cases that require an extra set of documents and those are as follows:
    • In case going to visit pregnancy of a daughter or daughter-in-law or any medical emergencies, the applicant is required to submit a letter from a medical doctor
    • Documents related to the traveling plans in case going for a vacation.
    • For student exchange, they need to submit documents stating the arrangements for the same.
    • Need to provide with copies of financial documents with enough funds to financially back their visit to the country
  • Declaration by the relative/friends that they are willing to support the visitor for the duration of their visit.
  • For the international students, they need to provide evidence of enrollment of the educational institution that will act as proof that they will return to their home country after the visit.

What is visitor visa for parents – Subclass 103 for Australia?

This visa is for the permanent resident’s or citizens of Australia’s parents. Via this they are able to increase the time period of their stay. These visas are granted based on the following evaluations:

  • Australia visitor visa is granted as multiple entry visas for the minimum duration of five years and extra provision of staying in the country for 12 months. Continuously at one time at a point for parents who are in subclass 103 visa queues.
  • The subclass 103 visa can granted for time duration of minimum three years with a provision of staying continuously for a maximum 12 months at one time for parents who are not in the parent visa queue.

There are also some basic features of parent visitor visa – subclass 103. The visa allows its holder:

  • Apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Can enjoy the social security benefits that are equal to citizens and permanent residents.
  • Will get access to Australia’s healthcare at subsidized cost via Medicare.
  • Will also be able to sponsor the family members for Australia PR visa.
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