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United States America schools and colleges have smooth procedure for admissions of students from all over the world and with one of the best universities suited in America. In 2017 there were 3,93,573 F1 students visa that was issued and this year it has already reached a number of 1,18,4735 on F and M visas. It is one of the most favored destination by students all over the world for education. Sometimes the application procedure or exchange student program can get confusing for the students hence it is advisable to get help and take advise from a mentor to help him/her have smooth immigration to the USA on a student visa.


What is the process of getting a student visa in America?

First step of getting a student visa in America is to apply to a college or University in America. After you are approved for admission by a college or University for a full-time study, you will be sent a document called I-20 form, which is an F-1 visa. In case, you are going for a student exchange program, the Organisation or the USA government whichever one is sponsoring you will send you DS-2019 form, which is a J1 Visa. It is very important that you read the form carefully before you duly sign and sent it for further proceedings. Make sure that your name and spelling of other important detail is proper and absolutely correct. Further, there is an additional security clearance for foreign students in America and this process can take several additional weeks of processing. Hence, carefully fill out all the details and be ready with your documents at all times.

Then, an interview appointment is needed in the visa office and there you will be asked to pay the required fee as well. Remember that a Student visa can take up to 120 days from the date of filling your 1-20 form and for exchange student visa from the date of filling the DS-2019 form. For the Visa interview you can take an appointment from the US embassy website and they can also tell you the expected wait time for visa processing in your country. The international Student visa should receive the priority for the interview. There is a fee called the SEVIS fee which needs to be paid three days before the interview and extra 160$ US at the US embassy.

The USA government is using a new Non-immigrants Visa application form which is called DS – 160 and it can be completed online. This form needs to be properly filed and taken to the US embassy when you go for your Visa interview. There is a photograph that needs to be uploaded with the online form DS 160. The format of the photo should be in-line with the details on the phone. Remember to take a photograph along as some embassies ask for an extra photograph as well. Also, remember that you prepare well before you go for your visa interview.

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