Australia Immigration: Everything about the Invitation to apply Australia

Receiving an Invitation to Apply from the Department of Home Affairs is a crucial stage in your Australia immigration. DHA can offer you ITA for an Australia Visa under General Skilled Immigration Program after you submit an EOI – Expression of Interest. Skill-Select offers ranking to EOIs by assessing them across a wide range of occupations. It then offers an Invitation to apply Australia to the candidates with the highest rankings. The invitations are generally offered once a month.

The objective of an Invitation to Apply

The invitation to apply identifies the individuals who have been selected for Australia immigration. It then informs the selected candidates regarding: 

  • The Subclass Visa through which the ITA is being offered
  • The timeline within which they have to submit the application
  • Extra data that needs to be included by them in the application if any

Skill Select website announces the selection of candidates

The Department of Home Affairs announces the selection of candidates for ITA on the Skill Select website after conducting selection draws every month. The points scored by the candidates and the Subclass through which they have been invited are also published. 

A report is also published by the DHA after every invitation round. The lowest scores for an EOI for all Subclass Visas that were invited to apply are also specified. 

Currently, invitation rounds for Skilled Work Regional Provisional subclass 491 Visa (Family Sponsored) and Skilled Independent subclass 189 Visa are likely to be held quarterly. The dates for the invitation rounds are variable.

The numbers of invitations for every round are variable based on the volume of applications that are under process in DHA. It must be noted here that Territory or State Government nominations for Regional Skilled Work Provisional Subclass 491 Visa will be unaffected by the invitation rounds conducted by DHA. 

The Government of Australia is closely supervising the ambiance for immigration and Visa. It is for ensuring that they are in conformity with measures for public health, are flexible, and do not deprive Australians of job opportunities. This is to enable Australia to respond effectively to the instant and successive effects of the pandemic. As of now, the targeted round of invitations is being conducted after May 2021. DHA will be holding invitation rounds every quarter for the rest of the program year 2022-23.

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Invitation Rounds - Occupation Ceilings

A ceiling for an occupation can be applied for invitations offered through the Skilled Regional Provisional and Independent Visas. It implies that there will be a practical limit on the maximum EOIs that can receive ITA under skilled immigration for a particular occupation. It ensures that balance is maintained in the skilled immigration program and it offers ITAs to aspiring candidates across various skilled occupations. 

The values for occupational ceiling are determined by the % of overall employment numbers for every occupation. Australian Bureau of Statistics provides the employment numbers that denote the number of individuals in each occupation that are employed in Australia. 

Ceilings for occupation are not applicable for Territory or State Nominated or Investment and Business Innovation Subclass Visas. 

If you qualify for an Invitation to apply to Australia through more than one stream, you will be offered ITA through each stream that you qualify for. But you can file only one application for nomination from State through your selected stream. Invitations will be offered based on the date of submission of EOI if multiple EOIs receive the same ranking. 

If your EOI shows that you are requesting nomination from State for both Subclasses 491 and 190 Visa, usually in the first instance you will be offered ITA through Subclass 491. The reason is that candidates usually have higher points score in their EOI through this Visa.

Eligibility and upcoming invitations

Only the presence of a qualified EOI does not assure that you will be offered an Invitation to apply to Australia. For receiving an ITA in the forthcoming round you must ensure that your EOI fulfills all the specified requirements along with any extra criteria for nomination if any. You must also ensure that the occupation that you nominate is available currently on the applicable Skilled Occupation List. 

After you receive the Invitation to apply to Australia

If you receive the ITA for an Australian Visa, you will have 60 days for filing the complete application. The ITA expires after 60 days. You have to be thus prepared beforehand and submit the application at the earliest after receiving the ITA. 

The validity of an EOI is 2 years if it is not selected. You can update the EOI with any latest details during this duration.

Timeline for Australia PR Invitation

The time required for receiving ITA for Australia PR depends on the number of points that you secure and your ANZSCO job code. Candidates with a score of 65 points do not have very high chances of being invited. The practical chances for receiving the ITAs are for candidates with 70 plus points and the score is variable for every fresh invitation round. 

The waiting time needed for receiving an Invitation to apply Australia can vary anywhere from 1 month to 12 months for a few occupations. The processing time for PR begins after you receive ITA from DHA for your EOI in Skill Select and your payment of PR Fees.

General criteria for receiving Invitation to apply Australia

All the applicants of Australia immigration are required to fulfill the following conditions for receiving ITA: 

  • Possess a skilled occupation included in the appropriate Skilled Occupation List of Australia.
  • Be aged less than 45 years while receiving the ITA from DHA. 
  • Must have obtained an affirmative assessment of skills in their nominated occupation. 
  • Secure the minimum points specified for the chosen Australia Subclass Visa. 
  • Have proficiency in English at a minimum competent level. 
  • Must have filed an EOI- Expression of Interest.
  • Receive a nomination from a Territory or State Government if filing the application for Subclass 190 Visa. 
  • Receive a nomination from a Territory or State Government or close relative if filing an application for Subclass 491 Visa.

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Impact of the pandemic on EOIs and ITAs for Australia immigration

Applying successfully for Australia PR Visa through General Skilled Immigration Program is tougher in the 2021-22 program year than previously. The pandemic has greatly influenced skilled immigration to Australia and general immigration as well. As a result, the skilled independent applicants’ intake has been reduced significantly and as well as for intake for territories and States. 

DHA is now prioritizing immigration applications of those candidates whose work experience and skills can assist in the economic recovery of Australia and response of public health to the pandemic. In the current program year, candidates seeking skilled independent subclass nominations from a Territory or State Government will usually receive ITA if they possess work experience and skills in specific Health, Engineering, and IT occupations. 

Nevertheless, you must not get disheartened if you wish to immigrate to Australia and start a new life. Many immigrants continue to move to Australia successfully even now. For maximizing the successful outcomes for your application, you have to research cautiously and analyze the diverse processes in the application. Only then you must select the appropriate Subclass Visa for the application.

You must file your EOI in Skill Select for a Skilled Subclass Visa only after careful planning and obtaining accurate advice for Australia immigration. This will ensure your future planning confidently and setting practical and attainable expectations. 

It is advisable that you do not file your EOI for a Skilled Immigration Australia Visa in Skill Select till you consider all the vital aspects and discuss your case with expert Immigration Consultants/Advisors. 

You must avail of immigration advice and services from trusted and genuine Immigration Consultants if your aim is to apply for and obtain Australia Skilled Visa in the subsequent invitation round for this program year. Accredited and genuine Visa Consultants apply their knowledge and experience for preparing your immigration application at the earliest. They will also assist and guide you in all stages of the Visa application process.

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