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Australia offers plenty of opportunities to the new immigrants in the country with a decent lifestyle as the country stand among the top 10 under Global Happiness Index out of 155 countries over the Globe
You can be a resident by getting Study Visa, Tourist Visa, and Business Visa etc. Skill Select is a process to benefit to employers experiencing regional skill shortages and state and territory governments attempting to settle migrants in regional Australia.

Visa Categories:

The application process is categorized into 3 to 4 stages depending on the applicant’s nominated skill.

  • Skills Assessment Stage
  • Expression of interest
  • State sponsorship (if applicable)
  • Visa application

Various types of VISA are there and you can choose from them which type suits you and depending on what type of visa(s) applicants are interested in. Or you can receive an invitation from employer.

Partner Visas:

A married person or a legal partner can sponsor his partner to migrate to Australia. The only condition is they should be legally married.

Child Visa:

Australian citizens and PR holders can sponsor their children for migration to Australia.

Parent Visas:

If at least half of the children hold PR status in Australia then parents are also eligible to live in Australia.

International Students:

Australia provides excellent opportunities as an international student. If you are an international student and wish to stay on in Australia after your studies, there are a range of temporary and permanent visa options.

Business Migration:

If you wish to start a business or invest in Australia, you can obtain a visa to facilitate this and you may then qualify for permanent residence once your business interests have been established in Australia.

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