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Nationwide Immigration » Canada » British Columbia PNP Requirements 2020

British Columbia PNP Requirements 2018

British Columbia PNP Requirements 2020

Check Your eligibility for BC PNP visa

Important: Easiest Province to get PR in Canada 2020?

“British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada and one of the most popular immigration destinations in the country” Skills Immigration

    1. Skilled Worker Category
    2. Health Care Professional Category
    3. International Graduate Category
    4. International Post Graduate Category
    5. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category
  • Entrepreneur Immigration
    1. Entrepreneur Category
    2. Strategic Projects Category

British Columbia – Skilled Worker Category

Among the abovementioned categories, the skilled worker category is by far the most popular and attracts the largest number of applications. However, the BCPNP follows strict screening criteria to select only the most skilled candidates for immigration to British Columbia. The first thing needed for this is to qualify for the BCPNP. The following is a list of criteria required to be met by immigration aspirants. Please note here that different categories have different requirements and that merely qualifying for a category does not mean you will get selected.

The criteria for the Skilled Worker category are:

  • A candidate must have an offer letter from the BC employer.
  • A candidate must have experience of two years in the job occupation.
  • Satisfy the employer to perform all the duties given to him/her.
  • Be eligible to immigrate to BC legally
  • For NOC B occupations, candidate should meet with the minimum language requirement.

Documentation Required by BCPNP for Skilled Workers

The following is a list of documents officially required by the BCPNP authorities in order to process and properly assess an immigration application. Please note that this is the crux of the immigration application process and any lack in this regard will lead to a disqualification of the entire application. Therefore, it is wise to take professional help when submitting official documentation for full compliance. The documents required by BCPNP for the skilled worker category are:

  • Employers need to substantiate the immigration application of their employees with a written offer of employment on the official company letterhead.
  • Proof of having sufficient funds required to support themselves and family members
  • Valid passport and travelling documents
  • Documents supporting legal immigration status in Canada
  • Educational certificates (degree, diploma, and certificates)
  • Work Related Reference Letters
  • Language proficiency (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc.)
  • Police certificate and clearance
  • Civil identity proof (age, name, date of birth must be mentioned)

Know Do i Eligible for BC?

Healthcare Professional Category

British Columbia is a well-known immigration destination for healthcare professionals such as nurses, psychiatric nurses and physician. The high rate of demand ensures that applicants from this category are given special attention and quickly assessed for the possibility of immigration. However, as with other categories a certain criteria needs to be met in order to be eligible. These are:

A candidate should have a job offer letter from a public health authority like:

  1. Physician
  2. Specialist
  3. Registered Nurse
  4. Registered Psychiatric Nurse
  5. Nurse Practitioner
  6. An Allied Health Professional
  7. Able to show he/she can support oneself.
  1. They should be able to fulfil the minimum language requirement where necessary.
  2. The offered remuneration must meet with the standard wages rate card of BC
  3. They must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the offered job.

International Graduate Category

Another popular immigration category is the international graduate, meant for fresh graduates with degrees from any recognized Canadian educational institution or an equivalent of the same and who are looking to settle in Canada with a PR status or visa. An important aspect of this immigration stream is that only persons who have graduated in the past 3 years from a recognized Canadian educational institution or any equivalent are eligible to apply through this category.

International Post-Graduate Category

  • Have accepted full-time job offer from the BC employer.
  • The desired job title must be in NOC matrix.
  • Qualify for the job requirements required by the employer.
  • Must score minimum in the language proficiency test.
  • Have, or be eligible to move in BC with legal status.

The minimum eligibility criteria for the International graduate category are:

The international post-graduate category is meant for individuals with a master’s or a doctorate degree in a required job field as decided by the National Occupations Classification (NOC). The most important point here is that if your study qualification falls within the list of occupations listed as in-demand, then you don’t need to have a direct offer letter from a registered British Columbia.

The minimum eligibility requirements to qualify for the International post-graduate category are:

  • Candidate must fulfil the minimum qualification of their respective occupations
  • They should be able to show evidence of having minimum funds to settle in British Columbia.
  • They should have attained the basic score in language proficiency i.e. 4.5 in IELTS or CLB-4.
  • They have to exhibit their intention to live and contribute to BC’s economy
  • For occupations classified as NOC level 0 or A, no language test results are necessary
  • Applications for immigrants from the following occupations are accepted:
  • Agriculture
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
  • Engineering
  • Engineering Technology
  • Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Natural Resources Conservation and Research
  • Physical Sciences

Semi-Skilled and Entry Level Categories

This category is meant for individuals who are either just starting their professional careers or have a semi-skilled qualification in a given occupation category. Note here that only those categories which are mentioned below are eligible for application through this category.. The following are the eligibility requirements for entry through this category:

  • Candidates must have a minimum of 9 months of continued work experience in one of the following industries: tourism and hospitality, long-haul trucking, food processing.
  • Candidates must retain their job with their original British Columbia employer during the entire procedure of the PNP as well as the PR process.
  • Long-haul trucker drivers need a minimum of two years of employment experience as a long-haul truck driver in the past three years.
  • All applicants must at minimum have qualified high school.

British Columbia Express Entry Program

The BCPNP is aligned with the national Express Entry program and rates applications on the basis of several criteria whereby the final selections are made and the invitations to apply (ITA) are sent out. Only applications made under the abovementioned categories are considered for applications through the Express Entry stream as well. The streams/categories are:

Skilled Worker Category

  • Health Care Professional Category
  • International Graduate Category
  • International Post-Graduate Category

Please note here that application through the BCPNP, while being aligned with the federal Express Entry program, is nevertheless an independent program with a distinct set of requirement criteria. In order to successfully qualify for immigration to British Columbia you need to qualify both through the BCPNP as well as the national Express Entry program.

Having the provincial nomination from British Columbia authorities will boost your PR visa immigration application and grant you additional points whereby your chance of successful application is immensely increased.

BC PNP Tech Pilot

In order to ensure that technology sector of the province can attract and retain the talent that is required by the province in order to sustain and grow the technical sector further, BC PNP has launched – BC PNP Tech pilot.

BC PNP Tech pilot will help the eligible employer of the province to address their needs by providing a fast-track immigration pathway for in-demand foreign immigrants and international students.

Main features of BC PNP Tech Pilot are as follows:

  • Service: Dedicated BC PNP concierge for tech employers provides tailored information and navigation assistance of immigration programs and processes
  • Timelines: Weekly invitations are issued to qualified skilled tech workers, minimizing the wait for employers and their perspective employees
  • Prioritization: Tech applicants are given priority in order to meet the sector’s fast paced demands
  • Engagement: Support is given to tech sector employers through the medium of proactive engagement activities and participation at key industry events

BC PNP Tech Pilot has been extended to June 2020 in order to support the British Columbia tech employers with continued ability to recruit and retain international talent

NOTE: BC PNP Tech Pilot is not a separate BC PNP stream or category. All the applicants just need to apply under BC PNP less than one of the existing categories and makes sure that they are able to meet the general and category requirements.

The BCPNP Skills Immigration Registration System

Like the national immigration system, BCPNP requires applicants to make a profile which is measured against other immigration profiles on the basis of several criteria such as age, education, language ability, work experience and adaptability. The highest rated profiles are invited to apply for PR status. The average time for assessment is 4-6 months though this may vary with each case.

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