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Saskatchewan PNP Next Draw Prediction 2023

The Immigration government of Saskatchewan usually conducts a round of invitations on a bi-monthly basis, at minimum. The frequency, size, and date of the Saskatchewan PNP next draw prediction – are determined by the needs of the SINP application inventory.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Launched back in 1998, the SINP is designed to help address economic and labor market shortages through immigration to the province.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program has achieved immense success since its inception, where 7 out of every 10 newcomers to Saskatchewan, immigrate under the SINP. Canada’s Breadbasket Saskatchewan also boasts high employment rates (73%), and even higher retention rates (85%) of newcomers choosing to stay back in the province.

Saskatchewan is a popular destination for immigrants, and the provincial government offers quick and easy immigration pathways to study, work, and settle in the province. At present, if you want to immigrate to Saskatchewan – you have four options to choose from:

  • International Skilled Worker Category.
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category.
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category.
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category.

The first step to applying under the SINP is to identify which category you would be eligible for. Once you’re done with this, you need to check your application process for your chosen category.

In some cases, you would be required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). You will be issued a point score in the Saskatchewan PNP points calculator, based on the answers you’ve provided in your EOI. Candidates with the highest scores are invited to apply under the SINP on a bi-monthly draw.

When will the next Saskatchewan PNP draw take place?

Saskatchewan PNP draws are held on a bi-month basis at a minimum, with some exceptions. The government of Saskatchewan does not publish this information beforehand. Here are the details of the Saskatchewan PNP latest draw.

Saskatchewan PNP latest draw

The Saskatchewan PNP latest draw was held on February 16, 2023. Total 421 ITAs were issued to SINP candidates with minimum 84 CRS points required.

Date of EOI Draw - 16.02.2023

Number of ITAs issued - 421

Minimum Points required – 84


Calculate Your SINP Score

SINP Points calculator evaluates scores under the Canada Skilled Worker Points System.

Calculate Now

The following table illustrates the number of Saskatchewan PNP draw take place

Date Number of invitations Minimum Points Required Category
February 16, 2023 177 84 Express Entry
243 84 Occupation In-Demand
1 65 For Ukraine
December 21, 2022
Express Entry
December 21, 2022
Occupations In-Demand
December 15, 2022
34882Express Entry
December 15, 2022
Occupations In-Demand
December 15, 2022
262For Ukraine
November 08, 2022
1069Express Entry
November 08, 2022
2169Occupations In-Demand
November 08, 2022
September 28, 2022
Express Entry
September 28, 2022
50783Occupations In-Demand
September 15, 2022
5360Express Entry
September 15, 2022
27360Occupations In-Demand
September 07, 2022
52170Express Entry
September 07, 2022
42270Occupations In-Demand
September 06, 2022
14360Express Entry
September 06, 2022
24060Occupations In-Demand
September 06, 2022
18969Express Entry
September 06, 2022
21869Occupations In-Demand
September 01, 2022
31261Express Entry
September 01, 2022
62961Occupations In-Demand
August 25, 2022
29565Express Entry
August 25, 2022
33465Occupations In-Demand
August 18, 2022
416 67 Express Entry
August 18, 2022
252 67 Occupations In-Demand
August 11, 2022
433 68 Express Entry
August 11, 2022
312 68 Occupation-in-Demand
July 27, 2022
279 68
Express Entry
July 27, 2022
469 68
July 21, 2022 797 68 Express Entry
July 14, 2022 430 69 Express Entry
195 69 Occupation-in-Demand
July 6, 2022 279 73 Express Entry
398 73 Occupation-in-Demand
May 05, 2022 279 73 Express Entry
91 87 Occupation-in-Demand
March 08, 2022 39 87 Express Entry
43 87 Occupation-in-Demand
January 12, 2022 37 68 Express Entry
67 68 Occupation-in-Demand

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