What is the Canada Super Visa?

The Canada Super Visa is a multiple entry visa for grandparents and parents of Permanent Residents and Citizens of Canada. It is a Visitor Visa that permits the holders to remain in Canada for a maximum of 2 years at a time without renewing their status. 

Eligible grandparents and parents can remain in Canada provisionally through the Super Visa. They can also obtain Permanent Residence later through sponsorship from their grandchild or child in Canada.

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The Canada Super Visa was launched in 2011. Since then it has facilitated several thousands of overseas grandparents and parents in their Canada immigration for an extended duration. It has benefited communities and families across Canada both socially and economically as well. Grandparents and Parents of adult children can help them with taking care of infants by their presence. It allows naturalized citizens and immigrants of working-age to actively participate in the labor force in Canada. 

The Common-law partner or Spouse of a Super Visa applicant can also arrive in Canada on equal status. However, other dependents are not allowed. It must be noted here that those with Canada Super Visa are not permitted to work in Canada. 

The processing timeline for Canada Super Visa varies based on the nation from which you are applying. You may also have to provide biometrics. It must also be observed here that Super Visa can be obtained even during the processing of the Permanent Residence application.

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Super Visa VS Visitor Visa

Canada Super Visa is a type of Visitor Visa that is offered only to grandparents and parents of Permanent Residents and Citizens of Canada. The major difference between a Visitor Visa and Super Visa is the period permitted to remain in Canada. Usually, Canada Visitor Visa authorizes a stay only for 6 months. You have to apply for an extension of your Visa for prolonging your stay in Canada. Meanwhile, you can remain in Canada for a maximum of 2 years at a time without applying for the extension on a Super Visa.

How to Apply for a Canada Super Visa?

The application for Super Visa can be submitted online or offline/paper-based. In both cases, you must demonstrate that you are a grandparent or parent of a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada. The application must consist of an Invitation Letter from your grandchild or child. It must be inclusive of care plans for you and details of the number of family members residing in Canada in their household. 

You must also provide evidence of having health insurance coverage from a private insurance firm in Canada for a minimum of 1 year. Your grandchild or child will also have to prove that they possess adequate funds for supporting your stay in Canada. This is by fulfilling the LICO - Low Income Cut-Off ceiling based on their family’s unit size. The Invitation Letter provided by your grandchild or child inviting you to Canada must have their signature as well.

It must be kept in mind that an Invitation Letter is not an assurance that the Visa will be approved. It is only a way of permitting the Visa Officers to assess your application for ascertainment of the fulfillment of requirements and terms as per the existing Canadian immigration laws. 

The address and complete name along with the relationship with the person will be needed for both the applicant and the sponsored individual. The application also requires written assurance of monetary support inclusive of signature. 

The Canada Super Visa applications do not have any yearly annual ceiling for intake which is the case in the PGP - Parent and Grandparent Program. The applications are also processed comparatively faster. But the applicants of Super Visa require medical insurance coverage from a private firm for approval. This is because they are not having Permanent Residency status in Canada while PGP-approved applicants have this status.

Visa-Exempt Visitors and Canada Super Visa 

Some overseas nationals do not need a Visitor Visa for visiting Canada based on their nationality. They are also known as Visitors with Visa exemption. Such Visitors are permitted to stay in Canada for only 6 months without renewal of their status. Thus, grandparents and parents who have Visa exemption could still prefer applying for the Canada Super Visa. It will permit them to stay in Canada for 2 years at a time and can spend more time with their loved ones in Canada. 

Grandparents and parents who have Visa exemption have to follow similar application as for other applicants of Super Visa. But if successful in the application they will be offered a letter authorizing their stay in a place of a Visa to be presented to the Border Service Officer when they arrive in Canada. If they are arriving in Canada by air, they must apply for an ETA - Electronic Travel Authorization even if they are successful in their Super Visa application.

Extensions for Super Visa

Super Visa authorizes the holders to stay in Canada for a maximum of 2 years. If you wish to remain in Canada for more than 2 years, you have to apply for an extension. You have to file the application for an extension of your Visa 30 days prior to the expiry of your current status. If your existing Visa expires during the processing of your application for extension, you can still stay in Canada waiting for the decision to be announced. It is known as implied status.

Do need insurance for the Super Visa application?

Yes, all the applicants of Canada Super Visa must buy medical insurance from a private Canadian company prior to arrival in Canada. You must choose from among the top insurance agencies for your Super Visa application. It will assure you services of skilled insurance providers. You will also be provided a comparison with diverse insurance providers so that you can make sure of opting for the best available policy.

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How is the Super Visa Application processed?

After submission of the application, it is reviewed by the authorities of the Canada Visa Office. It will be verified if all the details are accurate and necessary documents have been provided. 

The requirement of a Visa Interview for an applicant will be decided by a Visa Representative. The place and time of the interview will be notified to the applicant if an interview is essential. 

The Passport and documents are returned along with the Visa if the application is accepted. 

If the Visa application is rejected for any reason, then the Passport and list of documents are returned to the applicant. Along with it, an explanation for the rejection of the application is also offered.


A Resident having valid travel documents and a Temporary Visa is not assured entry to Canada automatically. The applicant can be denied entry to Canada even after arrival if any Officer in Canada finds the following: 

  • Fresh false data about the application is found
  • The situation of the applicant has altered unpredictably 

Preparing for the arrival in Canada 

Immediately upon arrival in Canada, a Border Services Officer welcomes the applicant to Canada. BSO works for Canada Border Services Agency. CBSA is an organization that protects borders and points of entry in Canada. 

The BSO will seek your Passport and travel documents. You have to offer some additional documents to the Officer for the Canada Super Visa. Children less than 18 years must also offer similar documents as adults. 

You must thus ensure to have the vital documents in a cabin bag and avoid keeping them in a check-in bag. The Officer will stamp your Passport and specify how long you can remain in Canada if everything is satisfactory

Seeking professional immigration services for Canada Super Visa

Nationwide Visas is always cheerful in uniting a family overseas. We can assure you that inviting your family members to Canada for an extended visit is simple and hassle-free. 

Canada Super Visa application requires a great volume of paperwork and supporting documentation. We possess the required experience and expertise in assisting you in filling applications, arranging supporting documents, and fulfilling any other process requirements for your application. 

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