Canada is one of the in-demand countries of the world for skilled immigrants looking for a better standard of living and better career opportunities. It offers a wide range of possibilities for working professionals.

Many of the immigrants submit their applications for a Canadian permanent resident visa - the best way to move to Canada. However, many may likely be rejected because their documentation does not meet the requirements. If you want to register successfully in order to get a Canada PR Visa, it is necessary to first make sure of all the documents that must be completed and must also meet the requirements of the Government of Canada. This is where Nationwide Visas come in.

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What are the documents required for Canadian Immigration?

If you want your Canada PR visa application processed quickly and efficiently, the most important thing to do is to make sure your documents are complete. Many Canadian immigration hopefuls waste precious time and money sending in the wrong documents and then waiting for their application to be approved. To overcome this problem, at Nationwide Visas we have compiled a list of important documents that every applicant must submit so that their immigration application is processed quickly and they have the chance to move to Canada as soon as possible. So, here is a list of documents that the IRCC needs you to submit for immigration to Canada on a PR visa:

  • Valid traveling document like a Passport;
  • Education Credential Assessment (ECA) should be performed by an authorized body such as WES only. ECA reports are mandatory documents for submission and are valid for five years from the date of issue. Depending on the agency chosen, the processing time and cost of the assessment may vary.
  • Proof of funds Finance is an essential prerequisite for immigration and submission of valid proof of funds. You need to note it as one of the important lists of documents required for Canada PR from India or other countries. This will include bank statements of the last six months, letters from the bank employers, previous payslips, a list of assets and liabilities, etc.
  • Language Test score results A language proficiency test in one of Canada's official languages ?? is very important - English or French. These test results are part of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score calculation and can help increase your overall CRS score.
  • Job-offer Letter If you received the employment letter from a Canadian employer, not only do you qualify for additional points in the CRS score, but you also have a higher chance of becoming a Canadian permanent resident. The letter from the Canadian employer is an important document that must be submitted. However, you can also move to Canada without a job offer.
  • Provincial Nominee Certificate If you get nominated by a province or territory for permanent residency, you also have to submit a nomination certificate with your PR Visa application. The documents required for each PNP differ from each other. A complete list of required documents will be provided to you by our experts
  • Marriage Certificates or Divorce certificates (if applicable) Must submit a document that states the status of your marriage. In addition, if your spouse is well-qualified and experienced, you can also take points for your spouse's credentials and increase your score.
  • Medical report To assure the authorities that you are a healthy person, you must submit your medical report to the whole checklist. This report is valid for six months
  • Police verification report Submit a police report in which you are cleared for immigration and have no successful record of impending offenses or court cases of any kind.
  • Birth certificate;
  • Photographs;
  • Letter of recommendation from previous employers;

If applicants do not provide these documents with their application (if applicable), the authorities will reject the applications as incomplete. This is especially the case if applicants do not provide documents to the proper specifications.

In addition, authorities could also consider denying applications if the processing office does not have sufficient information on file to ensure that applicants meet the requirements of the program they are applying for.

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