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Quebec Investor Program

Quebec offers a distinctive immigration investor program that acts as a pathway to procure Canadian permanent residency. The businessmen and investors looking forward to investing in an alternate business in Quebec can choose the Quebec Investor stream to have a residency status. Canada welcomes business, investor, high worth and senior management executive individuals to apply for immigrant investor visas under various entrepreneur and investor visa sub-categories 

The Quebec Investor Program candidates are awarded points on various factors under the Quebec Economic Class selection grid such as age, education, experience, language proficiency or amount of investment. The minimum passing score is 40 points. The maximum points available for applicants are 94. If the candidates get successfully approved and assessed, they are invited for an Interview.

What are the advantages of applying to the Quebec Investor Program? 

  • Minimum investment risk: The invested amount is guaranteed by the Government of Quebec and is returned in full after 5 years.
  • Passive Investment: The candidate need not play an active role in the business investment he or she makes. 
  • Familial applications: The immediate family members of the applicant are included in the application and receive the same status as of the candidates.
  • Pathway to PR: The nominated candidates can avail the benefits such as free public education, free healthcare etc, as provided to Canadian citizens.

What is the time of Processing the application?

The time taken to process a Quebec Investor application principally depends on the number of investor applications in a candidate's geographical pool.
Provincial processing time: It generally takes anywhere between 9-12 months before receiving a Quebec Selection Certificate. 
Federal processing time: Once the candidate receives QSC, it approximately takes 3-4 years for the application to be processed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

What are the eligibility requirements to apply?

  • Investment: The applicant must invest a sum of $1,200,000 CAD though an approved financial intermediary. The amount in the business investment can be financed too. 
  • Net Worth: The applicant must have a minimum of $2,000,000 net worth. The net worth should be acquired through legal means and can include their common-law-partner that is accompanying the applicant. 
  • Experience: The candidate needs to show a minimum of 2 years of senior management experience within the course of 5 years. The specified experience should be a defined full-time experience. Retired candidates too can apply as long as they can show 2 years of managerial experience in the last 5 years. The company of experience can also be a non-profitable firm. Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial, Government and International enterprises all are equally valid.

    What is the procedure to apply? 

    Step 1: Gather all necessary supporting documents

    Relevant documents like that of educational qualification, business management experience, assessed and certified net worth, police clearance certificates and other identity proofs should be provided by the applicant at the time of preparing for the submission of application.

    Step 2: Submit the full application form

    The candidate must now submit all the necessary documents and a signed application to the Immigration Quebec for processing. Along with the form, an application fee of $15,000 CAD is to be paid at this point. Any incomplete form is returned and the adequate applications are lined in the queue. The fully completed and submitted applications receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt through official QIIP.

    Step 3: Prepare for the Interview

    The applicants who meet all the required selection criteria shall be intimated for a scheduled interview with a Quebec immigration officer. It is a critical stage of the entire process, hence a reputed immigration consultant should be at your guidance disposal. The personal interview may be waived off by the immigration authorities in case the applicant receives an official waiver notice.

    Step 4: Funds Transfer

    Once the interview is successfully conducted, the Quebec immigration authorities shall send a detailed wire transfer instruction. The applicant then must send  a fund transfer of $850,000 CAD. The funds should be transferred within 110 days of receiving transfer instructions. The candidates who are to finance the investment through a financial intermediary must transfer the loan cost of $220,000.

    Step 5: Get assessed and receive the Quebec Selection Certificate

    The candidate then receives a "Quebec Selection Certificate'' (QSC). This implies that the applicant is approved at the provincial level. The application is then transferred to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) and is processed at the federal level. A federal processing fee is to be paid at this stage. The assessed investor applicants are now required to undergo a medical examination along with their dependent family members.

    Step 6: Apply for a Canadian PR

    The candidate and their family receive an Investor visa that contains an expiration date which is used to arrive in Canada. After arrival in Canada the Investor Visa holders receive a Permanent Residence Card that ensures the card holders to leave and re-enter Canada at their will.

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