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How Nationwide Visas Will Help You With Pre-Arrival And Post-Arrival Issues In Canada!

You know that you will get your Permanent Residence (PR) Visa to Canada, and now you have some plaguing pre-landing and post-landing doubts, right? Wondering what you will have to do after you land overseas and how to prepare for the grand arrival overseas in your dream destination? Don't worry! Check the page and learn how Nationwide Visas will help and guide you with the crucial pre-arrival and post-arrival issues in Canada.

Post-Landing Services For Canada

Immigration is only 30% of the whole transition procedure. Moving to a new destination for doing a job and living purposes involves a great deal of preparation. We take care of the remaining 70% through our wide-ranging and personalized settlement services, to help you settle well in Canada.

We understand that without a good support system in place, in alien surroundings, you would feel alone, and without help. And, so our excellent post landing services are tailor-made in such a way that you get all possible help and guidance, to settle overseas easily and speedily.

Right from airport pickup services to help you find good and cheap accommodation we offer all possible post landing services that you may need in the Maple Leaf Country.

With Nationwide onboard, you are never alone in Canada.

Post Landing Services That We Offer

We offer both Post Landing Services information and help of all kinds

  • Help and support with landing & movement
  • Airport pickup facilities
  • Help with the documents that you need to show at the airport
  • Sharing information on how to reach your hotel/Airbnb from the airport
  • Sharing info on the driving license process and helping you get your license.
  • Sharing info on how to buy your first car
  • Sharing info on how to buy your car insurances
  • Sharing info on different transportation options available
  • Sharing info on how to travel without a car in Canada
  • Sharing info on Travel Card: presto card and how to get it
  • Sharing info on how to use Google Maps to reach any location via trains and buses

Help and support with Canadian settlement process

  • Sharing info on the health card application process
  • Sharing info on the initial temporary application process
  • Sharing info on how to apply for your 9-digit Social Insurance Number (SIN Number) that's mandatory for an overseas person to do a job in Canada.
  • Sharing info on how to get a photo ID/GI license
  • Sharing info on how to save your tax, if you have no job

Assistance in adapting to daily life 

  • Finding the major things related to your first house like bed, mattress, etc.
  • Helping you sign-up for free English and French classes the two main officially recognized languages in the overseas hotspot.
  • Offering Bank account & credit card application support
  • Offering SIM card support and helping you decide which card to get in Canada.
  • Sharing info about the different places from where you can buy really cheap groceries
  • Sharing info about the place from where you can buy really cheap Home decor or household stuff
  • Helping you find a good accommodation and connecting you with top realtors

Canada Job Assistance

  • Sharing info on important details on the different professional licensing or registration requirements and offering all related help.
  • Sharing info on a comprehensive list of the prospective recruiters in Maple Leaf Country.
  • Sharing info on the different exams to be faced to obtain a professional license and registration.
  • Offering helpful and result-oriented job search assistance.
  • Re-writing your resume in Canadian format.
  • Drafting the cover letters of your Resume
  • Aggressively doing resume marketing for you so that it reaches the targeted recruiters and firms in the Maple Leaf Country.
  • Helping you prepare for the crucial interviews.