Canadian Experience Class Next Draw Prediction 2023

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) issues ITAs to eligible candidates on a bi-weekly basis, with some exceptions. The frequency, size, and date of the Canadian Experience Class next draw prediction – are determined by the needs of the CEC application inventory. 

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Launched by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in 2008, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) offers a dedicated skilled worker pathway to temporary foreign workers and international graduates – seeking permanent residency in Canada. 

Managed under the globally-renowned Express Entry system, CEC has grown into one of the key economic immigration intake pathways for skilled workers in Canada. Express Entry currently manages three Federal High Skilled (FHS) programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). 

Jointly managed by Canada’s federal and provincial governments, CEC is aimed at welcoming more temporary foreign workers and international graduates – to support & sustain the Canadian economy. Just as in other Express Entry programs, candidates applying under the CEC would be required to achieve a minimum score in the CRS score calculator. Candidates with the highest scores are issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada – in a subsequent Canadian Experience Class draw. 

If you’ve lived or worked in Canada, you may be a strong candidate for the CEC. Generally, you would be required to meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least 1 year of skilled work experience in Canada within 36 months of the application date. 
  • Meet the minimum Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) of 5 (for NOC B jobs) or CLB 7 (for NOC 0 or A jobs).
  • Plan to live and work outside of the province of Quebec. 

These are just the minimum Express Entry Canada requirements for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Meeting these requirements does not mean you will receive an ITA for Canadian permanent residency.

Canadian Experience Class latest draw

The Canadian Experience Class latest draw was held on July 06  Total 1500 ITAs were issued to CEC candidates with a CRS cut-off set at 557 points.
Invitation Round - #226
Date - 06.07.2022
Number of ITAs issued - 1500
Latest CRS score – 557


Calculate Your CEC Score

CEC Points calculator evaluates scores under the Canada Skilled Worker Points System.

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When will the next Canadian Experience Class draw take place?

Canadian Experience Class draws are usually held on a bi-weekly basis, with some exceptions. The government of Canada does not publish this information beforehand. Here are the details of the Canadian Experience Class latest draw.

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