Australia Tourist Visa From India in 2023

Australia Tourist Visa or Australia Visitor Visa is a category of non-immigrant Visa. It authorizes overseas nationals to arrive and stay in Australia for a short period. You will require an Australia Visa to enter the nation unless you are a citizen of Australia or New Zealand. The latter can apply for VOA - Visa on Arrival.

Nationals of 45 ETA or E-Visitor eligible nations can complete the Australia Visa application online for Business stays or Short tourism purposes. Rest other nationals can file Australia Visitor Visa applications for similar work and longer stays.

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All other nationals irrespective of age are required to apply for the visa prior to departure from their native nation. There are various streams of Australia Tourist Visas and Working Holiday Visas that can be applied for at the nearest Consulate or Embassy of Australia. Applications for some Australia Visas can also be filed through the website of the Department of Home Affairs.

Types of Australia Visitor Visa

Multiple categories of Australia Tourist Visa are available. The category of the Visa depends on your purpose of visit, passport, and duration of the stay. Applicants are also required to fulfill specific medical and financial requirements. They must be overseas while filing applications and have health insurance coverage for their stay duration in Australia.

The eligible applicants are required to fulfill the Australia Visitor Visa requirements prior to applying. It chiefly requires having a Passport with a minimum of 3 months of validity after arrival in Australia. Extra supporting documents can be needed based on the Visa type.

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Subclass 601 Electronic Travel Authorization/ETA Visa

ETA Visa permits overseas citizens to arrive in Australia multiple times for 1 year and stay for 3 months for every visit. It is offered to Passport holders from various nations and regions residing overseas.

Subclass 651 E-Visitor Visa

E-Visitor Visa permits overseas citizens to arrive in Australia multiple times for 1 year and stay for 3 months for every visit. This can be for purposes of business or tourism. It is offered to Passport holders of several nations in Europe and is not extendable.

Subclass 600 Visitor Visa

Subclass 600 Australia Visitor Visa allows overseas citizens to arrive in Australia for purposes of business or tourism. It is offered to citizens of all nations. Usually, the Visa authorizes a stay for 3 months in Australia. However, 12 months' authorization can also be approved in specific situations. Applicants are required to make payment of Visa fees for filing their application.

Australia Subclass 600 Visa has multiple sub-categories based on the nationality and purpose of stay of the applicant. The Australia Tourist Visa can authorize a stay of 12, 6, or 3 months for multiple or single entries. This is determined by the DHA on a case-by-case basis.

Indians who wish to apply for an Australia Visitor Visa from India for purposes of tourism purposes have to file an application for Subclass 600 Visa. It permits them to arrive in Australia for purposes of tourism or business. Tourism is inclusive of sightseeing, holidays, recreation, and visiting family and friends in Australia. Tourist Visa does not authorize working for any business or selling goods/services in Australia.

Australia Visitor Visa will not be valid if the purpose of the visit to Australia is paid employment or undertaking a training course or studies is the chief reason during the visit.

Eligibility Criteria for an Australia Visit Visa

You have to fulfill the following criteria to obtain the Subclass 600 Australia visitor Visa:

  • You must demonstrate that you intend to stay in Australia only for a temporary period
  • The reason for your visit to Australia must not include medical treatment or business
  • You must possess adequate funds to support yourself while staying in Australia
  • You have to fulfill the criteria of public interest that include health and character
  • You have to offer the past immigration history inclusive of

  • The previous visits to Australia if any and compliance with Visa policies
  • The number of previous Australian Visa applications
  • The past overseas trips

Indians who wish to apply for Australia Visitor Visa from India can demonstrate that they plan to genuinely arrive in Australia only for a temporary period by providing the following:

  • Evidence of being employed in India
  • Evidence of approval of the leave by the employer
  • Evidence of having obtained admission into a University or School
  • Evidence of income that can be inclusive of assets owned and statements from the bank
  • Evidence of family ties present in India and or Australia
  • Evidence of commitments present in India such as membership in specific organizations, voluntary work, etc

Documents required for Australia Tourist Visa

Applicants for the Australia Visitor Visa have to provide the following documents:

Application Form 1419 for Visitor Visa: Tourist Visitor Stream

Personal documents

  • Passport – You have to offer a notarized copy of all the pages inclusive of pages that contain the alterations page, the bio-data, and the last page.
  • Photographs – 2 latest photos of passport size (45mmX35mm) that display the shoulders and head against a clear background. Your name must be printed on the backside of each photo.
  • Visit Purpose – The itinerary that includes every detail of the visit inclusive of the places of visit, activities planned to be taken up, etc.

Financial Documents

  • Copy of your bank statements that demonstrate consistent savings in the past
  • Copy of documents that show details of the funds and assets that you have
  • Tax documents for the past 3 years

You have to offer a statutory declaration of financial support from a relative and their financial ability to do so. This is if your friend or relative in Australia is funding your visit. The evidence can be bank statements, tax documents, an invitation letter, etc. Even if any other individual in Australia is financing your trip, you must offer evidence of your finances. This is a vital factor that will be considered while deciding if your personal grounds will ensure your return to India.

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Documents Related to Employment

  • Employer’s letter that specifies your salary, designation, period of employment, confirmation of leave, and contact information of the individual providing the letter
  • You have to offer evidence of registration of business if in case you are self-employed
  • You have to offer evidence of retirement in case you are retired
  • You have to offer evidence of enrolment if you are a student. It can be a letter from the institution of your study.

Documents Related to Health and Character

  • You may be asked to provide reports of specific medical tests and X-ray exams. All individuals who wish to arrive in Australia have to fulfill the health requirements specified by the nation.
  • Evidence of health insurance for the stay duration
  • AUSAID recipients or students have to offer a support letter offered by the AUSAID Minister

Children, less than 18 years of age have to provide a notarized NOC - No Objection Certificate from the parent not accompanying them. They must also provide their parents’ passport copies. The NOC will authorize their trip to Australia. In this case, Form 1229 has to be filed. If children are traveling or staying with individuals who are not related to them, then nationality, date of birth, and the full name of such individuals have to be provided. A statement of support has to be signed by this individual who will take responsibility for the child in Australia. In this case, Form 1257 has to be filed.

Note: Applicants have to offer notarized copies of the documents. They must not file any original documents till the time these have been categorically asked for.

How to apply for Australia Tourist Visa?

The process of filing an application for Australia Visitor Visa Subclass 600 is organized and simple.

Indians who wish to apply for Australia Visitor Visa from India can do so offline as well as online. It is better to opt for the online application process. Online Visa applications can be filed by first creating an Immi-Account and then filing the application.

You can visit the Australia Visa Application Centre to apply offline. Your original documents will be returned to you at the counter itself if you file an application at VAC. You will have to offer copies that will be on the spot witnessed by the VAC. The office can take around 15 working days to process your application. The processing can require more time if the application requires a medical examination.

It is essential to ensure that any errors are not committed during the application process or fake documents are not filed. It can result in the rejection of your Visa application.

Nationwide Visas can assist you in filing an error-free and fully compliant Australia Visitor Visa application. Just fill out our simple online form and our representative will contact you soon for an immigration consultation.


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