Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway

The Manitoba Business Investor Stream presents two pathways for aspiring applicants to immigrate to Canada, the Entrepreneur Pathway and the Farm Investor Pathway. The candidates with appropriate experience and financial capacity to establish a farming business in Manitoba can choose the Farm Investor Pathway.

The potential candidates that demonstrate ample farming business experience, investment capital, and intention to operate a farm business in rural Manitoba can choose this pathway. The farm operations should produce primary products that can concord with Manitoba’s current farming industry needs, for example- fruit crops, wheat, potatoes, etc., or anything that matches the province’s current output.

What is the eligibility to qualify for the Entrepreneur Pathway?

  • Investment: A minimum of $300,000 should be invested in your Farm business that should be located in rural Manitoba. The candidate’s Farm business investments should be intangible assets as defined by the Manitoba PNP. The investments put in the farm business should be operated primarily for the purposes of deriving passive investment income.
  • Business experience: The candidate should show a minimum of three years of farm ownership and operations management experience with the proof of verified documents that shall be required to apply for this program.
  • Net worth: The applicant should have a net worth of a least $500,000. Manitoba PNP shall ask for our financial information from a designated third-party service provider to verify your net worth. The MPNP may request for verification of your net worth and financial information by a designated third-party service provider. Your verification report along with your complete application shall be required within 120 days of receiving your ITA.
  • Language proficiency: Language abilities in either of Canada’s two official languages are required. If the candidate is invited to attend a FIP interview, he/she will be required to conduct the interview in either French or English.
  • Business Research Visit: The candidate should do extensive research on the business investment proposal. The applicant must also conduct a farm business research visit to Manitoba.
  • Farm activities: The candidate should have an ongoing business activity in rural Manitoba. The applicant is also required to live on the farm and actively participate in the management of the farm business on an ongoing basis. The farm business must be conducted in active primary agriculture production that is economically viable to the needs of the region. Also, Manitoba PNP actively suggests the applicants operate activities that are value-added in nature. The use of third-party management of the farm shall not qualify under the Manitoba PNP.
  • Adaptability: the candidate should demonstrate adaptability related to practical farming skills, knowledge, and experience in technical farming practices that can contribute to the current primary production industry of Manitoba.
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What is the step-by-step process to apply for the Farm Investor Pathway?

Step 1: Conduct a Farm Exploratory Visit

The Manitoba PNP highly recommends interested candidates thoroughly research the current farming operations in Manitoba. All applications are required to demonstrate their business’ relevance to Manitoba’s farm industry. The relevance is reviewed on the basis of factors such as the scale of farming, use of technology and equipment, and the production output.

Step 2: Submit the Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept Form

In addition to meeting the minimum criteria, the candidates need to fill an Interest Guidelines Form to verify their education, farm business experience, adaptability, estimated investment to be made, research details of the exploratory visit conducted, and the business’s economic relevance to the province. The candidate should also fill and submit the Farm Business Concept Form and Code of Conduct for Immigration Representatives. Note that this submission does not represent an application to Manitoba PNP.

 Step 3: Submit a full application to Manitoba PNP

During this process, the approved candidates may receive an LLA (Letter of Advice to Apply). The LLA includes instructions for submitting a full application to Manitoba PNP. This application includes a net worth verification that is conducted by a third-party supplier. The final application and the fees need to be submitted within 120 days of receiving the LLA.

Step 4: Review and assessment of the application

The assessment of each application includes an interview. If your application meets all the relevant criteria of Manitoba PNP, you shall receive a certificate of nomination. After you receive the certificate of nomination, you are required to sign a Deposit Agreement, and submit a deposit of CAD $75,000. This shall allow the candidate to enter Canada and obtain a temporary work permit. Note that this nomination does not provide a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa status.

Step 5: Apply for the PR

After your nomination is filed, you can apply to the Canadian government for your PR. 

Step 6: Establish your farm business in Manitoba

The Manitoba PNP requires new Farm business owners to submit their new contact information within 30 days of acquiring their permanent residence. You can refer to the Business Consulting Unit (BCU) for support regarding information, feedback, and guidance to set up your business.


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