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How to Get Job offer in Canada from India 2018

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how to get job offer in canada from india

How to Get Job offer in Canada From India 2018

Easiest way to Find a job in Canada From India

Easiest Way to Get a Job offer in Canada?


Employment in Canada can help in leading a successful life and helping aspirants carve a dream of living in Canada.  High levels of professionalism and upward growth in every sector mark the market position of Canadian employment and hence it is one of the most sort after location in the world. As of now, there is huge concentration of Indians in the IT sector and management roles in Canada and they are prolifically settled in their respective job roles. 

Some of the measures that can be resorted to for the Immigration to take place are:


The Express Entry Program helps in filling the gap in employment by allowing the entry of skilled professionals to migrate to Canada. Through this program, the candidate can attain hassle free employment and can attain a Permanent Residency status (PR Status) as it is a Federal System.

PERMANENT RESIDENCY : The Permanent Residency is valid for a period of Five years and it is a family visa. Further, it also provides Immigrant with the opportunity to settle anywhere in Canada. Express Entry Program is the most sort after measure for Indians as it provides Job security and ideal living conditions. As CIC is a government body, it is virtually trusted by all the Canadian employers and hence preference is given to those to apply through this mode .

In this regard, the following steps can be resorted to in order to achieve seamless  PR Status and thereby sort employment:

1)Paper work: Systematic filling of documents is pertinent. The validated and authenticated Personal Information including Age, Education, Adaptability and Work Experience needs to be complied and submitted to the IRCC through Express Entry Program. After that through Comprehensive Ranking System( CRS) the points of the person are calculated which will determine the status. It is important to note that Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR Visa is based on the scores achieved.

Read More: Documents Required for Canada PR Visa From India?

2) Language Proficiency: Canada has two official languages English and French. While knowledge of both the languages can serve as an added advantage, the knowledge of English for Indians is highly integral.  The proficiency in the English language is tested through CLB and IELTS examination, which are accepted by IRCC, in which speaking, listening and writing skills are evaluated and points are allocated in terms of band. The test scores are valid for a period of two years.  Knowledge and proficiency in the English Language is important not only for the purpose of professional reasons but even for day to day communication.

 3) Resume and Cover Letter:  While looking for a job it is important that an introductory cover letter is provided and Resume covering the details is enclosed along with the letter.  For this measure, the applicants of Express Entry program should be aware of the latest development in their field of expertise.  For a good job opportunity it is important that a perfect cover letter and Resume is presented to the employers so that they can select you based on your abilities.

Check your Eligibility first to Get a job in Canada From India and know what are the documents required ?


Canada is a prosperous job market and suitable for shifting for professionals of different fields. The job avenues are based and allocated on the basis of qualifications and work experience. It is important that you dwell into research and basis ground work before applying for a job position so that employment can be achieved positively based on your credentials.

  • Job opportunities for Nurses: The job market for this profile is highly in demand in  Nova Scotia. Click to know more.
  • Employment for Indian Dentist: It is a highly lucrative position in four provinces: – Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba. For details, click here.
  • Position for Chartered Accountants: The Job Market for this profile is highly in demand for provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Get informed, Read more.
  • Work availability for Software Engineers: The Job Market for this profile is highly in demand in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario. For more Information, read more
  • Hiring for Doctors : Employment opportunities for Doctors are prolifically present in  Alberta, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Ontario. Read more.
  • Jobs for Indian lawyers: The Job market for this profile is highly in demand in Provinces like Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. Further details.
  • CANADA PR for Teachers: The Job Market for this profile is highly in demand in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. Click for more.
  • Commissioning of Architecture: Due to the favorable market opportunities  they are highly in demand in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  For more information read more:
  • Listings for Web Developer: The Job Market for this profile is highly in demand in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

The following are the ways in which you can apply for a job in Canada from India:

Express Entry Job Pool : This is by far the most reliable way of conducting a job search in Canada. The Express Entry job pool has a massive database of employers who are looking for the right candidate to fill up vacancies in their companies. You would not only have the benefit of conducting a verified job search but also be able to access top notch employers who use overseas recruitment firms to provide for job opportunities in their companies. Additionally, if you are selected by a company registered in the federal job pool, then your employer will also submit an application for your immigration from his/her end. No doubt, this would be a huge benefit to your immigration profile. This pathway is best suited for professionals with an extensive work experience.

International Transfer by Company : If you work for an international enterprise with an overseas presence in Canada, then you might get selected for a project in the country. This option is not very reliable as it depends upon your performance and the preference of your employers. However, if you are among a lucky few to be sent to Canada with a job, then you should make the most of it by applying for a Canadian PR after 1 or 2 years of continued work. This pathway is best suited for those applicants who already work for a major enterprise and are most likely to continue working for the same company after the make their move to Canada.

Application Through Online Job Portals : Online job portals have become increasingly popular in the world and with the rise of internet facilities, finding a job overseas has become easier than ever. While this is true for Canada as well, there are several factors you need to keep in mind.  First, international job portals are not very reliable. So, you need to check your prospective employers thoroughly before you make a move. Second, job portals are only used by small to mid-level companies which are best suited for persons with low work experience. Third, this pathway is best suited for those looking for short term employment with plans of switching to more gainful employment in the future.

It is important to note here that any job offer to an overseas migrant will be issued only if there is a direct shortage of Canadian skilled workers within that field. This means that only once an employer has completely exhausted all possibilities of hiring a Canadian employee will they look towards international employees. Add to that the fact that if an employer does hire a foreign national, then they will have to wait for a long time before the person is actually able to join their company in person and start working as a full-time employee. That is why getting a job in Canada while still living in India is very difficult and it is wise to seek out professional consultants to make immigration to Canada as less time consuming as possible.

If you want to live and work in Canada Permanently , fill Our free Canada Assessment form and get free advice from our Experts Now!

Job Search with an Immigration Expert – Nationwide Immigration

Either way, Candidate has a choice of moving to Canada and then look for a job or look for a job online and then move to Canada.  However, attainment of a PR Status will be highly beneficial in job attainment from a Canadian employer. Please note that applying to a potent position in a company and seeking a job position can be an intimidating process for the immigrants thus it is best advised that they seek professional help so that they are guided towards the a job profile that is best suited for them based on their credentials. Immigration experts have in-depth knowledge about the employment status and prospects in Canada and thus they can help the applicant positively in every regard.  Nation Wide Immigration services has a track record of satiated and successful immigrations and we believe in standing by the candidate emotionally and professionally throughout the process and aim for a seamless immigration. 

Nationwide Immigration can provide you all of the above facilities and make your immigration to Canada an extremely easy process. Using our services essentially guarantees that you will migrate to Canada with a great job offer in hand. So, if you are ready to start a new chapter in your life – contact us today.


April 13, 2018

i am from India i have complete my graduation last year 2017 May. I want work in Canada

Mohd Feroz


April 9, 2018

Hi.. Iam Jyothi from India.. I need a job in Canada.. I have worked in 3 stars Hotels. So i have 2. years expes… I know 5 language’s. But my qualification is only 12th stsndard. So Iam asking for help for Canada job.



April 9, 2018

Hi I working in cyprus sin 2016 to fill date as an Indian chef searching job in Canada any one who is willing to sponsor me can call me on +35399031566

Ashok singh bisht


March 29, 2018

Hi, I am looking for retail job in Canada,, I have 15 years experience in retail industry i different field like furniture, apparel, toys, household. Is there any chance to get retail job from India to Canada?

Sampath Raj


March 29, 2018

I would like to apply in retail/house keeping job in Canada, I have 14 years experience in retail Industry as cashier/Head cashier, but I’m willing to work in any position. Do I have a chance to get a job in Canada. I’m from Philippines but currently I’m residing in India.

Jinky Biscay

No Title

March 21, 2018

i am interested to do job in canada in any field.i have 15 year exprienced in pharma selling in india as a medical representative.

Javedur rohman hazarika


March 3, 2018

Hi ! I am from Dri Lanka. My son is visiting my daughters in Canada these days. He wants to obtain a job offer to apply for PR or Work Permit. He worked in Tourism field and also Baking and Pastry too. Can you help.

Thewage Perera


February 26, 2018

I am registered staff nurse and having 6 bands in ilets. I am looking for an opportunity to work in hospital at canada

Ramandeep kaur


February 26, 2018

Hai Sri, I working from singapore work electrical 12 years so how to come Canada my national India



February 22, 2018

I am looking for an opportunity to work in Canada, I am having 18+ years of experience in CAD/GIS field in various projects and currently working as a Jr. Manager in Cyient under process side.


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