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The reading component consists of two parts one is Academic and other one is General, as mostly students opt for Academic the pattern is expounded below but in General IELTS the Candidate has to undergo easier reading session which are generally of lower standards.


The writing component consists of two parts one is Academic and other one is General, as mostly students opt for Academic pattern which is bit tough but in General IELTS the Candidate has to undergo Letter writing session. Task Two carries more weight in your final band score than Task One. Remember that illegible handwriting will reduce your final score.


The IELTS speaking test takes around 11 to 15 minutes and is in the form of an interview. The interview will most probably seem like a friendly conversation which typically covers some aspects of your past, present and future situations.


The IELTS listening test takes approximately 30 minutes. The listening materials are recorded on a cassette tape / CD / DVD which you will hear only once. At the end of the recorded material you will be given ten minutes to copy your answers in to the answer sheet.

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As a smart and wise aspirant for immigration to Canada please make sure that you hire the immigration service based on the accreditation and track record of the immigration service. There would be a lot of immigration consultants who would claim to be the best in the business but as a responsible candidate it is your job to evaluate that the representation you have hired is helping you adequately and providing you good services or not.

Since, the immigration filing can be done online now thus the candidate need not worry about the geographical location or the fee structure of the immigration service before hiring. Hence, someone from outside Delhi as well can hire an immigration service from Delhi as it is the best immigration service in the industry. Also there are other advantages of the online filing of the application as well that the candidate can now have faster and convenient processing of his Permanent Residency(PR) status application.

How are the Scores in the IELTS examination comprised?

The scores of an IELTS examination are assigned in terms of band and the range of score is from 0 to 9 in which the O score is given to the least performing and 9 band is given to the expert in the language. The passing score of the candidate or the minimum score requirement will depend on the University to which the candidate has applied or the immigration program through which you are applying for selection. However, a score of 6 is a competent score and is the least required score at most of the places. The test is usually conducted in four categories of speaking, writing, listening and reading test and a candidate should qualify in all sections before being selected for the examination.

What is IELTS or International English Language Testing System?

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is a widely accepted test of the English language which is accepted in many foreign universities and institutions all over the world especially – Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and USA. It is an English language proficiency test which validates that the candidate is comfortable with the English language in all aspects and can effectively communicate.

The duration of these four sections is listed below:

  • Listening – The test is divided in four section and the total time of the test is 40 minutes.
  • Reading – The test is divided in three sections and total time of the test is 60 minutes.
  • Writing – There are three tasks in the test and the total time of the test is 60 minutes
  • Speaking – there are three parts of the test and the total tome of this section is 11 to 14 minutes.

How can Nationwide Immigration Service help you score well in the IELTS examination?

The best way to score well in the IELTS examination is by practice and ample of guidance at the right time. The best way to score well in the test is by thorough practice and the right way of practicing can be done under the mentorship of an expert in the language. Hence, a good immigration service can be appointed which can holistically guide the candidate regarding the IELTS examination.  The mentor will guide you as to what are the kind of questions that will be asked and how they need to be answered in order to secure good marks. Practicing the English language well in time will help you understand your strengths and weakness and you can work on them when there is still time in your hands.

Nationwide Immigration Services has a team of experts who are completely proficient and capable of guiding the candidates for the IELTS examination. We provide our clients with both online and offline mentorship and are constantly available from Monday to Saturday to listen to every query and answer then exponentially.

There is a wide array of reasons that determine the fact the why immigration aspirants need to opt for the best in the industry. But the prime reason is because they will have highly qualified and pretty experienced staff who will lead to the correct steps for immigration. Nationwide Immigration Services is nothing but the best in the industry with support to applicants applying to Canada, Australia and other international destinations. In order to get started, you may book an appointment with our experts at +91-92 92 92 92 81 or you can also write to us at [email protected]


Hiring Nationwide was the best destination that I could have taken for my Canada immigration. They are extremely helpful and friendly and always ready to help and listen to your problems, I am so happy that I found them at the right time and they guided me to help me score well in the IELTS examination as well.

Hitesh Malhotra

Thank you Nationwide for all the major and minor help that you have provided in immigration process to Canada. I am leaving for Canada on 22nd September and my experience at nationwide has been nothing but pleasant from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much for all the earnest support that you provided.

Deepak Handa

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