What is Canada Express Entry Program?

If you aim to reside and shape a successful career in Canada then you must first get yourself familiar with the Canada Express Entry Program. All economic class immigrants who want to immigrate to Canada can apply for PR Visa through the Express Entry System.

The Canada Express Entry Program is an online Canada immigration system launched in January 2015 by the Government of Canada for managing the Canada PR Visa applications of all economic category immigrants. Skilled individuals who want to move to Canada for work prospects and a better lifestyle are termed, economic immigrants. A highly comprehensive program, Express Entry plays a vital role in managing the immigrant inflow to Canada judging through certain diverse parameters.

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What are the features of the Express Entry Program?

The Express Entry Program of Canada is a unique and fast-track immigration program based on points that facilitates the skilled workers to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada. The Government of Canada has adopted a progressive and unique approach for selecting skilled professionals and offering them entry to the nation as Permanent Residents. The system processes the applications of qualified immigrant applicants to migrate to Canada based on their Express Entry Points allocated for diverse factors such as experience, language proficiency, skills, and others.

Your chances of receiving the ITA - Invitation to Apply for Canada PR Visa increases as you score higher points. Normally, PR Visa applications through this program are processed within or less than 6 to 12 months.

The key features of the program are:

  • It is an online program that is open all around the year.
  • This program is applicable only for Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades, and Federal Skilled Worker Programs.
  • You are required to submit an EOI - Expression of Interest and furnish application through any category of job specified in TEER Category 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • The evaluation of your profile will be based on your points score after which you will be admitted to the applicant pool.
  • Employers and Provinces in Canada will access this pool and identify talents meeting their requirements.
  • The candidates in the pool with the highest points are offered an ITA for PR Visa.

Key Features of Canada Express Entry

How does the Canada Express Entry work?

Below are the major steps involved in the application process of Canada PR Visa through the Express Entry Program:

Step 1: Complete your Profile

The process of obtaining the PR Visa commences with the filling of the digital Express Entry form by furnishing crucial documents about Education, Experience, and other personal documents.

Step 2: Express Entry Pool

After the application is accepted into the pool, the candidate is provided a Job Seeker Validation Code and Express Entry Profile Number through which they can develop their resume in the Canada Job Bank.

Step 3: Invitation to Apply

Upon obtaining the Express Entry Points in line with the Express Entry Draw, the candidates are selected by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada for being offered the Invite to Apply.

Canada Express Entry Process

Apply for Express Entry

How to apply for a Canada PR Visa Online?

The last step is furnishing the mandatory documents required for Canada PR of the application to receive the status of Permanent Resident in Canada. Shortlisted candidates are given 60 days for submitting the complete application and documents and failure to comply results in the cancellation of the ITA - Invite to Apply.

The Express Entry accepts applications for the following Visa categories:

Moreover, the Provinces and Territories in Canada also offer ITA to skilled immigrants in the Express Entry Pool through the Provincial Nominee Programs. Upon entering the pool, every applicant is allocated a score through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) aka CRS Score Calculator - out of 1200. The allocation of scores is based on diverse factors including Education, Work Experience, Age, Adaptability, Language Proficiency, and Employment Offer.

Applicants with the highest scores are periodically offered an ITA upon which they get 60 days for submitting the complete application for Canada PR Visa. Besides, candidates can also seek jobs in Canada by creating a Job Bank Account after the creation of a profile in Express Entry. They can continue with the process to search for jobs through the Job Bank even after arriving in Canada.

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What is Canada In-Demand Occupation List?

The one factor apart from your CRS score that has a tremendous influence on your Canada PR Visa application is the Skilled Occupation List. IRCC identifies the Canada Occupation In-Demand List Labor Market and classifies these jobs under the NOC - National Occupational Classification. The jobs are divided into groups based on the duties of the job and the work done by the job holder.

Earlier, candidates were required to have employment experience classified under NOC Skill Types 0, A, or B – referring to the 2016 NOC system. This big shift to the 2021 NOC system will see these skill types replaced by the Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER) categories.


  • Management occupations.


  • Completion of a university degree (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate); or
  • Several years of experience in a specific occupation from TEER category 2 (when applicable).


  • Completion of a post-secondary education program of two to three years at community college, institute of technology, or CÉGEP; or
  • Completion of an apprenticeship training program of two to five years; or
  • Occupations with supervisory or significant safety (police officers and firefighters) responsibilities; or
  • Several years of experience in a specific occupation from TEER category 3 (when applicable).


  • Completion of a post-secondary education program of fewer than two years at community college, institute of technology, or CÉGEP; or
  • Apprenticeship training of fewer than 2 years; or
  • More than six months of on-the-job training, training courses, or specific work experience with some secondary school education; or
  • Several years of experience in a specific occupation from TEER category 4 (when applicable).


  • Completion of secondary school; or
  • Several weeks of on-the-job training with some secondary school education; or
  • Several years of experience in a specific occupation from TEER category 5 (when applicable).


  • Short work demonstration and no formal educational requirements.
  • With an increase from the current four skill levels, here’s how the skill types categories of the 2016 NOC system match with six new TEER categories of the new 2021 NOC system.

Skill Type OR Level TEER Category
Skill Type 0 TEER 0
Skill Level A TEER 1
Skill Level B TEER 2 and TEER 3
Skill Level C TEER 4
Skill Level D TEER 5

Read More:- Find Your NOC/TEER

How does the Canada Express Entry Points Calculator work?

The Canada Express Entry Points Calculator offers a broad idea regarding the points to be scored by a candidate for qualifying to immigrate to Canada. The points are awarded through a 67 Points Calculator based on many factors like language skills, work experience, educational qualification, age, etc. IRCC regularly conducts fortnightly draws for selecting candidates with maximum CRS scores. The chosen candidates are offered an ITA by IRCC for further application and processing of their PR Visa.

How to check your eligibility for Canada Express Entry?

You are required to answer several questions for assessing your eligibility through Express Entry to work in Canada as a skilled worker and settle permanently. There are 3 programs under this system as already stated and every program has distinct qualification requirements to be fulfilled. You will be asked queries based on the following:

  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Education or Skills level
  • Language capability
  • Approved job offer

Canada Express Entry Eligibility Factors

You will be informed regarding the streams appropriate for you based on your answers. You must ensure not to furnish any misleading or false information about your profile in this process.

Candidates who are successful in qualifying through the Express Entry criteria are provided comprehensive ranking score on the further steps to be followed. This ranges from completing a online profile to submit essential information. Profiles of candidates meeting the requirements are admitted to a pool of applicants for processing PR Visa and are given an invitation for applying through a subsequent Express Entry draw.

Apply For Express Entry

How to get an ITA for a PR Visa?

The Government of Canada conducts one Express Entry draw once every two weeks normally. Each draw has a minimum CRS cut-off score which denotes the lowest-ranked candidate's CRS score to have received an ITA for Canada PR Visa in that draw. The candidates who receive an Invitation to Apply have 60 days for completing and filing the official online application for PR Visa.

The selection of the candidates is based on their ranking under the CRS - Comprehensive Ranking System which is based on points. The Immigration Department of Canada has been regularly conducting the Express Entry Draws and offering maximum immigration opportunities to eligible applicants. It is now an established tradition for the IRCC to hold a minimum of 2 draws every month under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Under the new plans announced on November 1, 2023, Canada will look to welcome over 485,000 new immigrants each year - the highest-ever invited in its history. According to the plan, Canada will aim to invite -

  • 485,000 new immigrants in 2024
  • 500,000 new immigrants in 2025
  • 500,000 new immigrants in 2026

Each year, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) releases a new Immigration Levels Plan which it uses to guide its operations.

As regards the technical aspects of the Express Entry draw, it adopts a system based on points for selecting the best available candidates suitable for the labor market in Canada. You must secure a high score in CRS to get selected based on your various credentials like education, work experience, age, proficiency in the language, and others. To put it simply, the higher your CRS score, the quicker are your chances of receiving an ITA under Express Entry.

How can you enhance your CRS Points to obtain an ITA?

You need not feel anxious and dejected if you score fewer points under Canada Express Entry as there are several pathways to enhance your CRS points. A few of these are:

Improve your IELTS score

Demonstrating proficiency in the language is one of the major steps in your immigration process to Canada. Furnishing reports of IELTS scores or similar approved language tests are vital for all Canadian economic immigration streams. Thus, if your scores are less on the first attempt, you can once again take the test while obtaining professional assistance. It will surely offer a direct boost to your CRS points.

Take a French (TEF) Language Test

If you can work on a French language test that can drastically improve your CRS ranking by 32 points in the Express Entry pool.

Upgrade your education

  • If you have done your Bachelor's Degree and scored fewer points in the express entry pool then you can look forward to pursuing your post-graduation, diploma of 1 year, or a master's degree of 2 years.
  • A Master's degree in comparison to a bachelor's degree increases 40 extra points in the express entry pool, wherein Post Graduation Diploma of 1 year can help increase 30 extra points in comparison to a bachelor's degree.
  • A Ph.D. degree can increase 15 extra points on top of a Master's Degree.

Spousal Factors

Candidates in Express Entry who are not single must include their Spouse or Common-law partner while creating their profile. Single applicants are eligible for claiming a maximum of 1200 points under CRS. However, applicants including the spouse are eligible to obtain a maximum of 40 extra points for the skills of the spouse. It is thus advisable to make your spouse the primary applicant and claim extra points if your spouse's credentials are stronger than yours.

Education Level

A maximum of 10 points can be claimed by your spouse for their education. Nevertheless, you must get the assessment of their credentials from World Education Services for proving the value of their education in Canada. Education corresponding to a Master's Degree or higher in Canada will incur the maximum number of points to your spouse.

Job Offer

  • An LMIA Labour Market Impact Assessment approved arranged employment can increase your CRS scores by 50 to 200 Point In Express Entry Program.
  • These points depend on your TEER Category 0, 1, 2, and 3 you can obtain 50 or 200 points in the express entry program.
  • TEER Category 1, 2, and 3, increases 50 points, and TEER Category 0 increases 200 points.

So Getting a job offer from Canada can be a really important part to obtain a permanent residence in Canada you can search for jobs through The job bank portal accessible under the express entry program.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the minimum IELTS score required for the Express Entry program?

    It is a mandatory requirement for a candidate to prove their language proficiency in English to be eligible for express entry program. You have to score a minimum of 6 per band in IELTS in all four abilities  Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

  • 1. Police Clearance Certificate

    2. Medical Certificate

    3. Traveling documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

    4. Proof of funds

  • The Canada PR visa does not require that the spouse's IELTS score be offered by the

    applicant. However, if offered, it will result in additional CRS points for the lead applicant.

  • Once you get an ITA you have to fill the application forms and upload the required documents. IRCC will then assess your application for Canada PR Visa and on a successful evaluation, you will get your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR)

  • Processing time begins once you submit your application online, by mail, or in person.

    Once your application is submitted, the authorities ensure that you have submitted your answers to all the questions on the form, sent all the required documents, and paid the fees. He will then send you the Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR). This will contain your Unique Customer Identifier (UCI). The AOR indicates that your letter is ready for processing.

    However, if your request has missing information, or if some documents are missing or do not contain the fee receipt, your request will be resent and you will have to resubmit it.

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