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Nationwide Immigration » Canada » Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa From India?

Canada Permanent Resident Visa Process For Indians

Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa Process From India?

Check Your Eligibility First,To Confirm your Eligibility for Canada PR!

Step by Step Process to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa From India-

Immigrating to Canada holds the promise of better living conditions, high standards of living and individual growth.  Thus, Canada has become one of the most sort after locations to settle in the world.  Hence, more and more individuals are applying to Canada for the PR status.  The Permanent Residency (PR) status of Canada is valid for a period of five years. Canadian Permanent Residents enjoy benefits, which are similar to full citizens it includes health benefits, free education and protecting against crime under law. Welcome to Nationwide Immigration Service, your one-stop destination for anything and everything relating to the Canada PR process from India! Without wasting any time, let us start talking about the Canada PR process and what is the best was for Indians to apply to it.

Immigrating to Canada is governed under the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a federal body which sets the rules and guidelines for immigration to Canada.  The immigration process has two main procedures one is under Federal Express Entry programs and other through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Under both these categories there are numerous pathways which are offered which can help attain the Canadian PR status.  While Express Entry Program offers the right to settle anywhere in Canada, PNP on the other hand allows the candidate to settle in that particular province whose PR status is acquired after the eligibility has been met.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa Process

Bring Your Whole Family to Canada

Know more about Canada PR Process

The Canada Permanent Residence Application Process Steps for Indians

Some of the most popular means of applying for a PR visa are the Express EntryProvincial Nominee ProgramsQuebec Skilled Worker Program, Family Sponsorship etc. Every program is designed for different categories and types of immigrants which means that they all have a distinct but sometimes overlapping method of application. Consequently, different rules apply to each application pathway and applicants should be fully aware of these to thoroughly complete their Canada PR process from India.


In addition, there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled before a PR status is made permanent. These differ with each nation. For Indians, it is a minimum stay of 2 years out of 5 in Canada failing which the PR status will be revoked. So, you need a well thought out plan before you can move to Canada.

  • Step [1] -Education Credential Assessment (ECA):

    This is the first document you need to get in support of your Canada PR profile on Express Entry. The ECA will show that your educational qualifications are equal to the Canadian educational system and so, you can be selected for immigration. For professionals, it also shows that they have the knowledge which is needed in their line of work to perform successfully. The ECA is issued by the World Education Services which can be approached online. [Check ECA Fees and Processing Time]

  • Step [2] -IELTS Language Ability Report:

    The IELTS language ability report is an important part of the overall Canada PR application. It gives you many points so scoring well here can be really useful. A good language ability not only shows that the applicant can readily speak in English in social settings, but also shows that since they have working knowledge of the language, they can work and communicate successfully in the local Canadian markets. [how many IELTS Score Required?]

  • Step [3] – Submit Express Entry Application: 

    Once you have all the documents you are going to need for your application, it is time to file your application online. The first thing to know here is that the Express Entry Program offers several immigration pathways. These are:

    • Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • Canadian Experienced Class
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program.

    Once you have created your profile and selected the channel through which you want to apply for your Canada PR, you need to fill out their online application form and give them all the details they ask for such as age, education, work experience, single or married etc. You will also need to submit the documents we have discussed above to support your immigration profile information.

  • Step [4] – Get your CRS Score:

    Your Comprehensive Ranking System score is going to decide if your profile qualifies for immigration or not. After you have made your profile, it will be given a CRS score based on ranking of the various factors you submitted like age, language ability, work experience, education etc. We advise you to take our help in knowing your potential CRS score and improving it in case it is not enough to make you eligible for immigration.

  • Step [5] – Improve your CRS Score:

    A lot of people can’t score too well in their CRS score when they apply first. This is nothing to worry about as there are many ways you can enhance your CRS score. Here are some of the many things you can do to get a high enough CRS score for immigration:

    • Improve your Language Score : If you have enough language ability, then the 24 max points awarded through language ability are practically for free. Get the highest points you can in this factor to boost your profile. In case you want help improving your language ability, we recommend taking up the IELTS training courses of Nationwide Immigration.
    • Learn French: If you apply for Canada Immigration and list French as a second language, you will get more points for that. You don’t need to be a master of French, but need to have just enough understanding of the language to talk to French-speaking people. So, if you can, this is a good way to increase your CRS score.
    • Get Better Educational Qualifications: Having a Master’s degree gets you the second best scores in this factor so we suggest you get that. If you don’t want to spend 2 years getting that degree, we suggest you at least go for a PG diploma.
    • Get more Work Experience:  The highest points are for over 6 years of work experience but even if you have just over 3 years of work experience, you can get good points. So we suggest you keep working while your PR application is being processed.
  • Step [6] – Apply for PNP: 

    Provincial Nomination Programs or PNPs are a great way of ensuring you get selected for immigration in an Express Entry draw. Different Canadian provinces have different requirements for immigration so check before you apply to a province. We advise you to come to us before you go forward with your PNP application as we will be able to tell you in detail about the province you are planning to apply through and what are the chances of you getting selected for a PNP.

  • Step [7] – Wait for Express Entry Draw:

    Once you have fulfilled all the Canada immigration requirements and received your CRS score and your PNP nomination, you have to wait for the Express Entry draws. These usually take place once every 15 days but recently they are being held every 10 days or so, so you will not have to wait long.

  • Step [8] – Invitation to Apply or Nomination Certificate: 

    Once you receive an ITA or get a Provincial Nomination you will have a certain number of days to apply for Canada PR and a limited number of days to move to Canada with the PR visa in Hand.

  • Step [9] – Documents Needed for Immigration:

    You will need the following documents to apply:

    • Identity Proof
    • Educational Qualification Documents
    • Work Experience
    • Valid Passport
    • Your recent photographs
    • Job offer letter from Canadian Employer (if any) & other required documents.

    You can take our genuine and reliable support to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa  from India if you need to talk to the Canada PR experts who can assist you in everything for your PR. If you have any doubt or concern you may talk to an expert by filling this Free Assessment form.

    To confirm your Eligibility before immigrate to Canada , fill our Free Canada PR Visa Enquiry form and get free advice from experts.

The Canada Permanent Resident Card

The IRCC issues a Permanent Residence card to every individual who fulfils the Canada PR criteria required to make them a citizen of the nation of Canada. This card is proof of the holders’ status as a permanent resident of Canada. Once the individual has lived for 3 years in Canada they are eligible for application for Canadian citizenship. The PR visa will remain valid for 5 years from the date of issue after which it will have to be renewed. In addition to this, the PR card holder is eligible several benefits. These are:

  • Right of permanent residency anywhere in Canada
  • Study and work anywhere in Canada on the PR card
  • Sponsor eligible family members
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship (after becoming eligible)
  • No tax on income outside Canada
  • Access to subsidized education
  • Social and Family security services
  • Unemployment wages
  • Protection Under Canadian law

Note: Despite these vast scale of benefits of holding a PR Visa there are certain limitations which come along with it. A PR card/visa holder cannot run for a political office or do jobs involving high levels of national or state security.

Requirements to be met for Eligibility to Canada PR Status

The IRCC requires the following criteria to be met in order to deem an applicant eligible for PR status in Canada:

  • The applicant must be living in his/her home country as a permanent resident
  • The applicant is not a Canadian citizen
  • The applicant must be present in Canada during the PR process
  • The applicant should not be under a removal order

In addition to these criteria the IRCC requires certain essential documents to be produced during the PR process. These are:

Canada PR Visa Documents Required from India

Canada is one of the most lucrative international immigration destinations in the world. It offers world-class quality of life and international job opportunities to its residents. However, you need to have your documents in order to get things done in the shortest time possible. The following list will tell you about the documents you need to have in order to successfully apply for Canada PR from India:

  • Proof of Funds: If you are moving to Canada without a job offer, then you need documentation proving that you can sustain yourself and your dependants for at least 3 months. You can get official statements from banks or other financial institutions for this.
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment): If your educational degrees are not from a recognized Canadian institution, then you need an ECA from WES to prove the validity of your educational qualifications.
  • Skills Assessment : You work experience is one of the key factors to you getting a Canadian PR visa. So, the IRCC will make a skills assessment to see if there is a shortage of the relevant skills in the region that you want to settle in.
  • Proof of English Proficiency: Your IELTS score will contribute to you getting a PR visa to Canada quickly. Make sure it is updated and no more than 2 years old before the verification process is completed.
  • Identity proof
  • Health and character clearance certificate

If you want help with your documentation for PR to Canada, then you should get in touch with us. Our experts at Nationwide Immigration Services will guide towards a swift and smooth immigration process. Fill our Free Canada Assessment form and Get Free Advice from our Experts–

PR Process under CanadaExpress Entry Program

Introduced in 2015, Canada’s Express Entry program has quickly risen to become highly popular amongst skilled workers around the world because it makes the process of immigration really easy if you have the right set of skills. Based on a point calculation system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)  that takes into consideration several factors like age, educational qualification, work experience, family living in Canada, language proficiency etc. the program is one of the shortest and most efficient means of emigrating to Canada for skilled applicants.

The Canadian government regularly issues invitations to applicants through the CIC which is the central governing body of all matters relating to PR status application and validation in Canada. If you have a highly scored profile with the CIC and your skills are in high demand then you are likely to be invited for application for PR status.

To confirm your Eligibility for Canada Permanent Resident Visa Under Express Entry Program, fill our Free Canada PR Visa Enquiry form and get free advice from experts.

Canada PR Process UnderProvincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is for those who have the skills required to move to Canada but are finding it difficult to do so owing to the stiff competition in the Express Entry program. Having a Provincial Nomination from a Canadian state hugely improves the chances of moving to Canada with a PR visa. As different regions have different skill requirements, a smart applicant can apply for vacancies in a regional economy and give their Express Entry CRS score a massive bonus in terms of points. You can score up to an additional 600 points out of 1200 just by having a provincial nomination.

Canada PRProcess UnderSponsorship Program

The sponsorship program is simple and quick and can be used to rapidly move to Canada, The fundamental criteria in this process is having a close relative i.e. parents, siblings, spouse etc. who are Canadian citizens and are willing to sponsor your entry into the nation. After going through the vetting process by way of which your profile, whether directly through the Express Entry program or with the help of a Provincial Nomination, is scored highly, you may receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for a PR visa. In order to facilitate this process you will require the following documents:

  • Identity Proof
  • Educational Qualification Documents
  • Work Experience
  • Valid Passport
  • Your recent photographs
  • Job offer letter from Canadian Employer (if any) & other required documents.

Various Application Categories of PR visa to Canada   

Before you apply for a Canadian visa, it is important to know the various subcategories under which you can further boost your selection. The various immigration categories you might want to look at are:

Each category is specialized to provide for a specific segment of skilled workers or investors to Canada and knowing their respective particulars can considerably help your PR visa aspirations.

Canada PR Visa Fees in Indian Rupees

You application pathway will determine your PR visa application price. Principal and Secondary applicants must pay 550 Canadian dollars (INR 28143) for an application while kids under 22 years of age need only to pay 150 Canadian dollars (INR 7675). For RPRF (Right of Permanent Residence Fee), the amount is 490$ Canadian dollar (25073) for principal and secondary applicants while for kids under 22 years of age it is free of cost.

How We Can Help you to get Canadian PR Visa From India?

Nationwide Immigration is a well-known name in the world of Canada immigration consultancy and we strive to provide only the most elite services to our clients. Our experts have the requisite knowledge to not only help you successfully apply for a Canadian PR visa but to also highlight it in such a way that the Canadian authorities give it the utmost attention. Let professionals handle your immigration case and help you launch them towards success. Contact us today.  

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