What is WES(World Education Services)?

WES Canada is a well-known Canadian equivalency service that provides a cheap, transparent, and straightforward way to examine your educational qualifications to qualify for Express Entry or any other IRCC immigration program. It is essentially an educational evaluation system that compares your country's academic credentials to another country's equivalent grade system. The United States, Canada, and a few other nations have their own assessment criteria. As a result, a WES Assessment allows them to compare grades using a standardized approach.

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WES is an NPO (Not-for-profit organization) that assists immigrants in achieving their educational or employment objectives in their desired overseas nations. WES Canada is a member of the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC). It gives non-binding advice by translating foreign academic publications into Canadian equivalents.

WES is required for Canadian PR through Express Entry. This criterion is waived off for the applicants who choose the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) or the Canadian Experience Class Program (CEC).

WES Canada is the most preferred ECA provider among Indians because:

  • It has a quicker ECA report processing (generally within 7 business days).
  • It’s only a three-step assessment process.
  • It’s popular around the world for producing high-quality, error-free reports.
  • It offers cheap and competitive prices compared to other evaluating authorities.
  • It has a dedicated and supportive customer support team.

Types of WES Evaluation Reports

  • Evaluation of documents on a case-by-case basis.
  • Course-by-Course Evaluation.
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

How to request a WES Report?

Register for a WES account: Visit the official WES website and set up an account with all of the necessary details.

Submit your paperwork: Before submitting any documents, make sure you have read all the criteria carefully. Each of your transcripts must be notarized, sealed, and translated into English or French. If your university does not offer electronic transmission, you must submit your documentation in a sealed envelope.

Submit the application for consideration: After reading all of the information in your application, click the submit button. Any spelling mistakes or misspelled words may cause a delay in the report's processing.

Make a note of the reference number that appears on the screen: The WES Reference number must be included on all papers, envelopes, and communication for the final visa application. Your reference number is a WES I.D. that groups your papers to avoid processing time delays.

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All about the WES Process

WES Digital Badge: To increase your exposure, use the WES Digital Badge to quickly display your ECA report to your employers on social networking platforms such as LinkedIn and so on. With the press of a mouse, interested employers may view your credential evaluation. You may also use the badge to supplement your CV or online job application. To get your badge, you must choose WES's International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP).

WES Offices were open during the epidemic and continue to evaluate applications for Canada and the United States. However, due to the mobility restrictions, actual office sites remained closed for safety concerns.

 Documents required for ECA:

According to the most recent update, your highest completed credential, whether a Diploma, Doctorate, Master's, or Bachelor's degree, is the only one that has to be evaluated for EC. Also keep in  mind that inactivity does not result in the deletion of the ECA Application. Your information, together with the assessment report, will be stored in the system for as long as your profile is active. Delaying the retrieval of your WES Report, on the other hand, will result in a delay in getting confirmation of your PR status.

Document translations:

If your papers are in a regional language, they must be translated into English or French by qualified interpreters. This step must be completed by the applicant before submitting their application for ECA evaluation. Candidates should keep in mind that WES does not provide any kind of translation services. It does, however, accept papers translated into English or French by approved translators.

Status of the chosen program:

When entering your degree data, be sure you pick the ‘incomplete' or ‘in process' option from the drop-down box. Your report will be evaluated based on the information you have provided, whether complete or incomplete. However, it is always preferable to submit all the information to receive a more accurate result.

Process after the submission of your application:

Once you have submitted your final application, you will be given a reference number. This will allow you to monitor the status of your WES application. If you have completed the full payment, you should receive your report within 35 days. You will get emails informing you of the status of your WES Report.

Finding the WES Status:

WES provides an online tracking system that allows you to follow your application's progress in real-time. To find out the current status of your WES application, go to the “my account” section on their official website and check your status there. If your status reads ‘document received,' it implies they received your submission and if it is shown as ‘pending,' you should get in touch with their help center or customer service. You might also keep an eye out for the most recent WES notifications for any relevant announcements.

It is important to note here that WES does not accept documents from individuals, representatives, or third-party agents. Your documents must be sealed and attested by an authorized officer at your institution and sent directly to WES from the institution. A WES Report Assessment costs approximately $200 and is typically completed between 7 days to 4 weeks.


 Organizations carrying out ECA

ECA is, indeed, necessary for PNPs. Before you get an invitation from the province to which you applied, you must have your ECA report with you. The following organizations have been designated to issue an ECA report for Canada immigration:

  • WES (World Education Services)
  • IQAS (International Qualifications Assessment Services)
  •  ICAS (International Credential Assessment Service of Canada)
  • CES (Comparative Education Service) 

Most importantly, WES analyses certificates, only from accredited colleges and institutions. You will not be given any points for a non-WES-recognized education degree or certificate.

You can store your validated transcripts and assessment report with WES via the ICAP (International Credential Advantage Package). Instead of restarting the procedure from the beginning, ICAP will save you time in the long run. The ICAP also provides you with a WES digital badge that you may post on your social media platforms. This demonstrates to potential employers on platforms like LinkedIn that you have successfully completed ECA verification. Your WES ECA is valid for five years after it is issued.

Express Entry applicants must provide a WES report. It must be submitted at the same time as your Express Entry Profile. A WES ECA assessment compares your academic qualifications against their Canadian equivalent. Your education will be rewarded with points. You get more points if you hold a second degree (Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D.) in education. Higher scores indicate a better probability of being selected for the Express Entry Pool.

Services offered by Nationwide Visas:

Nationwide Visas focuses on providing you with a streamlined visa solution through a wide range of services. Let us have a short look at it:

Pre-evaluation: To validate your profile eligibility, our immigration advisors will compare it to the selection criteria of your desired overseas nation and program.

Documentation: With years of expertise, our documentation experts will take care of all your document-related needs.

IELTS/CELPIP Coaching: IELTS and CELPIP are one of the globally renowned English language proficiency tests, required to be eligible for a particular overseas program. Our expert CELTA-certified tutors will ensure your success in these exams.

Personal Branding: Personal Branding refers to the process of building a world-class résumé, customizing your LinkedIn page, and making a groundbreaking video representation of your career path. For everyone interested in this service, we carefully handcraft their professional career into a neat and compelling storyline, bringing out the best in "you" in the international job market.

Post-landing Assistance: Moving and establishing yourselves into a new nation is difficult, especially if you have no idea how to get by. You will, however, feel at ease in your new country, thanks to our exclusive post-landing services.

How Nationwide Visas Can Help?

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It can be confusing and stressful at times to plan your Canada immigration. There are numerous schools and programs to choose from, and study permit applications are frequently denied due to failure to meet government requirements.

Fortunately, the Nationwide Visas Team is here to assist you in keeping things simple. We are the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada immigration. Our expert immigration counselors are here to guide you through the entire process and the best possible pathway for Canada.

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