Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

Saskatchewan offers an immigration pathway to applicants under their Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. The SINP enables the province to: 

  • Invite Canada PR applications from non-Canadians who wish to settle in Saskatchewan 
  • Nominate the applications of successful applicants for Canada PR to the Federal Government 

Obtaining a nomination through SINP is the first step towards becoming a permanent resident in the province of Saskatchewan. The applications approved by SINP are then processed for Canada PR by the IRCC - Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. 

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What are different Saskatchewan PNP immigration categories?

Saskatchewan PNP permits the province to nominate applicants for PR Visa to the Government of Canada through 3 major immigration categories: 

  • Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Program
  • Saskatchewan Experience Program
  • Saskatchewan Business Immigration Program

These immigration pathways are further divided into many sub-streams to suit a diverse range of immigrant applicants

International Skilled Worker Category - Saskatchewan

International Skilled Worker Category is divided into 3 sub-streams: 

  • Sub-Category Saskatchewan Employment Offer
  • Sub-Category Saskatchewan Occupation-In-Demand
  • Sub-Category Saskatchewan Express Entry

The Saskatchewan Express Entry and Occupation-In-Demand sub-streams operate through a system of EOI - Expression of Interest. 

Saskatchewan Employment Offer  

Skilled workers who possess an employment offer for a skilled occupation in the province can opt for Saskatchewan immigration through this sub-stream. Candidates having evidence of legal status in Canada and those who are outside Canada both can apply to this sub-category. 

Saskatchewan Occupation-In-Demand 

Skilled workers who do not have an employment offer but are highly skilled in an occupation that is in demand in Saskatchewan can apply for this sub-stream in Saskatchewan PNP. The list of occupations that are not included in this sub-stream is published by SINP. Candidates having evidence of legal status in Canada and those who are outside Canada both can apply to this sub-category.

Saskatchewan Express Entry 

Skilled workers who are in the federal Express Entry Pool and who wish to reside and work in Saskatchewan can apply for this sub-stream. Candidates having evidence of legal status in Canada and those who are outside Canada both can apply to this sub-category.

The requirements for the Saskatchewan Sub-Category Express Entry Sub-Category for applicants are: 

  • Possess a profile in the Express Entry pool that has a job seeker validation code and Profile number.
  • Secure at least 60 points in the points assessment grid in SINP.
  • Offer valid results for language tests from a designated agency for testing corresponding to the results provided in the Express Entry profile. 
  • Have completed 1 year of apprenticeship, training, or education at the post-secondary level on par with the education system in Canada that results in a Degree, Certificate, or Diploma. 
  • Diplomas and Degrees obtained outside of Canada must be assessed for an Educational Credential Assessment.
  • Possess a minimum of any one of the following experience requirements in your area of occupation, training, or education: 

  • 1 year of work experience in a (non-trades) skilled profession in the past 10 years 
  • 2 years of work experience in a skilled trade in the past 5 years; or
  • 1 year of work experience in Canada (non-trades and trades) in the last 3 years 
  • Possess work experience in a high-skilled NOC occupation 0, B, A not included in the disqualified occupation list. 

  • Obtain suitable licensure in Saskatchewan in case your profession is a skilled trade or regulated. A certificate from Saskatchewan Trade Certification and Apprenticeship Commission is required for skilled trades.
  • Have a Settlement plan and evidence for settlement funds.

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Saskatchewan Experience Category

Skilled Worker having Existing Work Permit 

Skilled workers who are working in Saskatchewan province for a minimum of 6 months and have a valid Work Permit can apply for this sub-stream. 

Semi-Skilled Agriculture Worker having Existing Work Permit 

Semi-skilled agricultural workers who are working in Saskatchewan province for a minimum of 6 months and have a valid Work Permit can apply for this sub-stream. 

Health Professional 

Nurses Physicians and other health professionals who are working in Saskatchewan province for a minimum of 6 months and have a valid Provisional Work Permit can apply for this sub-stream. 

Hospitality Sector Pilot Project 

Overseas nationals who are working in Saskatchewan province for a minimum of 6 months in one of the 3 occupations can apply for this sub-stream. 

Long Haul Truck Drivers 

This sub-stream allows the Long Haul Truck Drivers working in Saskatchewan province and having a valid Provisional Work Permit to apply for Canada PR Visa. 

Saskatchewan Student Stream 

Overseas students who have graduated from a post-secondary institution in Canada or Saskatchewan province can apply for this sub-stream. It is further divided into 2 sub-categories: 

  • Students who graduate from a Canadian institute
  • Students who graduate from an institute in the Province of Saskatchewan 
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Saskatchewan Business Immigration


The Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Sub-Category permits applicants and their families to obtain, start, or collaborate in a business in the province. Applicants must be involved actively in managing the business and reside in Saskatchewan. It has a process that includes 3 stages: 

  • EOI - Expression of interest
  • Invite to submit an application
  • Nomination

Successful candidates arrive in Canada on a Provisional Work Permit. They qualify to apply for a nomination after they spend 6 months establishing their business in the province.

International Graduate Entrepreneur

International Graduate Entrepreneur Sub-Category of Saskatchewan aims to assist overseas students who graduate from institutions in the province to remain in Saskatchewan as Entrepreneurs and attract investment for the business. 

Farm Operators/Owners

Individuals with farming experience who intend to buy and operate a farm in the province can apply for this sub-category of Saskatchewan. It also has a pathway for young farmers who wish to establish themselves in Saskatchewan.

Successful candidates are directly offered the Canada PR Visa. Specific candidates can also arrive in Saskatchewan on a Provisional Work Permit during the processing of their PR Visa application. 

Saskatchewan PNP Draws   

Saskatchewan PNP draw is regularly held by the Saskatchewan province. Through the draws, it looks for candidates in the IRCC Express Entry pool who can fulfill the requirements of any one of the Saskatchewan immigration streams aligned with Express Entry. SINP explores candidates in the Express Entry pool and invites them personally to reside and work in the Saskatchewan province.

How to calculate points for Saskatchewan PNP?

SINP Points Calculator also termed as the Nomination Assessment Grid of Saskatchewan is used for assessing the eligibility of applicants under the SINP. The assessment is skills-based and it thus assists in the arrival of skilled immigrants to the Saskatchewan Province. 

The evaluation grid has a maximum of 110 points. An applicant has to secure a minimum of 60 points to qualify for the program. Candidates are required to offer supporting documents along with the SINP application to demonstrate that they have fulfilled the requirement of 60 points. 

The SINP points grid is also used for ranking the Expression of Interest of candidates. Candidates with the highest scores are most likely to receive the invitation to submit their applications for SINP. 

If a large number of candidates have the same scores, Saskatchewan Province reserves the right for applying extra criteria to prioritize candidates selection. In this case, SINP offers priority to candidates with a connection to the province's past education/past experience/a relative. If still many candidates have the same scores then candidates having higher language scores and more years of work experience will be prioritized by SINP. 

 Calculate Your SINP Points

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program allocates points to candidates based on the following five factors: 

1) Age:

At the time of or before the submission of an application to SINP, you must be less than 50 years of age. A maximum of 12 points can be secured for this factor. 

Points Age
0 > 18 years
8 18 - 21 years
12 22 - 34 years
10 35 - 45 years
8 46 -50 years
0 < 50 years

2) Education:

You must possess a fine educational background from a renowned University or Tertiary educational institute. Nevertheless, specialization/educational requirements can differ under special circumstances based on occupation. A maximum of 23 points can be secured for this factor.

Sl. No Qualification Points
1 Doctorate or Masters degree 23
2 A three or more years degree program or Bachelor's degree 20
3 Certification for Trade 20
4 Canadian equivalent Diploma that needs 2 but less than 3 years at a Trade or Technical school, College, or University 15
5 Canadian equivalent Certificate or minimum 2 semesters but less than a 2-year program 12

3) Work Experience:

You must have a minimum of three years of relevant, paid, and full-time work experience in the nominated occupation. Experience from only the last 5 years is applicable for the calculation of points. The work experience that you claim must be related to the single occupation that you chose in your application. A maximum of 15 points can be secured for this factor.

Skilled work experience in the five years preceding the submission date of application
10 points 5 Years
8 points 4 Years
6 points 3 Years
4 points 2 Years
2 points 1 Year

Skilled work experience in the 6 to 10 years period preceding the submission date of application
05 points 5 Years
04 points 4 Years
03 points 3 Years
02 points 2 Years
01 points 1 Year

4) Language Ability:

You must fulfill the specified requirements for the English language for being able to claim points for ability in the language. A maximum of 20 points can be secured for this factor.

Points IELTS score in CLB
20 CLB 8 and plus
18 CLB 7
16 CLB 6
14 CLB 5
12 CLB 4
00 CLB 3

5) Adaptability:

You must note that adaptability is not a compulsory requirement but you get additional points if you qualify for this factor. A maximum of 30 points can be secured for this factor.

Points Factors
20 Close family relation in Saskatchewan
5 Previous work experience in Saskatchewan
5 Previous study experience in Saskatchewan

What are the occupations that are in demand in Saskatchewan?

You must have at least 1 year of full-time work experience in NOC Level 0, B, or A level occupation to be eligible for SINP Express Entry. The occupation will not be qualified if it is included in the Excluded SINP Occupation in Demand List

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