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Australia PR Points Calculator

The various Australia Immigration programs have been strategically designed for the selection of only the highly qualified applicants. Specific parameters have been conceptualized for ensuring that only chosen profiles that can contribute significantly to the economy of the nation get an invitation to progress in their PR Process for Immigration to Australia. 

Australian points calculator is one such mechanism that awards points to candidates depending on various factors for determining their potential. It is a tool that helps aspiring immigrants in the estimation of tier potential to fulfill the requirements for Australia PR. Applicants who can score at least 65 or plus points become eligible to file their application in the Skill Select - the portal of the Government of Australia that determines the eligibility of immigration candidates.

 Check Your Eligibility

The Skilled Immigration Program of Australia uses a system based on points termed as the Skill Select which is also known as Australia PR points calculator. It is designed to attract highly skilled and qualified candidates who wish to reside and work in Australia. The system has been designed in such a manner that it ensures the selection of only those applicants who possess the precise skills and experience for addressing the labor market shortages.

Various types of categories are available through the Skilled Immigration Visas that specify scoring of minimum points for the candidates to qualify for the Australia Permanent Residency Visa. The Australia Visa categories for which the point's calculator is widely used are:

What are the changes in the Australia Points System? 

The Australia General Skilled Migration Visas Points System has been revised with effect from 16 November 2019. Here is a brief of the changes that have been implemented in this system: 

Specialist education qualification: 

Candidates who have a Research/Master's Degree or Doctorate Degree from an educational institution in Australia can now obtain 10 points. It was 5 points before. 

Partner skills: 

Candidates with Spouse below 45 years of age can obtain 2 sets of points for the skills of the spouse:

Spouse Skill & Language Assessment: 

If your spouse has competent skills in language and a positive assessment of skills along with their occupation, then you obtain 10 points. It was 5 points before. 

Spouse language ability: 

If your de facto partner or spouse has competent skills in language, then you obtain extra 5 points. 

Spouse Adaptability: 

There is a twin-fold revision in the points for this factor: 

  • You are entitled to 10 extra points if you are single. Single applicants were not offered any points earlier. 
  • If your de facto partner or spouse has either Citizenship of Australia or a PR Visa, then you are entitled to 10 extra points. Spouse with Australian Citizenship or PR did not incur any points earlier. 

State Sponsorship /Nomination:

If you get nominated by a State or Territory in Australia or obtain Sponsorship from a family member, you are offered 15 extra points. It was 10 points before. At present 15 points criteria is applicable for Subclass 190 and 491 Visa only. 

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Factors under Australia Skilled Immigration points

Immigration aspirants to Australia can obtain points under the migration points system if they fulfill the requirements under the criteria as below:


Candidates in the age range of 49 to 8 years can obtain points for the age factor.

English language: 

You must prove that you possess the required language competency by submitting the test results of any authorized test for English language proficiency.

Experience outside Australia: 

You can claim points for possessing 3/5/8 years of experience outside Australia in the nominated occupation in the past 10 years.

Australian Experience: 

You can claim points for full-time work experience obtained in Australia in any one of the occupations present on the SOL.

 Qualifications gained outside Australia: 

You can claim points for recognized qualifications that are on par with the Bachelor's level or higher or Ph.D.

Australian Education: 

You can claim points for education obtained in Australia and the course must be a minimum of 2 academic years duration or more. 

Reside and Study in Regional Area: 

You can claim extra points if you fulfill the Australian study requirement of residing and studying in metropolitan regional areas with low growth of population for a minimum of 2 years.

Partner Skills:

You can obtain points for the skills of your partner if the partner fulfills the basic criteria under qualifications, English language ability, age, and skills assessment result.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection will consider you eligible for application if you score at least 65 points. DIBP is the authorized agency for immigration to Australia

Your eligibility for Australia PR Visa will be determined by your points score. As specified earlier, you must obtain at least 65 points to qualify. The table below lists the various criteria for the allocation of points:

Maximum Points Category
30 points Age (25 to 33 years)
20 points English ability ( eight bands)
15 points Work Experience out of Australia (eight to ten years)
20 points Work Experience within Australia (eight to ten years)
20 points Education outside Australia
5 points Niche skills like a Master's or Doctorate in Australia
5 points Study in a regional zone
5 points Recognized in community language
5 points Professional year in Australia in a skilled program
5 points State Sponsorship (190 Visa)

Australia 65 points Calculator


You can obtain a maximum of 30 points if you are aged between 32 to 25 years. 

Points Age
25 18-24 years
30 25-32 years
25 33-39 years
15 40-44 years

English proficiency: 

You can obtain a maximum of 20 points for English language proficiency if you secure 8 bands in the IELTS test. Nevertheless, immigration authorities in Australia permit the applicants to appear for any of the tests for English proficiency like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. You can attempt to score the required bands in any of these tests.

Work experience:- 

Skilled work experience obtained outside Australia with 10 to 8 years of experience calculated reverse from the date of your application for PR Visa will incur you 15 points. The lesser the number of years, the lower the points allocated. 

Points Skilled employment outside Australia
0 Less than 3 years
5 3-4 years
10 5-7 years
15 8-10 years

Skilled work experience obtained in Australia with 10 to 8 years of experience calculated reverse from the date of your application for PR Visa will incur you 20 points.

Points Skilled employment in Australia
0 Less than 1 year
5 1-2 years
10 3-4 years
15 5-7 years
20 8-10 years


Your educational qualifications will decide your points score for the education factor. Maximum points are allocated for a Doctorate obtained from a University in Australia or a University abroad if it is recognized by the Government of Australia. 

Points Qualifications
20 Doctorate obtained from a University in Australia or a University abroad
15 A Bachelor or Master's degree obtained from a University in Australia or a University abroad
10 Trade or Diploma qualification obtained in Australia
10 Any award or qualification accepted by the appropriate assessing authority for your designated skilled occupation
5 Niche skills such as Master's or  Doctorate in Australia

Spouse application:

You can claim extra points if your spouse is included as an applicant in the Australia PR Visa.

Points Spouse qualification
10 Spouse has a PR Visa or is an Australian citizen
10 Spouse's Skill Assessment is Positive and has proficient English
5 Spouse only has proficient English

Other qualifications:

You can also obtain points if you fulfill any of the below criteria. 

Points Criteria
5 points Study in a regional area
5 points Endorsed in community language
5 points Professional year in Australia in a skilled program
5 points Sponsorship of State (190 Visa)

What are the requirements to apply for Australian PR?

Necessary Documents:

You need to complete certain paperwork before filing your application for Australia PR Visa:

  • Employment documents
  • Academic qualification certifications
  • Skill assessment document
  • English language proficiency test score (IELTS)
  • Travel documents

Applicable category of immigration: 

You have various options for immigration through which you can obtain the Australia PR Visa. The points-based system is specifically applicable for Subclasses 189, 190, and 491 Australia Visas. You must choose the immigration category that is most suitable for your profile and individual circumstances.

Nomination of Skills: 

Your skill sets must be nominated from the SOL - Skilled Occupation List provided by the DIBP. Nomination of skills is required for candidates applying for PR Visa through business or skilled immigration categories. 

Expression of Interest: 

You must submit an EOI - Expression of Interest to reside and work in Australia through the online platform Skill Select. This is again applicable for business or skilled immigration categories. 

Note that an EOI is not an application for Australia Visa. It will first be reviewed by the immigration authorities in Australia. You will then be offered a nomination from an Australian State, employer, or Government of Australia to file your Visa application with the respective immigration authority. 

Health Check-up: 

You are required to submit certificates for a medical health check-up as an applicant for an Australian Visa for demonstrating your medical fitness and good health. 

Character Verification: 

The verification of character is a major prerequisite for the Australia PR Visa application. 

National Security: 

Your candidature will be verified for possible risk to the national security of Australia. 

The minimum qualifying score for all General Skilled Immigration Visas is 65 points. But due to the huge volume of applications and competitive nature of these Visas, this score does not guarantee an ITA - Invitation to Apply. The scores required for an ITA fluctuate based on the current occupation ceiling, the number of candidates for the nominated occupation, and the time of the year. 

 Check Your Eligibility

You should avail services of professional immigration consultants to gain an advantage over the other potential applicants. The skilled visa point's calculator is only a guide and cannot be concluded as the exact indicator of the points assigned by the DHA - Department of Home Affairs. 

The Australia PR Visa process is time-consuming. It demands thoroughly prepared documents, submission of forms, adhering to deadlines, and demonstrating your eligibility on diverse conditions. 

How Nationwide Visas Can Help You?

Nationwide Visas will ensure that you score optimum points possible as per the current immigration laws by offering updated and expert guidance. It can make the whole difference between you receiving or not receiving the ITA.

We will assist you in applying for the most suitable Australia PR Visa category irrespective of your location as the complete process is online. You will be offered thorough and end-to-end assistance right from the choice of the Visa category to submission of applications and documents. We will also regularly follow up with the DHA and provide you updates on your PR Visa application status.

We at Nationwide Visas have assisted thousands of individuals to successfully immigrate to Australia with their families through various Australian Immigration Programs. Our qualified and experienced Immigration Experts are equipped with the proficiency to accurately assess your case and advise the most suitable course of action for best serving your needs.  

Nationwide has accumulated a treasure of goodwill and exhaustive experience over the last 16+ years in this dynamic immigration industry and has constantly facilitated a wide range of aspiring immigrants to achieve their overseas goals. 

We are among the top-most brands in the Immigration sector being a highly reliable immigration firm with an outstanding track record of several thousands of triumphant PR Visa applications. The following major factors make us the Top Immigration Advisory Firm for an Australia PR Visa: 

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