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Canada has a huge demand for skilled workers to fulfill major shortages in its labor market. A Lawyer is amongst these skilled occupations and you can practice under several titles if you move to Canada as a Lawyer. You must evaluate all the available options thoroughly before obtaining a Canada PR Visa as an aspiring legal professional to Canada. As there are innumerable pathways for Canadian immigration as a Lawyer, you must choose the option with immense care. 

Canada PR Visas are only offered to those individuals who can demonstrate a profession that is normally linked to their nation of origin as well as Canada. For example, Canada has diverse professions in the legal sector. Nevertheless, the majority of the lawyers in Canada prefer to work for a Law Firm as a Lawyer and represent clients in the Courts. 

As a matter of fact, many individuals in the US travel to Canada all the way for representing a client in a court of justice. It is because of the reliability of the legal advice received from the law firms in Toronto. Several law firms exist in Canada and Toronto offering diverse services to their clients.

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Requirements for a Canadian Lawyer

For commencing your career as a Lawyer in Canada, you will require two to four years of a University Program as well as a Bachelor of Law or Juris Doctor degree from a renowned Law School. You are also required to have completed an articling period, course, and exam in bar admission, and have a license in the Territory/Province where you intend to work. Additionally, you may be required to succeed in an assessment process demonstrating to local employers your eligibility for hire. 

You have to get evaluated your current qualifications before commencing your law practice in Canada and submit an application for conversion through a suitable authority. In this case, it is the National Committee on Accreditation that works in collaboration with the National Lawyers Association. You will also have to appear in the Canada Bar Exam. Only successful candidates are permitted to practice in Territories and Provinces in Canada excluding Quebec. 

Canada Immigration Pathways 

Express Entry Program 

Express Entry is the system that manages the immigration intake and applications of aspiring skilled workers to Canada. It ranks the applicants in the pool on the basis of points. Individuals can immigrate through employment and obtain Canada PR Visa upon invitation. 

You will be allocated a CRS score in Express Entry based on the following factors: 

  • Level of education
  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Language proficiency

Canada Express Entry is not a Visa stream, it is only a system used by the Immigration Department of Canada to select the most suitable candidates for Canada PR Visa. In this case, if you are seeking to immigrate to Canada as a lawyer you have the choice of the Federal Skilled Worker and Provincial Nominee Programs.

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PNP - Provincial Nominee Programs 

Canada has designed Provincial Nominee Programs to address particular labor market shortages at the community level. Eleven of the thirteen Territories and Provinces participate in the PNP and each of them offers individual pathways for obtaining a Canada PR Visa.

PNP Streams
Programs Province
Alberta Express Entry Stream Alberta
Express Entry British ColumbiaSkills Immigration British Columbia
International Skilled Worker Category Saskatchewan

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream 

Skilled Worker Stream


Employer Job Offer Category 

Human Capital Category


Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

Skilled Worker Stream

Nova Scotia
PEI PNP Express Entry Prince Edward Island

Skilled Workers with Employer Support

Express Entry Labor Market Stream

New Brunswick

Skilled Worker Category

Newfoundland and Labrador Express Entry

Skilled Worker

Newfoundland & Labrador

Employer-Driven Program

Skilled Worker

Northwest Territories

Yukon Express Entry (YEE)

Skilled Worker


Lawyer Jobs in Canada

Legal Jobs in Canada for Indian Lawyers

Occupations on the NOC list in Canada are classified as being in demand. The NOC Code for Lawyers is 4112 and has been firmly established on the list for several years offering multiple opportunities across Canada. 

Being a qualified and highly skilled new Permanent Resident of Canada you can be employed from day one on a full-time basis. Law professionals are often better paid in Canada than in Asia, Europe, and the UK. The employment laws in Canada moreover respect the balance of work and life. The Bar Association of Canada is the industry body for lawyers. 

A Lawyer represents and guides clients in criminal or civil trials and provides proof in their defense. They also research legal aspects and are qualified in the interpretation of rulings, regulations, and laws. Lawyers also formulate legal documents such as deeds, wills, lawsuits, contracts, and appeals.

Can an individual immigrate to Canada as a Lawyer with no job offer?

Yes, an aspiring lawyer in Canada can immigrate even without having a job offer. However, you must have a good CRS score in the Express Entry pool and fulfill the minimum 67 immigration points requirement for the Canada Work Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker stream. 

Technically, no minimum CRS score is needed for submitting a profile in Canada Express Entry as a Lawyer applicant. Having a job offer boosts your CRS score by 200 points. Thus it is sensible to start this process as soon as possible. 

An immigration code is assigned to each occupation in the Canada NOC List. 4112 is the code for individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada as a Lawyer. It is also known as the Solicitors NOC Code

You would have known through online platforms that a Job offer is a prerequisite for immigrating through the Express Entry system. However, Lawyers also have extra options for securing the PR Visa.  

Lawyers can process their immigration applications under the various Immigration pathways of Canada even without a job offer due to the huge demand for lawyers in the nation. It is for this reason that the occupation finds a place in the list of targeted occupations in the In-Demand List of the National Occupation Code. So lawyers across the world have a great option for residing and working in Canada with a PR Visa.

Benefits of Practicing Law in Canada

Practicing law in Canada has several advantages and to start with it implies an annual salary of an average of roughly $ 137, 500. Additionally, each territory and province in Canada offers free-of-cost basic education and healthcare services. Moreover, Canada is renowned for its high lifestyle quality and diversity. Lawyers are classified under NOC A skill level as skilled workers and have several immigration routes for moving to Canada.

Conversion of your Qualifications

You must possess recognized credentials for practicing Law in Canada. This process of getting recognition needs you to succeed in the Bar Exam of Canada and complete an assessment process demonstrating to local employers your eligibility for hire. You can apply for assessment at any time as it is a distinct process in your immigration to Canada. 

The application process for the assessment is as follows: 

  • Begin the online application by paying a processing fee of CAD 400. 
  • Submit academic transcripts, Membership certificates from local authorities, Transcripts from native authorities, and results of exams and other courses.
  • Band score 7 in IELTS if the experience was in a language excluding English or French.

The full process must be completed and the results along with the documents must be sent to you in 4 to 8 weeks.

Prerequisites to Become a Legal Advisor in Canada

To obtain employment as a legal advisor in Canada, you must be aware of the fundamentals and the steps involved in becoming an agent of justice. 

It is not adequate if you are just a lawyer to succeed in this legal sector. You must possess excellent experience that will equip you with ideas and work hard towards the development of solutions. You must be able to appreciate the needs of the people and accordingly offer innovative solutions for their situations. 

You can do several things to succeed in your profession as a legal advisor. Diverse bodies and agencies offer training on various topics. Several offices have very good and established programs and will offer you certification on the successful completion of the programs. 

Being motivated to serve the community is the best way to succeed as a Lawyer. Several people consider that only the law sector requires the expertise of lawyers. However, you must be aware that legal expertise is demanded by various industries that need legal professionals. You will be able to develop solutions benefitting the public by offering your services as long you possess the expertise and skills. 


Main duties of Lawyers in Canada 

Here is a brief of the chief duties of some occupations (Canada Lawyers and Quebec Notaries) under Canada NOC 4112: 

  • Offer advice to clients regarding their lawful rights and all aspects of law. 
  • Conduct research for legal precedence and collate evidence.
  • Represent cases of clients in Tribunals, Boards, and Courts of Law (Only lawyers).
  • Prepare legal documents like Wills, Real estate transactions, Contracts, Divorces, and statements of legal opinion. 
  • Negotiations for settling civil quarrels (Only lawyers).
  • Perform management and administrative functions in the practice of law. 
  • Can act as Arbitrator, Conciliator, and Mediator. 
  • Can act as Guardian, Trustee, or Executor in Family law and estate issues. 

Lawyers in Canada and Notaries in Quebec can specialize in particular areas of law like Criminal Law (Only lawyers), Contract Law, Corporate Law, Administrative Law, Taxation Law, Commercial Law, International Law, Family & Estate Law, Real Estate Law, Labor Law, and Intellectual Property Law. 

Employment Requirements for Practicing Law in Canada 

Canada Lawyers

2 to 3 years of studies at the Undergraduate level (for Quebec a College Program completion with a Bachelors's Degree from a recognized School of Law), completing the Bar Examination and articling period is required. Licensing from the Territorial or Provincial Law Society is also needed.

Quebec Notaries

A bachelor's degree from a renowned Law School, DDN - Diploma of Notarial Law or a master's Degree in Law with a Notarial Law specialization, and a Vocational Training Program of 32 weeks are needed. 

Getting registered with the Corporation of Notaries is also needed. 

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Do you wish to Migrate to Canada as a Lawyer?

Immigrating to Canada as a Lawyer is not an altogether forthright process. The laws are intricate to an extent and as a result, it is always helpful to obtain assistance from Immigration Professionals. 

We at Nationwide Visas work with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council - ICCRC Agents who are accredited and experts in the field of Canadian immigration policies. They will assist you and conduct an eligibility assessment for the 60-plus diverse Canada PR Visa pathways offered by the Government of Canada to identify the most suitable program for you. 

Upon identifying the program, the immigration professionals will devise a personalized immigration strategy for you to ensure full compliance with processes and laws. This will make sure that you are on the right track for obtaining the Canada PR Visa as a Lawyer. 

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