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How to immigrate to Germany as a Skilled Worker?

Germany is the second most renowned immigration destination globally only behind the US and is increasingly gaining popularity amongst professionals and overseas companies. Diverse factors add to the overall appeal of Germany as an immigration destination. The nation has the largest economy in Europe and has a high focus on IT and innovation that attracts several overseas companies. Further reasons for immigration to Germany include a high standard of living, social security, and its passport being the most powerful globally. 

The Bundestag, Federal Parliament in Germany disapproved bills proposing immigration system based on points. However, there was an immigration pilot project operational till September 2019 that was based on points.

Immigration Project PuMa: Germany Immigration Points Calculator

Nationals of nations outside the European Union require a Work Permit for residing and working in Germany. So far, this was achievable only through a Blue Card or possessing skills in an occupation in-demand in Germany. The PuMa Immigration Project makes possible immigration through Germany Points Calculator. Its validity was until 2019 September and was restricted to the Baden-Württemberg State in Germany.

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Minimum Points required for Germany PR Visa

The minimum points score required is 100 points. These points can be secured from the following criteria and any combination is accepted: 

  • Compulsory acquaintance with the German language: 50 to 25 Points (Minimum level needed is A2).
  • Well assimilated relatives (till second degree) in Baden-Württemberg: 50 Points. 
  • Earlier stay in Germany: 50 Points.
  • Earlier stay in European Union: 25 Points.
  • Advanced proficiency in English or French language: 25 Points.

While the 100 points could be secured with any combination but it was mandatory to have proficiency in the German language at the A2 Level. Moreover, the qualifications and skills of the applicants had to be acknowledged in Germany. 

All the candidates who fulfill the language and qualifications criteria and secure a minimum of 100 points were entered into a pool of applications. Employers in the concerned region in Germany had access to it. Selected candidates were allowed to arrive in Germany and obtain the Work Permit after receiving an authentic job offer.

Germany Blue Card

Germany eased the process of immigration for non-EU skilled immigrants by launching the ‘Blue Card’ offering entry to candidates with University Degree. They also needed to have an employment offer with a salary of at least Euros 64, 000 to 50,000 annually. The major facts about Blur Card are:

  • No yearly limit on the number of migrant applications for Blue Card
  • Short processing times.
  • Applicants for high-skilled occupations are seldom rejected. 

The Blue Card is linked to a specific job offer with a specific employer just for the first 2 years. You can accept any highly eligible employment with any employer consequently later.

A few of the advantages of the Germany Blue Card are

  • No evidence of skills in the German language is needed for obtaining the Germany Blue Card. 
  • The married spouse of the German Blue Cardholder qualifies for a Residence Permit. 
  • None of the occupational fields are prohibited as far as the conditions for receiving the Blue Card are fulfilled. 
  • Blue Card holders in Germany can obtain a Permanent Residency after staying for 21 months in Germany.

The Germany Skilled Immigration Act

The Skilled Immigration Act of Germany is a new law that increases the options for qualified professionals to arrive in Germany for work. The act eases the immigration of skilled workers from non-EU nations to Germany if they have non-academic, vocational training. The current criteria for eligible professionals having degrees from University will remain effective along with certain exemptions in the policies. 

The aim of the Germany Immigration Act for Skilled Workers is to develop a governmental framework for choosy and enhanced immigration of skilled workers from non-EU nations. On the other hand, the Provisional Suspension of Deportation for Employment and Training Act that was passed has a different purpose. It aims to offer legal assurance to specific overseas nationals about their residence status whose deportation has been suspended provisionally and create long-term stay prospects. 

The Skilled Immigration Act of Germany modifies the German Residence Act and many other laws. It also implements many directives of the European Union. The Act has come into force on 1st March 2020 as per its article 54, Paragraph 1. Meanwhile, the Provisional Suspension of Deportation for Employment and Training Act has become effective from 1st January 2020 as per its article 3.

Provisions of the Germany Immigration Act for Skilled Workers

Skilled Workers’ Definition

According to the Act, skilled workers are highly qualified workers from nations outside the European Union having a University Degree. The degree can be obtained from a University in Germany, or a recognized overseas University – Skilled workers having an academic background. Alternatively, skilled workers having training are those who have successfully finished qualified vocational training in Germany or overseas. 

The skilled workers can migrate to Germany or stay here for seeking employment and work in their area of specialization. Nevertheless, they must have the necessary skills in the German language and monetary resources for survival. Applicants under this category above the age of 45 years have to prove that they will earn a monthly salary of a minimum of Euros 3, 685. Alternatively, they can demonstrate access to sufficient pension, in accordance with article 1, number 12 of the Act.

Period of Stay

Skilled workers who are seeking a job will be offered the Residence Permit of 6 months validity. The validity of the Residence Permit of skilled workers with an authentic job offer is 4 years. They can file an application for the Permanent Settlement Permit after 4 years if they

  • Have contributed towards the pension system in Germany for a minimum of 48 months. 
  • Have the necessary skills in the German language. 
  • Possess the survival means. 
  • Fulfill other specified requirements 

Skilled workers who have a domestic degree from a university or vocational training can file an application for a Permanent Settlement Permit after 2 years. Highly skilled workers having academic background can be offered Permanent Settlement Permit based on the case merit if they: 

  • Have been assimilated into the society in Germany. 
  • Possess subsistence means and will not be a burden on the system of social security; and. 
  • Approval of their Permit is not prohibited by means of public order or safety 

What do you need to do to work in Germany if you are a qualified professional?

Recognition of the overseas acquired professional qualifications:

The first major thing that you must do is get recognition for your qualifications in Germany. You can avail of fundamental details about the process of recognition and immigration to Germany from reliable Immigration Consultants. 

Language skills:

You must have minimum spoken skills in the German language if you intend to arrive in Germany for seeking employment as a skilled worker having vocational qualification or find a training place. A certain level of skills in the German language will also be required if you intend to participate in a training course in Germany.

The local authority for approval of Visa / Residency:

German missions overseas are responsible for approving and offering the required Visa if you reside outside Germany. For ensuring that you are filing the accurate Visa applications to the appropriate immigration authorities, it is advisable that you receive expert legal advice from competent Immigration Consultants. Specifically, expertise on the EU Community law implementation on a national level and exhaustive understanding of legal sources in Europe are of crucial significance.

The Immigration and Visa Experts at Nationwide Visas gladly offer you assistance regarding all issues pertaining to the immigration law of Germany, Residence Permits, and Citizenship Laws. If you have to file an application for a Germany Work Visa, Self-employment Residence Permit, EU Blue Card, Family Reunification Visa, Student Visa, Permanent Residency, an extension of Residence Permit or Citizenship of Germany, our Immigration Advisors are at your disposal.

Nationwide Visas offers you an exhaustive assessment for evaluating your options for Blue Card. The assessment along with consultation will offer you exhaustive advice regarding the processes and options for you to be successful in your immigration to Germany. 

Our teams consisting of immigration and process consultants are proficient in German immigration laws and offer representation to individuals and companies across all aspects of immigration policies. You have a wide range of possibilities to explore for immigration to Germany from Job Seeker Visa to Blue Card, Residency through investment to a Work visa and Employee Residence Permits to Citizenship of Germany. To identify the most appropriate and accurate German immigration pathway for you, contact us today! 


How Nationwide Visas Can Help You?

We at Nationwide Visas have assisted hundreds of individuals to successfully immigrate to Germany with their families through the Germany PR Visa. Our qualified and experienced Immigration Experts are equipped with the proficiency to accurately assess your case and advise the most suitable course of action for best serving your needs.   

Nationwide has accumulated a treasure of goodwill and exhaustive experience over the last 15 years in this dynamic immigration industry and has constantly facilitated a wide range of aspiring immigrants to achieve their overseas goals.  

We are among the top-most brands in the Immigration sector being a highly reliable immigration firm with an outstanding track record of several thousand triumphant PR Visa applications. The following major factors make us the Top Immigration Advisory Firm for a Germany Visa: 

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