5 Tips to Boost CRS Score By 50 to 600 Points

5 Tips to Boost CRS Score By 50 to 600 Points

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[Published 18 Dec, 2023 | 12:31 PM]
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Millions of Indians apply for Canada PR Visa from India every year. The majority of them are successful through the Express Entry system. Express Entry has been launched by the Government of Canada to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers to boost the nation’s economic growth. It consists of 3 major economic immigration pathways:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canada Experience Class
Express Entry System requires the applicants to create a profile that is valid for 12 months. They are ranked in a pool of candidates and after a draw the highest ranked candidates get initiation to apply for a Canada PR Visa.

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The candidates are ranked based on specific factors like education, age, language proficiency, work experience, and others. The ranking system is known as the CRS or the Comprehensive Ranking System. The calculation of points is according to the CRS Calculator.

The maximum points allocated under CRS are 1200 and these are divided into 3 categories:

  • Human Capital + Common-law partner/Spouse factors – Maximum 500 points
  • Skill transferability factors - Maximum 100 points
  • Additional factors ­ - Maximum 500 points
You will receive the ITA if you secure the required CRS score for the specific draw. The cut-off score for every Express Entry selection draw is variable. Thus, you must be aware of the allocation of points under CRS. You must also be able to explore ways to increase your CRS score to get the ITA at the earliest.

We have outlined the 5 ways through which you can boost your CRS score and chances of receiving the ITA.

Tips to Boost CRS Score

Express Entry draws that offer ITAs for Canada Permanent Residence Visa are highly competitive. Upon submission of your profile, if you see that your CRS score is lower than the average cut-off score, you must work towards increasing it. This will ensure that your chances of receiving the ITA are amplified.

Reappearing for Language Test

Securing a better score in a language test (IELTS) is one of the swiftest methods to increase your CRS score. It is possible that you may not have secured the best possible score in a language test (CLB 9). You always have the option to reappear for the test and secure a fresh and better score.

Note that you can secure up to 136 points for language proficiency as a single applicant and 128 points if a partner or spouse is included in the application. Thus, you should improve your language skills and test scores subsequently.

Nomination from a Province

You can earn 600 points under CRS if you get a nomination from a Province in Canada. The maximum score under CRS is 1200 and the average cut-off score ranges from 500 to 800. This means nomination from a Province almost assures you an ITA.

Canadian Provinces manage Provincial Nominee Programs to select highly suitable and skilled immigrants to cater to their unique labor market needs. The eligibility criteria and requirements for application are unique for each PNP stream.

However, it is not very easy to secure the 600 points incurred from a Provincial Nomination. You need a proactive approach and remain updated with the latest developments and changes under Express Entry.

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Getting a Canadian Job Offer

If you are successful in getting a Canadian job offer even before you apply for a PR Visa, this can highly boost your immigration prospects. However, there are specific criteria to be fulfilled to claim points for a job offer under CRS.

The job must be paid, continuous, and full-time employment for a minimum of 12 months, and a written offer is needed from the employer. This will most importantly resolve your monetary concerns upon arrival in Canada as a fresh immigrant. You will even get a maximum of 200 points under the CRS.

Getting a Canadian Job Offer

You can get 50 points for a valid non-seasonal or full-time job offer categorized under skill level B, A, or 0 under the National Occupational Classification. The offer from the employer in Canada must have a validity of a minimum of 12 months.

Gaining extra educational credentials

You can get a maximum of 230 points under CRS for education. It is among the long-term strategies for increasing your CRS score. You will gain new educational credentials or skills and the chance to secure extra points for Human Capital/Core factors under CRS. It is also a valuable and crucial feature of the factors under Skill Transferability through which you can gain a maximum of 100 points.

The least educational credential specified for securing points is a Higher Secondary Level. So you are required to get at least 2 or more credentials at the Post-secondary level.

Increasing work experience

If you are applying for a Canada PR Visa from overseas and do not possess more than 3 years of work experience, it is a good idea to obtain a few additional years of work experience. This is applicable even if you are already employed in Canada as a Temporary Foreign Worker on a Work Permit. In this way, you can enhance your CRS score through the Skills Transferability factor.

How to get a Canada PR / PNP Visa with a 300+ CRS Score?

You must possibly try to identify an employer in Canada who is ready to provide you with a valid job and you can arrive in Canada on a Work Permit. Later you have to work for 1 year or more on the Work Permit. Working for an employer in Canada normally backed by an LMIA will offer you bonus points. You can also gain extra points under the CRS for the work experience obtained in Canada.

Thus, there are various options through which you can enhance your profile in Express Entry and increase your CRS score. What is required is a suitable strategy and preparation to achieve the desired results.

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