7 Tips to Obtain Job Offer in Canada from India

7 Tips to Obtain Job Offer in Canada from India

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[Published 03 Jun, 2023 | 02:48 PM]
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Living and working in Canada is a dream of many Indian nationals and Canada is one of the world’s leading countries with excellent work opportunities. In addition to this, the no bias of religious caste, better living conditions, safety, social benefits, and the fast-growing economy are some major reasons why thousands of Indians migrate to Canada to work for the best-paying jobs. Those looking for a job in Canada from India can look in various sectors like IT, medicine, and engineering.   

With so many skilled professionals applying for jobs in Canada, the market is extremely competitive. That is why we have compiled a list of tips for getting a Canadian job offer in India.

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Tips to Get a Job Offer in Canada

1. Connect with hiring managers on LinkedIn

To get ahead in the game of job offers, look for jobs in Canada and if you see a listing for a job opening, search for the hiring manager of that company on LinkedIn and connect with them. This way you can directly contact them, send your resume, and explain why you are the perfect candidate for this particular role. And maybe the hiring manager will review your resume and profile.

2. Create a Canadian-style resume

A resume is an essential part of getting a job offer in Canada as it is the first impression that the potential employer will see before interacting with you about the position. The possibility of your resume being skimmed through among others is very high. That is why you need to work on it and make it stand out from others. Create a resume that matches the format and style of that of a Canadian resume. Attach a detailed but to the point Cover Letter with it.

3. Be active on Job Bank Sites

Just like we have job posting sites in India, so does Canada. Create a profile there and mention the details about you and your previous job experience there. Actively apply for jobs in Canada or if you want to work in a particular province, choose accordingly. Use filters to easily browse through job openings and narrow down the ones in the field you are interested in and that match your qualifications.

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4. Pick the right cities

Most of Canada’s population resides in a few cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and similar. So if you were to apply for jobs in these cities of Canada, it is most likely that thousands like you are standing for a single position. Therefore, you must strategize and pick the cities and towns in Canada with less population like Yukon. The number of applicants in these locations will be lesser, which will improve the odds of you getting the job.

5. Improve skills for in-demand jobs

Canada has one of the world’s largest skilled labor pools. Despite that, labor shortages are seen in various industries across the country. This creates “in-demand” positions and makes employers look for skilled workers in foreign countries like India. If you wish to migrate to Canada and work for “in-demand” jobs, get the right educational degrees or programs and apply for the position. This will increase your chance of getting a job offer from a Canadian employer.

Improve skills for in-demand jobs

6. Look for Jobs in-person

The best and smartest way of working in Canada is to give interviews in person. The employer in Canada will get to ask you questions face-to-face without getting into the hassle of skimming through your resume online. It will also enable you to showcase your communication skills and understanding of the professional business environment in Canada. Doing so will make the hiring manager feel more confident about hiring you. For this to happen in real-time, you have to apply for a Canadian Visit Visa from India.

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7. Apply for Canada PR Visa

The chances of getting a job in Canada will skyrocket if you have a Canada PR. If you apply for a Canada PR Visa, you will get the chance to live and work anywhere in the country. The PR status will give the employer a chance to carefully analyze you and ensure your physical and mental health. It will create the trust that you are skilled and capable of working. In addition, you can enjoy benefits like free healthcare, free education, and so on.

You can apply for Canada PR through various immigration programs like Express Entry Program or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The process of Canada PR includes you to check eligibility for Canada PR through CRS Score Calculator, take IELTS Exam, give proof of work experience, get a medical exam, etc.

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