A Guide to International Student Accommodation in Canada

A Guide to International Student Accommodation in Canada

Sanjay Yadav Sanjay Yadav
[Published 04 May, 2024 | 05:07 PM]
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The major concern of Indian students arriving to study in Canada is finding a reasonable accommodation. However, finding a place to stay in Canada as a student while managing other expenses can be troublesome.

But there’s no need to worry as the Canadian government offers several options for students to choose from on-campus or off-campus accommodation, including shared apartments, single apartments homestays, etc.

As far as the cost is concerned, it depends on the city you choose to study in and the time of the year. Larger cities like Vancouver & Toronto are more on the expensive side than small cities or rural areas.

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Accommodation for Indian students in Canada

On-Campus Housing for Indian Students

Here are various sources to find on-campus accommodation in Canada as a student:

University Websites

Most universities in Canada list the on-campus housing options on their website. This may include residence hall descriptions, types of rooms available, facilities in the room, and how to apply for the place. So, if you are looking for one, visit your university’s official website to get more details on this.

Student Services

The second option for finding a place to stay on campus is to access the student services or housing offices, tailored for university students. These services help students seeking on-campus accommodations with housing applications, room assignments, and related policies.

Virtual Tours and Videos

As an international student, you can get virtual tours or videos that display the housing facilities on university grounds. You can get virtual insights into residence buildings, common areas on the campus, layout of rooms, and amenities - to help students decide with a clear mind.

Student Forums and Groups

Check out the online forums, social media groups of the university, and specific platforms by the university that help students connect with current or former residents of on-campus housing. You can ask questions, discuss, and seek advice from your peers who can give you information on how is it to live on campus.

On-Campus Housing vs Off-Campus Housing for Indian Students

Off-Campus Housing for Indian Students

Here are various sources to find off-campus accommodation in Canada as a student:

Housing Websites

Many websites are available in Canada for students to find accommodation near the universities:

  • Craigslist: A classified ads platform, Craigslist features various rental listings for rooms, one or two-bedroom apartments, and shared apartments in different cities. You can filter out the results based on your budget and preference.
  • PadMapper and Zumper: Second on the list we have platforms like PadMapper and Zumper, which allow students to search for places to stay like apartments, houses, and shared accommodation – based on location, price, and amenities.
  • Kijiji: Last on the list is another classified website where international students can see the post rental listings by individuals and landlords like shared housing options.
University Off-Campus Housing Services

Similar to the on-campus housing services, Canadian universities also offer off-campus housing services or resources to help students from different parts of the world find affordable rental options. Their services include housing workshops, rental listings, roommate matching programs, and lease review assistance.

Student Housing Cooperatives

Some Canadian cities feature housing cooperatives that provide reasonable and community-focused housing options. These are run by student members and focus on inclusivity and sustainability.

Best Cities in Canada for Student Accommodation

Many cities in Canada offer accommodation options catering to the needs and preferences of international students. Whether you are looking for vibrant city life or the cosy charm of a smaller city, you can find a place to stay to your liking in the following cities:

  • Montreal: One of the best places to find a place to stay in Montreal, especially in neighbourhoods like Plateau Mont-Royal. This place is quite popular among students seeking lower rental places while still being close to major universities.
  • Toronto: Find accommodation near your institution to lessen the travel time. Places downtown can be expensive, so check out places like The Annex, known for cheap housing and closeness to the University of Toronto.
  • Vancouver: You can find shared accommodations in Vancouver’s Kitsilano or East Van areas, offering accessibility to universities and rental affordability.
  • Ottawa: This city is a blend of cultural institutions and quiet neighbourhoods with a laid-back lifestyle for students. The accommodations are cheaper in areas such as Sandy Hill, close to the University of Ottawa.
  • Calgary: Students who have their institution in Calgary have various student housing options at cheaper rates. You can look in areas like Kensington and Sunnyside, located near educational institutions.

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