Are H-1B allowed to work multiple jobs in the USA?

Are H-1B allowed to work multiple jobs in the USA?

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 09 Jan, 2023 | 03:20 PM]
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Becoming a worker in US skilled labor market is a standard statement for many immigrants. Many people opt for a USA study visa with the dream of eventually getting working rights in the country. Talking about the popular visas- H-1B, the demand is pretty high but there is a low statutory limit for visa numbers. This is the reason why not many skilled professionals are successful in becoming US workers. As an expert study abroad and work permit consultants, we would like to discuss how is it like to work multiple jobs as an H-1B visa holder. Let’s get straight to the topic-

Let us help you to know more about the USA H-1B visa

Launched in 1990, the H-1B visa allows a foreign worker to get hired by a company based in the US under a specialty occupation. The idea of this temporary visa is to facilitate employers to get highly educated foreign workers who hold bachelor’s degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medical) and relevant work experience. These professionals further fulfill the scarcity that the US job market deals with. Usually, this visa is granted for three years but can be extended to six years. The employer needs to file various petitions to ensure the foreign worker will not create any problems and harm US workers. A maximum of 65k H-1B visas can be granted to foreign professionals and 20k are given to immigrants who hold USA study visa status and successfully pass out of their educational programs.

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Concurrent Jobs as an H-1B visa holder

As a work permit expert, we can guide you that it is possible to work more than one job under an H-1B visa. In fact, there is no limit as such on the number of jobs that you can do on this visa. However, it depends on your time management and hard work. But there is one condition no candidate can do two similar roles simultaneously, and the nature of all jobs should be different. Also, USCIS must be convinced that both the roles that you are doing are different, and even, your second employer needs to state the same. Once you get a valid H-1B status, only then you can do a concurrent H-1B visa, which allows you to do multiple jobs. Further, your second employer will have to deal with a complex process to hire you on H-1B concurrent visa and will also fill out an LCA, which is also known as Labor Condition Application. It is definitely difficult but not impossible. Think about the students who hold USA study visas and had to fulfill a different role as a part of their struggle phase. This is how you will get the required motivation to get a Concurrent H-1B visa.

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Concurrent Jobs as an H-1B visa holder

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