Demand in Canada for Purchasing Managers in 2023

Demand in Canada for Purchasing Managers in 2023

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[Published 28 Jul, 2023 | 02:49 PM]
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The demand in Canada for Purchasing Managers is increasing rapidly. The popular sectors of Canada like Finance, Operations, and Logistics require skilled immigrants to fill the market gaps and this trend will continue to expand in the upcoming years. Meaning, there will be more jobs available for Purchasing Managers in Canada.

So, if you seek a role as a Purchasing Manager, apply for jobs in Canada for career advancement in private, public, and self-employed sectors. Learn new skills, expand your knowledge, and take on new challenges.

Apply for Canada PR as a Purchasing Manager

Along with it, avail a range of benefits, including a supportive work environment, strong job security, free healthcare, and more. The country also has a welcoming culture, which will make living and working under TEER 10012 in Canada more enjoyable.

Are jobs available for Purchasing Managers in Canada?

Yes, there are many jobs for purchasing managers in Canada. In fact, between 2022 and 2031, 8,100 new jobs are expected to be available and 7,400 new job seekers are expected to fill them. If you have knowledge of how to get jobs in Canada, then it will be easier for you to land a job under TEER 10012.

Employment Requirements for Purchasing Managers in Canada

To get a job in Canada as Purchasing Manager, you must check your eligibility using a CRS score calculator. It takes into account your age, work experience, education, and other factors and determines whether you are eligible to apply for Canada permanent residence or not.

Here are the employment requirements for Purchasing Managers in Canada -

  • They must have a bachelor’s degree or college diploma in commerce, economics, or business administration.
  • They must possess a degree or diploma to work as purchasing managers responsible for units purchasing specialized materials or business services. For instance, they require a bachelor’s degree or college diploma in engineering for purchasing industrial products.
  • They must have the designation of Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) or must be registered in the educational program of the Supply Chain Management Association.
  • They should also have several years of experience as purchasing agents or officers.

Job Titles that Purchasing Managers can work under

A Purchasing Manager in Canada can work as a -

  • Contract Manager
  • Food Purchasing Manager
  • Material Manager
  • Procurement Director
  • Purchasing Contracts Manager
  • Purchasing Director
  • Supply Chain Logistics Manager

Job Responsibilities of Purchasing Managers in Canada

Purchasing Managers perform the following duties -

  • Plan, organize, control, manage, and assess the purchasing movements of an organization.
  • Come up with purchasing policies and techniques and control the purchasing department budget.
  • Recognize vendors of materials, equipment, or supplies.
  • Estimate the price and quality of goods or services.
  • Negotiate or handle the negotiation of purchase agreements.
  • Partaking in the growth of specifications for equipment, products, or replacement materials.
  • Study and process claims against suppliers.
  • Interview, hire, and overlook the training of staff.

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Steps to Get a Job as a Purchasing Manager in Canada

Follow the steps given below to get a job as a purchasing manager in Canada -

  • Improve your skill set

Whatever skills or expertise you have as a Purchasing Manager, you must stay updated regarding the market and learn new things to stay competitive in the Canadian job market.

  • Create a strong portfolio

Work on your portfolio and include projects where you displayed your planning, managing, and training of the staff.

  • Meet new people

Go online and connect with other professionals in the same industry to get recommendations and better job opportunities.

Steps to Get a Job as a Purchasing Manager in Canada

  • Do thorough research

It is important to stay updated about the currency Canadian job market for Purchasing Managers. Look for cities or regions with high demand for this role and apply accordingly.

  • Apply for jobs

Use online job portals like LinkedIn and Job Bank to apply for relevant positions. Customize your resume and cover letter and highlight all the points that make you stand out.

  • Prepare well for interviews

Make a list of common interview questions for Purchasing Managers and practice. Be confident and give points.

  • Acquire essential work permits

Once you get a job offer, know which work permit or visa you must apply for in Canada to work legally.

Average Salary of Purchasing Managers in Canada

Due to the high demand for Purchasing Managers in Canada, salaries are also competitive. So you must not worry as an average purchasing manager can make from $57,700 to $140,200 per year. The salary may vary as per location, experience, and specialization.

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Different Pathways for Purchasing Managers to Immigrate to Canada

The Canadian government provides special work permits to purchasing managers. There are many ways to apply for Canada PR from India as a purchasing manager, and some of them are listed below -

  • Express Entry’s Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • British Columbia PNP Tech
  • Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway
Note that the immigration policies and need for Purchasing Managers in Canada can change over time. Therefore, we advise you to visit the official websites of the Government of Canada or seek professional guidance from ICCRC-registered consultants for the most up-to-date information.

How can we help?

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