Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse with PR under Express Entry

Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse with PR under Express Entry

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[Published 28 Jun, 2022 | 12:38 PM]
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Registered nurses are among the most in-demand professions in Canada, though there are many other professions as well. Canada needs nurses, thus the government has created a number of immigration and work permit schemes to help foreign workers become permanent residents of Canada.

According to the National Occupation Classification of the Canadian government, nurses fit into one of two groups (NOC). Licensed practical nurses to go under NOC 3233, skill level B, while registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses fall under NOC 3012, skill level A. The types of immigration programs that nurses may qualify for are determined in part by these skill levels.

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Benefits for applying as a Nurse in Canada:

There are many advantages to working as a nurse in Canada besides living in one of the safest and wealthiest nations in the world and contributing to its economic development? Here are a few reasons:

Good pay scales

You'll make a nice living as a nurse in Canada, which is a huge perk. When compared to a lot of other industrialized nations, the average nurse in Canada makes $65,000 per year, which is rather good pay.

Health insurance

The ability to get family-friendly health insurance policies is another advantage of working in the healthcare industry in Canada.

Child care

All working parents in Canada who require child care assistance can access a facility through a certified nurse. Many hospitals and institutions offer the option of child care, where the children can be taken care of as and when required, to ensure that the children of nurses who work odd hours are taken care of.

You can apply through one of these schemes if you wish to immigrate to Canada with a PR in 2022 as a nurse. Let's first take a look at which Canadian provinces are most in need of nurses.

Express Entry for Nurses

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) are two of Canada's top-ranking current federal economic immigration schemes. It's critical to have professional work experience in order to be eligible for these programs.

Express Entry for Nurses

 A minimum of one year of continuously working experience in a profession with a NOC skill level of 0 or A or B is required to apply for the FSWP. Anywhere in the past ten years can do, but this experience must be recent. Each of the four language competencies—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—must be met by an applicant for the FSWP with a CLB 7 in English or an NCLC 7 in French. Additionally, they need a six-factor exam score of at least 67/100 on which candidates' educational background, language proficiency, and possession of criminal records are evaluated.

The CEC, on the other hand, demands one year of recent NOC 0, A, or B experience in Canada. The following scores must be demonstrated by applicants: CLB or NCLC 7 for those applying with NOC 0 or A occupations, or CLB/NCLC 5 for those applying with NOC B jobs. Although neither program needs it, having a job offer can greatly improve your chances of getting an ITA.

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Provincial Nominee Program

Additionally, nurses may be eligible for a number of Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). There is occasionally a stream reserved solely for nurses. Other career paths are open to skilled people in general or they are specific to a number of health professions. Because they fit into two groups, nurses are excellent candidates for immigration based on economic-class immigration. They are first and foremost in high demand and secondly engaged in a professional profession. The Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) program in New Brunswick, the Healthcare Professional (Skills Immigration and Express Entry pathways) program through British Columbia, the Regular Skilled Worker Program, and the Quebec Experience Program in Quebec, as well as other options, are available to nurses.

There are several nurse-welcoming immigration programs in various provinces. There are situations when provincial and federal programs work together. A province might, for instance, connect a few of its own streams with Express Entry. Streams that are connected in this way are referred to as "enhanced streams." If a candidate obtains a nomination from an enhanced program, they increase their CRS score by 600 points, practically guaranteeing them an ITA.

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