IRCC Launches Immigration Programs for Rural Areas and French-Language Communities

IRCC Launches Immigration Programs for Rural Areas and French-Language Communities

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[Published 21 Mar, 2024 | 03:06 PM]
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IRCC launched two new pilot programs in Canada!

The Rural Community Immigration Pilot and the Francophone Community Immigration Pilot programs are aimed to benefit the rural and francophone minority communities across Canada.

With their launch, IRCC aims to maintain rural communities’ access to programs that tackle labour shortages and help local businesses in finding skilled workers. 

These programs will open pathways for those seeking Canada PR from India who are interested in being a part of the smaller communities for an extended period.

Both new immigration pilot programs are currently on pace to launch in Fall 2024. More information will be released about them in the upcoming months.

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Rural Community Immigration Pilot

Pilot programs can only operate for a maximum of 5 years. Therefore, IRCC is planning to replace the existing Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) with the new Rural Community Immigration Pilot.

Since the launch of RNIP, it has benefited 11 different Canadian communities in 5 provinces by hiring and retaining immigrants who expressed a desire to settle in these communities. The program helped these regions address their pressing labour and demographic concerns too.

The 5 provinces included Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia.

Canada PR through RNIP

With the launch of the Rural Community Immigration Pilot, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot will be made a permanent program. So, if you wish to plan to move to Canada through the RNIP, you have to meet eligibility requirements while also receiving a recommendation from the community from a “designated community economic development organization.”

Further, you must meet either of the following federal requirements for the RNIP:

Set 1:

  • Have a recommendation from one of the designated communities
  • Have at least one year of eligible & continuous work experience in the past 3 years (equivalent to 1,560 hours)
Set 2:

  • Graduated from a post-secondary institution in the recommending community, funded publicly
  • Have a job offer to work in one of the designated communities
  • Meet the language requirements for the NOC skill type or level of job you are offered
  • Have the financial capacity to settle and also support yourself and your family
  • Have the intention to live in the community
Meeting education requirements, job offers, language requirements, etc. are added Canada PR eligibility requirements for the RNIP.

Till December 31, 2023, about 4,595 immigrants received Canada permanent residency through the RNIP, helping fill the labour gaps in major sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, accommodation and food services, retail, scientific and technical services.

Rural Community Immigration Pilot

Francophone Community Immigration Pilot

IRCC’s Francophone Community Immigration Pilot program is aligned with the federal government’s commitment to the economic development and demographic growth of Francophone minority communities outside Quebec.

The main aim of this pilot program is to promote linguistic diversity and support the growth of vibrant Francophone communities across Canada by attracting skilled French-speaking immigrants

This can also be seen in the recent category-based Express Entry draws. Thousands of eligible French-speaking candidates have been invited – if they meet the required criteria. 

Date of DrawType of DrawNo. of Invitations to Apply (ITA) issuedCRS score of lowest ranked candidate invited
February 1, 2024French language proficiency (2023-1)7,000365
February 29, 2024French language proficiency (2024-1)2,500336

As of March 21, a total of 9,500 candidates with French language proficiency have been invited.

If you have French-speaking skills, keep an eye out for the latest Express Entry draws in 2024.

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The introduction of the Rural Community Immigration Pilot and the Francophone Community Immigration Pilot clearly indicates Canada’s dedication to addressing the needs of smaller regions and communities.

Both of the new immigration pilot programs by IRCC are set to launch in Fall 2024.

This is an exciting opportunity for skilled workers in India to move to Canada with relevant skills and experience.

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