Pre-arrival checklist for immigrants applying for Canada PR

Pre-arrival checklist for immigrants applying for Canada PR

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[Published 23 Feb, 2023 | 03:58 PM]
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Canada is an amazing country to move to, and many immigrants are keen to start a new life there. If you are also planning to apply for Canada PR, then you should be aware of the pre-arrival checklist meant for immigrants moving to Canada. All the points covered here will be helpful to make this transition easy and feel at home in Canada soon after moving. The core idea of the Canada immigration checklist is to facilitate the immigrants to stay organized and plan ahead while moving to Canada. So, let’s begin with this comprehensive list-

Let us help you with the pre-arrival checklist for moves to Canada

What to prepare before moving to Canada?

1. Passport: Everything will move forward with a valid passport. Firstly, you should ensure that your passport is valid enough to apply for Canada PR.

2. Document Checklist: Do not forget to follow the documents' checklist according to your selected visa type and profile. Arrange everything and apply for the visa you wish for. Once you get a positive revert, you must begin with the preparations to move to Maple Leaf country. 

3. Flight Tickets: The first step should be to book your flight tickets. There can be a huge difference in air ticket prices when booked on an urgent basis. So, it is ideal to book your ticket at a reasonable price at least 2–3 months ahead of the moving day.

4. Accommodation: You can also book temporary accommodation if finding a permanent place is difficult at first. It can be a hotel, apartment, or hostel. Furthermore, the Canadian government does offer pre-arrival programs to facilitate those moving to Canada and intend to settle down in the country feasibly. You can surely register for these sponsored programs and get benefitted. It would be a great idea to register for such arrangements right after you get the visa approval.

What to prepare before moving to Canada?

5. Job Hunt: Getting introduced to the provincial job market and thoroughly researching it to arrange employment is a crucial step to take before moving to Canada. Even if you are not able to attain a suitable job, still it would be helpful to know a bit about the potential job market. This is how you can get suitable certifications and licenses. 

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6. Family: While moving with the family, you will have to find information about the school, more employment, and other things as per the interest of your family members. Having enough budget for a few initial months in a new country will also be a necessity. 

7. Things to Carry: Also, you need to bring up only the stuff and items allowed in Canada. Finding out about the products that are duty-free and permitted in a new country is an important step while international immigration.

In short, it is right to state that applying and getting Canada PR does not end the moving process, instead it is the beginning of new work and responsibilities. So, you need to buckle up once you get visa approval and plan to move to Canada.

Documents you require while traveling to Canada as an immigrant

  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence (for each member traveling)
  • Two copies of form BSF186 or B4 containing the information of household items you are bringing and a list of the rest of the items that will arrive later with their monetary value.
  • A valid passport for each member traveling
  • Driver’s permit and a reference from the auto insurance company
  • Any documents or records related to medical treatments and insurance for all members
  • Marriage certificate (if married)
  • Divorce papers (if any)
  • Adoption papers (if any)
  • Letter of recommendation from the companies you have worked for in your home country
  • Any professional licenses
  • All the birth certificates
  • Academic records of each member.
  • Resume and job experience letter
  • Financial records and proof of funds
  • A car registration document is mandatory when importing a vehicle to Canada.

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Make sure to keep those crucial documents handy while landing in Canada and avoid keeping them in the luggage.

Even after moving to Canada, it will take at least 5–6 months for you to fully settle down. You will be required to get internet access, apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN), set up a bank account, get medical care, seek permanent housing, and a lot more. Prepare your mind for all the work as per the Canada immigration checklist. Reach out to us to know more about the checklist and Canada PR process.


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