Role of Work Experience Certificate for Canada Study and PR Visa

Role of Work Experience Certificate for Canada Study and PR Visa

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[Published 15 Nov, 2022 | 02:38 PM]
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Every professional is aware of the power of the resume when they aim for a job switch. Just like that work experience certificate or experience letter has significant importance to display candidates’ overall career glimpse for a Canada study visa or PR. This letter is one of the mandatory documents for different Canadian visas. Are you planning to study in Canada or to move there permanently? In either case, you require a work experience certificate, which will depict the information about your career exposures to date. This official document is duly signed by your last employer, and it showcases all the roles that you fulfilled, your skills attained, and your performance. Make sure to get valuable feedback from your reporting manager and frame it properly in a draft to submit as a document for visa processing. Not sure what an ideal work experience certificate looks like? Let us show you.

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Steps to Write a Great Work Experience Letter

If your work experience is relevant as per the Canada occupation in-demand list, then the next step is to understand what kind of work experience letter will work for you. This letter will act as proof that you have attained the experience you claim and what kind of responsibilities you are capable to fulfill.

Steps to Write a Great Work Experience Letter

  • Usually, Human Resources Manager writes this letter, but you can also write about your experience on the behalf of your manager and get it signed. Or, in the best-case scenario, you can ask your manager to write it for you (If possible).
  • Do not miss the important contents- A perfect experience letter always contains the letter issue date, job title, date of joining and resignation, skills, experience gained, rapport, and all the contributions to the company.
  • The work experience certificate or letter should be printed on the company’s letterhead in case of professional requirements and on the college’s letterhead for the academic case.
  • Employers’ or professors’ details like their designation, tenure, and email id must be written at the bottom of the letter.
  • The letter should not be biased or focused too much on your positive feedback instead it should be a merge of negative and positive feedback.
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Experience letter or Reference letter format for Canada study visa

(Letterhead- Name of the Company/College)


Employer or professor’s designation and tenure

About the employee/student

Basis of association and period

Support in the decision for a Canada study visa or PR application

Mid part:

Information about the performance in the class/office place

Summary of project work for college or real-time project for a client

Involvement in office fun activities or college extracurriculars


Employer’s / professor’s signature

This is one of the formats, but the experience letter can be written in various ways. The format of the letter mainly depends on the choice of the recommender. So, it is a great idea to get approval beforehand. Remember, a work experience certificate or letter is an indispensable part of the PR application concerning the Canada occupation in-demand list. Make sure to write an impactful letter that your recommender will approve of. For any query regarding the work experience letter, feel free to connect with the experts of Nationwide Immigration Services. Our team will assist you by applying years of expertise in this domain. Contact today.

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