Tips to remember when you apply for Canada PR Visa

Tips to remember when you apply for Canada PR Visa

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[Published 08 Feb, 2022 | 03:28 PM]
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Are you also among the millions of candidates who plan to apply for a Canada PR Visa? Then the following tips will help you immensely in preparing for your application and acing it in the first attempt. These valuable tips are applicable for Canadian immigration through PR Visa obtained under diverse programs inclusive of Family Class, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Express Entry.

1. Identify the best Canadian immigration program for you and your family

You will be amazed to know that more than 100 Canadian immigration programs are present. This implies that your prospects to become eligible for a Visa are highly increased in comparison with other leading immigration destinations having lesser options. Some Visa pathways are based on points while others are first-applied, first-processed. Some programs have restricted intake while others are aimed at fulfilling provisional shortages of skills.

Moreover, Canada is also amongst the select first-world nations with abundant Permanent Residency programs. This is for overseas workers with intermediate skills like Farmworkers, Truck Drivers, Caregivers, etc. 

However, due to the availability of innumerable programs, the process of identifying the suitable one for you including your family can get tougher. It is quite challenging to make a start and shortlist the best options while keeping in mind the qualifying criteria. So if you wish to apply for Canada PR, it is highly recommended that you obtain assistance from professionals who are experts in the industry. They will guide you through a comprehensive assessment of your profile and identify the best program that you are eligible for. 

2. Procure the professional assistance of Immigration Consultants

You must obtain aid from Immigration Consultants who are accredited with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council – ICCRC. They are lawfully authorized representatives and in good standing with the ICCRC being its members. These professionals are specialists in Canadian immigration and help applicants in realizing their aspirations of living and working in Canada. They take care of the entire process of the Canada PR Visa application on behalf of the client for ensuring optimal results from beginning till conclusion.

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3. Collate in advance your documents

You will be offered a checklist of documents during the process of your Canada PR Visa application. It is advisable that you begin collating these documents before you are instructed to submit the application. Otherwise, you may be at the risk of missing the deadline for the application. 

A few Canadian immigration programs such as the Express Entry provide just 60 days for submitting the PR Visa application with the IRCC. You may feel that this is an adequate time for gathering the documents. However, you must consider for instance some documents such as a background check from police. It can take a few months for some candidates to get it due to the slow process in their nation of residence. 

4. Doubly verify the date of expiry of your documents

You must take care not to hinder your application for PR by erroneously filing a document that has expired. While it is always advisable to collate your documents beforehand, you must bear in mind that some documents have a shorter period of expiry. 

Here, you can make use of an expert tip on the manner of preparing the documents for your PR application. You must categorize the required documents into 2 groups. You must first gather the documents specified under A Group and clear the language proficiency test. Later you must gather the documents in B Group. In this way, pressure is highly minimized and the application deadline can be fulfilled.

Document Checklist
Group A: Expiry in 1 to 5 years Group B: Expiry in less than a year
The Confirmation of Medical Examination Certificates from Police
ECA Report - The evidence of Studies The Copy of Passport / Travel Document Bio Data Page (only if its expiry is in 6 months)
Work Experience Proof LMIA Supported Valid Job Offer Letter
Results for Language Test The evidence of Funds

5. Carefully read the instructions

Filling the forms for the purpose of Canadian immigration is not a trivial task. Aspects like spelling errors, unreadable handwriting, and failure to address a concern or query can result in your application being returned or even worst rejected. 

You can easily avoid this by cautiously reading the instructions. For instance, if a query is inapplicable for your case, you must write N/A than giving room for interpretation. It is recommended that you let a professional evaluate your forms when you apply for Canada PR Visa to ensure the absence of errors.

6. Never be dishonest when you apply for Canada PR Visa

Under any circumstances, you must never be dishonest when you apply for Canada PR Visa. This is because you may lose the opportunity to begin a new life in Canada. Being dishonest in a Canadian immigration application is regarded as misrepresentation by IRCC. 

You can face criminal prosecution or even get disqualified from arriving in Canada for a minimum of 5 years. It must be borne in mind that on average processing of a Canada PR application takes 12 months. This is because of the comprehensive review process by the Immigration Officer.

7. Give a good reason for any missing document/s in your application

If for any reason it is not possible for you to provide a document requested by the IRCC, you must write to explain the case through a formal letter. It is vital to offer accurate and detailed reasons for the inability to provide specific document/s. 

For instance, if you are not able to obtain a Police Certificate from a nation, it is your responsibility to demonstrate the reasons for it. You must provide evidence of having sought the police certificate and a letter demonstrating all your efforts in getting it.

8. Address the gaps in your life history

You must not leave any time gaps when you apply for Canada PR Visa. The IRCC needs a comprehensive report of your personal timeline and will observe if there are some gaps. This can hinder your application. It is important to provide an entire record for your study, employment, and travel history. You must account for every minute of your life in the last 10 years inclusive of unemployment periods. 

Your travel records must have information about the nations that you have paid a visit to. The reason for visiting and the time spent there must also be informed. If you need help in remembering the exact dates, this must be possible from your travel documents or passport.

9. Get ready for your Canadian immigration interview

You must not get anxious as all are not required to appear for an immigration interview. This depends on the immigration stream that you have applied for. Candidates for skilled migration such as through Express Entry do not have to attend an interview. 

The interview for immigration is a vital part of the processing of the PR application. It will result in the final verdict for approval or rejection of your application. You will receive instructions from IRCC regarding the documents for the interview and its location and time. 

General questions asked in an immigration interview are:

  • Why do you desire to immigrate to Canada? 
  • What do you consider the toughest challenge in immigrating to Canada? 
  • What are your options if your application is disapproved? 

10. Be aware of the expected application fees

You must be familiar with the cost of applying for a Canada PR Visa. For single applicants with no accompanying family members, it is USD 1, 325. This is including the charge for the Right to PR that has to be paid if your application is approved. Extra fees are incurred for arranging your documents. You may also require adequate funds for settlement.

Do you want to apply for Canada PR Visa?

Nationwide Visas is the leading Immigration Consultancy that offers you assistance for PR applications through ICCRC accredited consultants. This maximizes the rate of success when you apply for Canada PR Visa. There are several pitfalls that need to be avoided and you must never put your chance at risk. You must work with immigration experts who can take care of the finer details of your application by acting as your authorized representatives. 

We have assisted thousands of applicants in successfully arriving in Canada through the PR route. You can thus confidently rely on us to embark on the life-transforming journey of immigrating to Canada.

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