Top Reasons that Persuade Immigrants to Move to Canada

Top Reasons that Persuade Immigrants to Move to Canada

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 31 Jan, 2023 | 01:01 PM]
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Being one of the friendliest and most peaceful places worldwide for living, Canada attracts numerous immigrants every year. If we specifically talk about India, then a significant number of people aspire to move to Canada. Maple Leaf country ranks among the top destinations for newcomers and has a major population comprising immigrants. It is not at all new for Canada to welcome immigrants, as this country is built over multiculturalism and is perfectly intertwined with migration. Almost 5, 00, 000 new immigrants are expected to start dwelling in Canada by 2025, which is a record in itself. So, are you also planning to apply for a Canada PR visa? Read forth-given reasons to become determined why Canada will be your best new home.

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Why do People Apply for a Canada PR visa?

Cultural harmony - Multiculturalism and immigrants are embraced by Maple Leaf country. Since 1970, Canada has been maintaining a high rate of immigration and welcoming skilled workers and refugees to the country. It has a mosaic approach that enables different cultures and communities to live in harmony together. In fact, Toronto is considered the most multicultural city globally, which sets a great example for the rest of the cities of the developed nations. The minorities do not feel out of place, and every resident or citizen enjoys equal rights in Canada. This is the foremost reason why many Indians and people from other underdeveloped countries plan to move to Canada.

Why do People Apply for a Canada PR visa?

Job Opportunities - Labor shortages are common in Canada, especially after the pandemic in 2020. With the high vacancy rates and low unemployment rates, Canada surely requires more skilled professionals to play a part in its job market. It is surprising to know that around a million jobs in Canada are yet to be filled, which leaves room for many international skilled workers. Immigration is one of the main resorts for Canada to address this major issue of shortage in labor. This is the reason why professionals from different parts of the world apply for Canada PR visas via Express Entry and PNP. So, the government knows how crucial immigration for the economic growth of Canada is, and in the same regard, they are planning to welcome a high number of immigrants by 2025

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Tech Industry - Canada’s technology sector has seen the fastest and most major growth. This industry is not just beneficial for the Canadian future, but also for tech professionals who wish to move to Canada. The government of Canada is investing in this investing and helping it boom and supporting the tech startups as well. Toronto is currently the leader in the IT sector and has big names such as Shopify, Facebook, Google’s Sidewalk Labs, etc. Montreal is on its way to start pulling in tech talent and becoming the epicenter for innovation in the world of Artificial Intelligence. If you are an IT professional living in India or any other country, then you might have a bright future in Canada.

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Healthcare System - Reasonable access to healthcare is one of the primary rights of any resident, and Canada provides it for sure. Its universal healthcare system started in the 1960s and still runs strongly to help people attain the best medical services without paying out of their pockets. This allows Canada to acquire the 18th place among the countries having high life expectancy rates. Even immigrants can get healthcare benefits by applying for the provincial health insurance system and attaining a health card. It is one of the major aspects that persuade people to apply for a Canada PR visa as in many underdeveloped countries patients cannot afford the treatment due to high costs.

Just like these, there are many other reasons that encourage immigrants to choose to move to Canada instead of other countries. If you are eager to know more factors and other relevant information, then our team is ready to assist you. We will also help you to apply for a Canada PR visa. All you need is to get in touch with us.

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