6 Ways to use to Get an early ITA for Canada PR

6 Ways to use to Get an early ITA for Canada PR

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[Published 14 Dec, 2023 | 02:39 PM]
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If you are keen to Apply for Canada PR Visa from India, you would like to know about the ways to receive an Invitation to Apply early. Permanent Residence in Canada offers the chance to start a new life in a nation that offers superlative living standards, freedom from discrimination, and support from the Government.

While it is possible to get the Canada PR Visa, the application process can be daunting and many have to wait for a long period to get the Invitation to Apply or ITA. Once you get the ITA in the Express Entry pool, your application will be processed in 6 months or even less.

However, you can work towards getting an early ITA once you enter the Express Entry pool. There are many options for candidates to enhance their profile and prospects of receiving ITA. We will try to understand how you can improve your Express Entry credentials and accelerate the receipt of the PR application invitation.

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Options to increase chances of receiving ITA

The highly powerful thing that you can do as a candidate after registering in the Express Entry System is to update your profile with details that impact your score under the CRS - Comprehensive Ranking Score. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada has implemented the CRS to assess immigration applications based on the human capital factors of the candidates.

The factors include attributes such as education, language proficiency, age, and others. The CRS score directly influences your chances of getting the ITA. The maximum score achievable under CRS is 1200 points.

Some of the options to get an early ITA through an increase in CRS are:

1. Increasing proficiency in the language

Proficiency in Language in English or French is a major factor in the assessment of candidates based on 4 competencies: Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading. Every competency is offered an individual CLB - Canadian Language Benchmark. Candidates are required to possess a minimum of CLB 4 to gain points. With every level between 6 and 9 CLB, the points increase considerably.

Improvement to 7 CLB offers an extra 8 points for each language competency.

Having proficiency in French offers an extra advantage and you can gain an extra 6 points per competency in the second language.

Further, if French is your first language, NCLC - Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens level 7 or higher band score in all 4 language competencies in French and 4 or higher CLB in all 4 language competencies in English offers a similar increase in points.

You can secure a maximum of 50 points with CLB 5 and NCLC 7.

Moreover, IRCC has now also commenced the Express Entry draws that are category-based. Candidates having proficiency in French can now get ITA through these targeted draws even if they have a lower score in CRA.

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2. Increase overseas work experience

While overseas work experience does not individually enhance your CRS score, it can be beneficial when blended with a high CLB.

For instance, a 1 year of work experience combined with 7 CLB can offer you a boost of 13 points. 2 or more years of work experience overseas has the potential to offer you an extra 50 to 25 points towards your CRS score.

The above rule is also applicable to work experience in Canada if you have any. Blending 1 year of work experience in Canada with 1 year of skilled overseas work experience offers an additional 13 points under CRS. Points can increase to a maximum of 50 if both exceed 2 years.

3. Get and extend Work Experience in Canada

Based on the duration of the work experience, you can get a maximum of 80 points for gaining work experience in Canada. You can get 40 extra points under CRS for even 1 year of work experience in Canada in a skilled occupation.

Get and extend Work Experience in Canada

The usual mode to obtain work experience in Canada for overseas nationals is a Work Permit.

4. Obtain extra credentials

Your CRS score can be increased by obtaining an extra educational credential. It can be considered if the disadvantages are outweighed by the advantages.

You can get 112 points if you have already completed a program of 3 years or more that results in a Degree, Diploma, or Certificate. Your CRS score can increase by 119 points if you complete an additional 1-year program that results in a Degree, Diploma, or Certificate.

5. Research PNPs / Provincial Nominee Programs

One more option for you is to research and file an application for a PNP. The PNPs are currently the major pathway for economic immigration to Canada. Excluding Quebec, PNPs allow provinces to nominate suitable candidates for immigration to the respective provinces.

Nomination from a PNP can offer you a massive 600 extra points under CRS. It virtually assures that you are offered an ITA in the subsequent draw under Express Entry.

You must note here that provincial nominations are linked to the expectation that you will make realistic efforts to immigrate to the province that offers you the nomination.

6. Get a license for the Canadian labor market

Employment prospects can be often delayed for many new immigrants arriving on the PR Visa while they wait to get their professional credentials or licenses in Canada. Licensing is required for working in a regulated occupation in Canada.

Express Entry pool candidates can begin this process of obtaining a license or credential in multiple modes. For instance, you can research the process to get a license for your specific occupation in Canada. It can immensely assist in accelerating the process and assist you in obtaining employment/job offers in Canada.

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To confirm if your occupation is regulated in Canada, you have to search for your job title through the NOC - National Occupational Classification code page on the IRCC website. It will help you determine if your occupation needs a certificate of qualification or license in Canada.

To know more about accelerating the process to get ITA and check eligibility for Canada PR, contact the Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi Nationwide Visas.

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