Can you travel outside Canada after applying for a Work Permit extension?

Can you travel outside Canada after applying for a Work Permit extension?

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Immigrants when applying to extend their Work Permit in Canada, are allowed to leave Canada and come back. However, when you return to Canada, as a Work Permit extension applicant, you should be aware of three things that will take place during Canada Immigration.

Long story short, in some cases you may need to return to Canada as a Visitor, instead of a Temporary Resident. You may not be able to continue working in Canada if you travel outside the country.

On Note: The first two of the three scenarios mentioned below, assume that the applicant has not received approval for their Work Permit extension.

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SCENARIO 1: Re-entry as a Visitor

Visiting Canada as a Work Permit extension applicant, you may be allowed to re-enter Canada as a Visitor. Meaning, you cannot work upon your return until the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) decides on your extension application. If that’s the case, you may also be asked to prove to the IRCC officer that you have enough money to support yourself in Canada until a decision is made.

SCENARIO 2: Request to apply for a new Work Permit

Even so, you may also be asked to apply for a new Canadian Work Permit at the Port of Entry (PoE) upon your return. Take note that IRCC does not clarify whether these applicants (under SCENARIO 2) can immediately continue working in Canada if they apply at the PoE when they return or if they need to wait for the new permit to be processed. 

SCENARIO 3: Re-entry as a Worker

You should also know that, in some cases, the IRCC officers will determine whether or not applicants were granted your Work Permit extension while they were outside of Canada. In this case, you may be allowed to return to Canada as a Worker.

Re-entry requirements as a Work Permit holder

On one side, while you are allowed to leave and re-enter Canada freely, as a Work Permit holder, you must also meet certain re-entry requirements to be allowed back in the country. For example, apart from the Work Permit itself, you would also need either a Canada Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Ultimately, according to IRCC, “Having an eTA or a TRV, along with a Canadian Work Permit, doesn’t guarantee that we will let you back into Canada.”

Re-entry requirements as a Work Permit holder

Visitor Visas and eTAs

Majorly, the re-entry requirements for Temporary Residents in Canada depend on the individual’s circumstances. These requirements may also vary depending on whether or not the applicant is from a visa-exempt country or not.

Residents of visa-exempt countries

Alongside their Work Permits, residents of visa-exempt countries are required to present a valid passport and an eTA to re-enter Canada.

Note: eTAs are only required for applicants who plan to enter Canada by air. Meaning, Temporary Residents do not need an eTA if they’re arriving in Canada by car, bus, train, or boat. Also, IRCC states that eTAs are automatically issued when applicants are issued their initial work permit.

Residents of visa-required countries

Most residents of visa-required countries are required to have a valid visa and a Work Permit to return to Canada for work. IRCC also states that valid visas are not required for those who return directly from a visit only to the United States or St. Pierre and Miquelon.

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Expired visitor visas of residents or residents with single-entry visas, must re-apply for a Visitor Visa. Furthermore, residents of visa-required countries can use a valid Visitor Visa to travel to Canada until it expires. A visitor visa will let you travel to Canada by plane, car, bus, train or boat.

eTAs for some citizens of certain visa-required countries

Eligible citizens from some visa-required countries will receive an eTA when they renew their work permit, says IRCC. The eTA is valid for five years or until the applicant’s passport expires.

Thereafter, eTAs obtained by residents of visa-required countries can only be used when travelling to – or through Canada by air on their way to their final destination.

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