Which Jobs in Canada Are Exempt from an LMIA?

Which Jobs in Canada Are Exempt from an LMIA?

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[Published 20 May, 2024 | 12:46 PM]
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Employers in Canada are required to obtain an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) if they wish to hire foreign skilled workers. This LMIA is necessary to apply for different types of work permits in Canada.

That said, applying for and obtaining an LMIA can be a lengthy process, but most employers can avoid it thanks to LMIA-exempt Canadian work permits.

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Who does and who doesn’t require an LMIA in Canada?

Canadian employers need a positive LMIA to prove that they tried and failed to hire a citizen or permanent resident in the country for vacant positions, so need to hire a foreign worker.

Indians who apply for work in Canada need to apply for a work permit and attach a copy of the positive LMIA and the LMIA number included in the application. But there are exceptions.

1. Closed Work Permit

If you are applying for a closed work permit, you require a positive LMIA. This permit is issued to those who wish to work in a specific position and for a specific employer, listed on the LMIA.

2. Open Work Permit

This type of work permit allows skilled workers in India to work for any position, for any Canadian employer, at any location. You don’t need an LMIA for an open work permit, plus no job offer to apply for one.

3. Closed LMIA-exempt Work Permit

These work permits enable Indians to work for a specific employer for a specific role but don’t require an LMIA.

Who does and who doesn’t require an LMIA in Canada?

Jobs in Canada exempt from an LMIA

  • Entrepreneurs & self-employed personnel

Indians who own a business or want to operate in Canada temporarily are exempt from the LMIA requirement. However, they need to prove that their business will generate noteworthy economic, social, and cultural benefits for the citizens and permanent residents of the country - to get an LMIA exemption.

  • Intra-company Transferees

Individuals in higher positions of managers, senior executives, and specialized employees can transfer to Canada on an intra-company transfer, without requiring a positive LMIA.

  • French-speaking skilled workers

Indians who are proficient in the French language and have a valid job offer in a Canadian province or territory - outside of Quebec - do not need an LMIA. You can check out the Francophone Mobility Program, a pathway to immigrate to Canada from India as a French speaker.

  • International trade agreements

Foreign workers arriving in Canada as a part of international agreements, do not require an LMIA. These international agreements consist of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). 

  • International youth exchange programs

Young people can travel and work in Canada as a part of the international youth exchange programs - without requiring an LMIA.

  • Academics, researchers, guest lecturers and visiting professors

Indians sponsored through a recognized federal program in Canada such as researchers guest lecturers, and more, do not need an LMIA to work in Canada.

  • Medical residents and fellows

Individuals who have received academic awards through Canadian institutions are eligible to work in Canada without requiring a positive LMIA.

  • Reciprocal Agreement

Indians who fall under the categories of professional athletes and coaches working for teams in Canada can work in Canada in specific industries without an LMIA. Professors, guest lecturers, and students participating in exchange programs are also covered under reciprocal agreement.

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  • Significant benefit

Under this LMIA exemption, your employer in Canada has to demonstrate that you will bring social, cultural, or economic benefit to the country. The following professions are covered:

  • Technical workers, creative and performing artists, self-employed engineers, and more.
  • Intra-company transferees with expertise in an area that will contribute to the Canadian economy.
  • Workers under Mobilité francophone.
  • Religious Workers

Indian nationals arriving in Canada for religious purposes or as part of a religious organisation may be exempt from an LMIA requirement. Sometimes, they don’t even need a work permit.

  • Charitable Workers
Indians who are coming to Canada for non-profitable charitable services don’t require an LMIA.

What is the LMIA job offer? How to get a Canada LMIA job offer?

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