Canada Immigration for Farmers Through Targeted Express Entry

Canada Immigration for Farmers Through Targeted Express Entry

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[Published 18 Jan, 2024 | 12:29 PM]
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If you’re a farming professional planning to make Canada your new home, apply for Canada PR in 2024 through Express Entry. On May 31st, IRCC launched the targeted Express Entry draws for six categories to invite skilled professionals, and “Agriculture and agri-food” was one of them.

As a foreign resident, working in Canada's agriculture industry can be a great opportunity to increase earnings and enjoy a high quality of life.

Check eligibility to apply for Farming Professionals

To know more about the job opportunities, roles, employment prerequisites, immigration pathways, and recent Targeted Express Entry draws for agriculture, scroll down.

Demand in Canada for Farming Professionals

The agricultural sector contributes to 1.6 percent of Canada’s. Did you know? In 2022, the whole agriculture and agri-food system of Canada employed 2.3 million people! – meaning 1 in 9 jobs in Canada opened in the agricultural industry.

It is expected that Canada’s agriculture industry will face a shortage of workers as over 40% of agricultural workers are set to retire by 2033. To fill this gap, Canada requires 30,000 immigrants for urgent and essential roles in the farming sector, according to a recent report.

Eligible Farming Professionals for the Targeted Express Entry Draw

While the farming sector has many occupations, the Targeted Express Entry List focuses mainly on three farming occupations.

OCCUPATION2021 NOC Code2021 TEER Category
Contractors and supervisors, landscaping, grounds maintenance, and horticulture services820312
Agricultural service contractors and farm supervisors820302
Butchers - retail and wholesale632013

If you are applying under the Agriculture and Agri-food Occupations Category you must fulfil the eligibility requirements, which include -

  • Meeting the eligibility criteria of one of the Express Entry streams: FSWP, FSTP, or CEC.
  • Having at least 6 months of full-time, continuous work experience within the last 3 years in Canada or abroad, in an occupation targeted for the Agriculture and Agri-food Occupations Category.
  • Meeting all of the requirements in the instructions for that round.

Average Salary of Farming Professionals in Canada

The high demand for farm workers has led to competitive salaries and excellent benefits. On average, an individual working in the agriculture sector in Canada can earn $57,719 per year. At entry-level positions, you can earn $40,851 per year and as you gain valuable experience, you can make up to $101,547 per year. The salaries also depend on your experience, location, and specialization.

Pathways to Immigrate for Farming Professionals

To move to Canada as a farming professional, here are your options –

1. Express Entry

The most popular way to immigrate to Canada is through the Express Entry program. It is a point-based program that assesses your profile as per your age, education, work experience, language skills, and other factors and gives you points in the FSW grid assessment. You can check your eligibility for Express Entry Canada 2024 and apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) within the Express Entry.

2. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Several provinces have specific streams for farming professionals, offering nominations for permanent residency. For instance,

  • Alberta AAIP Farm Stream is designed for entrepreneurial farmers with financial resources and management experience to set up or purchase a farm in Alberta. Fulfill the eligibility requirements to get a provincial nomination under this stream.
  • Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway is tailored for individuals with prior farm management experience who have the funds to establish and run a farm in rural Manitoba.
  • Saskatchewan Farm Owner and Operator, a part of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has two sub-streams you can apply under – 1) Farm Owner and Operator, 2) Farm Owner and Operator – Young Farmer.

Pathways to Immigrate for Farming Professionals

3. Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

One of the immigration pathways to Canada as a farming professional includes the Agri-Food Pilot program. It is tailored for workers in the agriculture and food sector to gain permanent residency in Canada.

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To apply for this program, you must -

  • have eligible Canadian work experience that falls under one or more of the eligible industries and occupations.
  • have a full-time and non-seasonal job offer from a Canadian employer belonging to one of the eligible industries and occupations, except for Quebec.
  • meet or exceed the language requirements.
  • meet or exceed the educational requirements.
  • have settlement funds, only if they are applicable.
  • maintain temporary resident status, in case you are already in Canada.
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Recent Targeted Express Entry Draws for Agriculture Category

The Canadian government recognizes the significance of agriculture and has conducted targeted draws to invite skilled farming professionals to apply for permanent residency. These draws prioritize candidates with expertise in various agricultural occupations.

The first-ever category-based Express Entry draw for Agriculture and Agri-food Occupations was conducted on September 28, 2023, issuing 600 ITAs and requiring a minimum CRS score of 354.

The second Express Entry draw for the same category was held on December 21, 2023, and saw invitations being issued to 400 candidates. Invited candidates required a minimum CRS score of 386, to be considered for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency.

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Good luck!

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